All about placing the washing machine in the kitchen

  • Pros and cons of placing a washing machine in the kitchen and tips on how to use it
  • How to fit a washing machine into the kitchen

If there is no room for a washing machine in the bathroom (hereinafter CM), it is easiest to place it in the kitchen. After all, there is already all the communication - a pipe that supplies cold water, and a sewage drain. You just need to find a suitable place, pick up the model of the right size and, if desired, build it into the headset or set under the countertop. In this article, we'll tell you how to do it right - without compromising on the interior and the convenience of operating SM.

Pros and cons of placing a washing machine in the kitchen and tips on how to use it

Placing a washing machine in the kitchen is most often a forced measure, which has its pros and cons. Let's start with the pluses.

  • In addition to freeing up space in the bathroom, you create an additional work surface in the kitchen. Another bonus for a large family is the opportunity to start washing at any time, regardless of whether the bathroom is occupied or not.

However, carrying the machine to the kitchen, you need to be ready to accept some inconveniences:

  • The noise of the machine during spinning and draining will interfere with communication during the meal and drown out the TV.
  • The smell of washing powder and other detergent chemicals is not very appropriate and useful where food is stored, and households eat and rest.
  • To wash dirty things, you first have to look into the bathroom (or another room where the basket is stored for linen), sort and load all the necessary things into the pelvis, along the way to grab the necessary portion of the powder and only then proceed to the kitchen.

However, all these inconveniences are not critical and are completely solved. Here are some tips to help you quickly get used to the kitchen-laundry.

  • To the noise and smells do not interfere with you during gatherings in the kitchen, try to start washing clothes at night / evening or in breaks between meals.
  • Washing powder is best stored either in a closet in containers with a tight lid (say, under the sink), or at all in another room (in the same bathroom, for example).
  • That the powder continually did not wake up past the tray, just replace it with a liquid detergent, which, by the way, always dissolves completely.
  • To the car as little as possible noise, properly adjust its legs.
  • If you are building your kitchen from scratch, try to decorate the floor with ceramic tiles / granite tiles, rather than a laminate or parquet board. After all, firstly, it is not afraid of possible leaks, and secondly, it minimizes the noise of the machine during washing.

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How to fit a washing machine into the kitchen

You can install the washing machine in the kitchen in three ways:

  • Separate from the headset (next to him or in the distance);
  • With a partial embedding in the headset, more precisely under the countertop (in the box with the door or without it);
  • With full integration into the suite.

And now let's look at each method in more detail.

Full embedding

Selecting the built-in model of the washing machine and integrating it into the headset, you can completely hide it behind the facade and achieve the unity of all surfaces. Thus, the interior will be more neat and visually seem more spacious. If your kitchen is small, then it is best to choose this method of installing a washing machine.

  • The disadvantages of built-in washing machines: a higher price, a smaller assortment of models, the need to remove the door and pull the machine out of the box in the event of a repair of the device.

By the way, built-in washing machines differ from standard models only in that they do not have top and side decorative walls. The front panel has hinges on which the facade is installed. Next you can see the photo of the interiors of kitchens with built-in washing machine.


By the way, to build a washing machine into the headset you can even in the butt as shown in the photo below. In this case, the width of the model should be 59-60 cm.

Kitchen design with washing machine, built-in end cap


As for a washing machine with a top load, it can also be built in, but do it will be somewhat non-standard - under the folding table top, for example, in the bar counter as shown in the photo below.

Tips & Tricks

  • It is important that the CM box be constructed in such a way that the drain hose filter remains open, and not covered by the plinth panel. Otherwise, you will have to remove the cap every time you want to clean the CM filter.
  • Embedding CM in the kitchen set is best entrusted to a professional.
  • Ideally, the washing machine should be placed next to the sink and dishwasher (regardless of whether you are installing CM or not). It's easier to connect to communications, and it's more convenient to use. That is, you will get something like a "wet" zone where all cleaning products are stored and there is access to water, if suddenly something needs to be washed. In general, the built-in CM can be installed anywhere, except under the hob.

Partial embedding

Embedded in the headset can be an ordinary stationary machine with front loading. The main thing in this matter is to choose a model of suitable height and width. This is not difficult to do, because the dimensions of washing machines are standardized and in most cases just fit under the countertop.

How to build a washing machine under the countertop

The standard height of the floor cabinets of the headset varies from 84 to 88 cm, and the standard height of the SM is 85 cm. If your machine is slightly higher than necessary - no problem, most likely, the manufacturer has provided for the possibility of its integration and made the top cover removable. To remove it, you just need to unscrew a pair of screws from behind. In this way, you reduce the height of the unit by 2-3 cm. And to protect the technique from leaks and dust, its upper part should be covered with a film or a thin sheet of hardboard or plastic.

There are two options how to build a washing machine under the countertop - without a door or with a door.

  1. Built-in CM without door.This method is good for easy installation. All you need is to pick up a car that is suitable for height, and insert it into a prepared niche. If suddenly the car needs moving or repair, then you can easily pull it out from under the countertop. However, due to the fact that the front panel of the machine remains visible, and around the body there are small gaps, the interior will be less homogeneous and orderly than when fully embedded. In addition, the visibility of the front panel and cracks in the niche is always required to keep the "laundry zone" clean.

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep in mind that if the CM is placed near the wall, then the table top should be fixed to the wall, and not just put on the cover of the equipment.
  • To the washing machine, installed under the countertop, looked neat, it should be chosen in color kitchen (the choice of such machines is small, but there is) and the most suitable for the width and height to the prepared niche.
  • The most universal color CM - white or silver (color of stainless steel).
  • In the kitchen in the style of a country, a cheek chic or a provence, a washing machine can be hidden behind a curtain of cute fabrics in the color scheme of the interior.
  • The usual washing machine can be decorated with vinyl stickers.

In the next selection of photos you can see examples of how the washing machines built into the kitchen counter look like under the countertop.


Small kitchen with washing machine


Washing machine in the kitchen in Khrushchev

  1. Built-in CM with door.The stationary machine can be completely hidden behind the cabinet door if you select a model of reduced depth of 45-50 cm. In this size, the technology will fit nicely in its niche and leave enough room for the hoses. However, when choosing the right model, we recommend that you measure the depth not on the hull, but on the car door and its most convex points.

Tips & Tricks

  • To ensure that the tray for receiving powder does not rest against the hinge or the edge of the door when extending, allow for a small gap on the left side of the machine.
  • It is desirable that the cabinet door is opened more than 90 degrees. So it will be more convenient for you to unload and load the drum.
  • In order for you to have access to the drain hose filter (at the bottom of the housing), make sure that the base of the kitchen is easily removed and reinserted.

Stationary accommodation

If your kitchen is already equipped, then the washing machine can be installed in the closest place to the sink. If the kitchen is small, it is desirable to choose a shallow model (45-50 cm) or even a compact washing machine with a vertical (top) loading.

  • Washing machine in the small kitchen
  • Washing machine in the small kitchen
  • Washing machine in the small kitchen
  • Washing machine in the small kitchen

If desired or necessary, the stylalk can be placed away from the working area of ​​the kitchen and even divided by a curtain or a screen.

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