How to make a flower bed of tires yourself?

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A lush flower garden always attracts the attention of passers-by with its beauty, and if it is made of unusual materials, it is even more attractive and original. No one needs tires that can not be put anywhere, can turn into an original flowerbed, and decorate the courtyard of a private house, cottage area or lawn near the entrance. The prospect is tempting, but how to make a flower bed out of a tire itself so that it looks beautiful?

What tires to choose for creating flowerbeds

If you have a choice, from which tires to make a flower bed, give preference to used imported products. They are made of softer and finer rubber, easier to handle. This is important, since the tire will have to be turned outward, which is not easy with hard material. Choosing between winter and summer tires, stop at the winter version, and if the rubber is very worn, consider it a stroke of luck - from the shabby tires you get the most freakish flower beds.

To start to make flowerbeds from automobile tires it is necessary not at once. If there are several tires, and they will all be part of one flowerbed, inspect them and sort by size, degree of abrasion and tread pattern. Clean the tires of sand and dirt - this will facilitate the process of creating flowerbeds from tires, and cutting tools will not quickly become dull. Now it's time!

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We are breaking tires for making flowerbeds

Having mastered the skill of cutting the tire, you can subsequently create flowerbeds, modeling their shapes yourself, but the very first works are made in the form of a flower. A chalk line is marked on the chalk cover in the form of flower petals, as shown in the photo below.

Rubber is cut by a sharp contour with a sharp knife with a narrow blade. To facilitate the cutting process, the knife is moistened with a soap solution from time to time. Cut off part of the tire is separated, and you get this kind of blank for the flower bed.

Now the tire needs to be turned inside out - this is not an easy job, and it will be much easier for a man to cope with it than a woman. It is necessary to become feet on one edge of the tire, and with your hands to force the opposite side outwards - the main thing is to turn out a small area, and then the process will go easier. When the tire is turned and aligned, the carved petals will open, like a blossoming flower.

Decoration of tires for the flower bed

Black bowls carved from automobile tires are not noticeable if they are not painted in colorful colors. To do this, you can use any paints designed for outdoor work.

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How to paint tires for flower beds:

  • Oil paint;
  • Enamel;
  • Aerosol car paint;
  • Nitro-color.

It is not necessary to paint the bowls in one tone, you can come up with different patterns, appropriate to the situation in which the flower beds of car tires will be installed. For example, if it's a playground, it's appropriate to make them in the form of little animals: rabbits, seals, squirrels and other funny animals.

In the inner space of the tire fertile land is filled, and in the spring or in the beginning of the summer planting seedlings of plants. Since the purpose of creating a flower bed of tires is to decorate a plot with flowers, it is important to choose the right sorts of them.

Annuals for a flower bed from a tire:

  • Nasturtium;
  • Petunia;
  • Tagetes;
  • Gazania;
  • Mattiola;
  • Calendula;
  • Ipomea.

Most flower beds made from tires are made stationary, and therefore it is appropriate to plant perennial flowers that do not need an annual update.

Perennials for flower beds of tires:

  • Rezuha;
  • Carnation herbaceous;
  • Aubrieta;
  • Daisies;
  • Viola;
  • Loosestrife.

Original ideas for the creation of flower beds from tires

Beautifully look separately standing flower beds in tire covers on the lawn, but because of the small height of the tires, their expressiveness suffers. You can solve the problem by creating a small story by putting two or more tires on top of each other. For example, the flowerbed will look like a mug. A tire of a smaller diameter is fitted with a larger diameter tire, and the resulting structure is painted in a traditional "cup" ornament.

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For this composition, you do not even need to twist the tires - it's enough to cut off their side parts so that they do not interfere with the growth of flowers in the flower-circle. For a greater similarity of the flower bed with a cup, it can be placed in a "saucer carved from a tire larger in diameter than the main part of the flower bed. The handle of the mug is made from rubber residues and is attached to the main part by a wire passed through the tire.

Bulk flower beds from tires

If you have a lot of tires, you can build not just a small flower bed, but even a multi-tiered flower garden. From automobile tires, the lateral parts are cut off only on one side, painted in different colors, and then to the ground First, large-diameter tires are installed, and soil is poured into them, and on top are smaller tires and also filled with soil. In each tire different flowers are planted: erect, curly, flowing. Thus, you can create even an improvised blossoming hedge, as seen in the photo of the flower beds.

Making a flower bed out of a tire (video)

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