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The Grundfos pump station is a product of the German company of the same name. The authority of the manufacturer is high, the demand for products is 50% of the world demand. With consistently high quality products, the company opens subsidiaries. Their products are adapted to the climatic features of the region. In Russia, the branch operates in Istra, the quality of Grundfos pumping stations is under the control of specialists from Germany. With high reliability, the equipment is sold at an affordable price.

A model range of pumping stations of the German manufacturer

Pumping stations are used in water systems for domestic and industrial use:

  1. Pumping stations fire extinguishing are characterized by high productivity and high head pressure.
  2. Household pumping stations Grundfos are used in private homes. They are notable for their compactness and quiet operation.
  3. Increasing pumping stations are used in municipal waterways and in industry. They are called stations of the second ascent.

Any of the listed equipment series is presented in various designs, meets certain tasks. The manufacturer has simplified the installation of equipment as much as possible. The inexperienced summer house owner can cope with the installation, following the instructions for servicing the Grundfos pumping station.

Characteristics of Grundfos products

Most of all, the demand for equipment of a well-known producer in world agriculture. Here, pumps are needed for irrigation of lands, to increase the pressure in systems located far from water supply sources. The user can choose the equipment for irrigation or domestic water supply.

The peculiarity of grundfos pumping stations is the well thought-out arrangement of the units, which form a single system. The body made of special steel protects the working element reliably. The complex can pump water from open reservoirs, wells and wells. The MQ, JPB series are developed using the company's technology, but the subsidiaries are produced only for their region, without the right to export.

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JP Series of pumps

The JP series represents centrifugal self-priming pumps, which are equipped with pumping stations "Grundfos" JP Booster. A pump with a capacity of 24-60 liters is included with the pump, depending on the capacity. The best irrigation system is an ejector type station, which supplies water from open reservoirs and pools.

The injection system raises water from a depth of 25 meters, while the engine is located on the surface, and the lifting mechanism is lowered into the well. Thus the system works almost silently.

The most famous of this series are the grundfos JP Basic 3pt. Self-priming pump with submerged ejector has the best price-quality ratio from all household pumps of this company. High productivity cu. m / hour, the pressure of 47 m of water. Art. and the membrane accumulator characterize the demand for equipment. During operation, the pump delivers water saturated with air, while not reducing the performance. Most often the pump is used in private households.

Equipment series Grundfos Hydrojet JP differs increased durability. Anticorrosive coating is made from the outside and from the inside. Reliable automation leads the process in an economical mode. With a prolonged flow of water, the pump is completely shut down.

The pumps work by creating a pressure of 5 or 6 atmospheres in the system. The station is equipped with tanks of membrane type batteries of different capacities. The grundfos hydroijet jp5 pump station for residential buildings is equipped with a 24 liter tank. But more evenly the parameters are kept by the system in which a 60-liter hydro accumulator is installed. At a power of 5 kW, the pump has a head of 43 m and costs 1, 00 rubles.

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MQ Pumps

Pumps complete with membrane tanks represent a series of stations for domestic use. The battery is divided by a membrane partition. In one part of it there is water, in the other, air is supplied under pressure. As a result, the pressure in the water system will always be stable, and the pump will receive a command to switch on less often. The equipment is produced with a hydraulic tank and without it.

A series of grundfos pumps mq 3- 45 operates with a storage tank. The system creates a pressure of up to, bar or 45 m of water. Art. It is intended for the organization of water supply of private houses. The device can be used as a boost. The productivity of the device is 3 cubic meters per hour. The system has self-priming from a depth of up to 8 meters. The weight of the pump is 13 kg. Similar characteristics are provided by the pumping station grundfos 3-35, 35 meters of water column.


For the work of these pumping stations, pressure drops are critical. The equipment stably operates at 220-240 V, in other ranges the pump will fail. For the safety of the equipment it is necessary to use a voltage regulator. For a rare inclusion, use an additional storage tank.

Varieties of pumping stations "Grundfos" used in industry

The fire extinguishing system is a system for supplying water and foam under pressure. The Grundfos Hydro MX pumps have more than 60 models. The equipment can be selected for different fire extinguishing systems:

  • capacity - 55 kW, with automatic start-up system;
  • productivity - up to 120 cubic meters per hour;
  • head - 145 m.

Pump stations Grunfos, capable of supplying foam, are the main tool in fire extinguishing installations. Such systems are expensive, from 882 thousand rubles.

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Grundfos Hydro stations represent a new type of equipment. The stations serve to raise the pressure in the water conduit system. Grundfos Hydro 2000 pumping stations are in demand in the municipal economy. The station is small-size, operates in automatic mode, including when the pressure in the system decreases. The compact installation has the following technical characteristics:

  • productivity - 600 cu. m / hour;
  • head - 144 m;
  • the maximum temperature of the agent is + 70 C;
  • working pressure 16 bar.

The pump can be installed in the heating system.

The manufacturer supplies not only surface equipment, but also submersible pumping stations. Their cost is much higher, but the systems are the most reliable in operation.

Reviews about the work of pumping stations "Grunfos"

Before you can buy expensive equipment, you need to see the reviews, learn the opinions of users. Some of them we will introduce.

Sergey from Ukraine:

I use the station from 2013. The device is satisfied. Pumping station MQ 3-35 for giving the right thing. The disadvantage is that it does not pump dirty water. Before installing the pump, a new well should be pumped by a less demanding machine. On the sash you need to put a protective mesh. If the sand is clogged by the fan that is installed in the flow sensor, the system is out of order. I use it, and I advise others.

Vladimir Nizhny Novgorod:

Pumping station grundfos JP Basic 3pt, for 2 years.

Advantages: quality assembly, holds pressure, repairable.

Disadvantages; after idle for a few days, the water in the cast-iron case is rusty.

As a matter of fact, there are no comments. Used in automatic mode. After the rush of the hose on the suction, the pump pumped a lot of air, the ceramic stuffing box fell into disrepair. Put the other one, it works.

Installation and commissioning of the Grundfos pumping station - video

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