8 ways to clean pipes from obstructions

  • First aid from blockages - 3 simple ways
  • Cable and plunger - short course plumber
  • Soda, vinegar and... Alka-Seltzer
  • When nothing helps
  • Recommendations for cleaning plastic pipes
  • And a little bit about prevention

Separate elements of kitchen water can clog. When the pipe is clogged, water does not escape from the drainage hole, and besides, an unpleasant smell appears, spreading throughout the kitchen, the reasons for this may be the following:

  • Metal elements are clogged due to corrosion products;
  • Inside, small solid particles accumulate from the running water;
  • A fat plug is formed from various contaminants that come from dishwashing - it blocks the normal flow of water.

Cleaning pipes may be required and steel and plastic water.

First aid from blockages - 3 simple ways

Perhaps to clean the blockage in your kitchen sink, the following simple and absolutely harmless for pipes (of any kind) will suffice, and you will not need to read the article further.

  1. First of all, pour boiling water into the drain hole if the pipes are steel. If the pipes are plastic, then just let hot water out of the tap for about 20 minutes. Not too densely populated cork should merge into the sewer. We check the result by running a small stream of water. Did not help? Proceed to the next step.
  2. If the cause of the clog in the frozen fat, then our next step is ordinary salt and soda. Half a mug of salt and 1 cup of soda is dissolved in a glass of water, pour the resulting mixture into the sink, wait 5-10 minutes and a plunger (or a rag) we operate in a known way, and then we wash the pipes with a stream water.

  1. Do you have a vacuum cleaner with blowing function? Excellent! We wrap the vacuum cleaner tube with a rag so that it fits snugly into the drain hole. A strong airflow from the vacuum cleaner will push the stagnation.

The problem did not dare? If all these measures did not help, it means that the clog in the sink turned into a dense, big and old cork. What to do read on in more detail.


Cable and plunger - short course plumber

Mechanical cleaning of water pipes in the kitchen allows you to move the deposits, give a normal current to the water. At home, the first aid is a vantuz. It is firmly pressed against the drain hole of the sink with recruited water and pressed. As a result, a hydraulic column is created, under the action of which the plug breaks up into small elements carried away by the free flow of water. Such cleaning of pipes is an easy and budgetary process, but, unfortunately, the plunger will not help with too durable old dirt.

Advice! If you have a two-part sink, then you need to have two pliers and use them at the same time. That is, cleaning the sink in one bowl of the shell, you need to close the sink and the second. This will create a great suction force. If there is no second plunger, close the second drain hole with a damp cloth and press it with your hand.

If the sink in the kitchen is hammered heavily, then you can use a special plumbing cable. This cable is made of resilient steel and equipped with a handle for ease of work, and at the other end can be either a spiral or a brush. The device is placed in a tube and scrolled. Here you can direct the movement as from yourself, pushing blockage into the thick sewer pipe, and to yourself, pulling out the cork. When cleaning with a cable, it is necessary to periodically supply water to the sink, so that the current of the water will wash away the released dirt.

Important! Such cleaning of water pipes is best suited for metal structures, since even partially remove rust from the walls, but the plastic pipes can be damaged by excessive mechanical pressure.


If there is no cable in the farm, then an ordinary metal hanger will come to the rescue, from which you can make a mini-rope. Cut it with wire cutters so that the resulting wire has a small hook at the end.

Soda, vinegar and... Alka-Seltzer


Cleaning pipes in the kitchen at home can be done and folk methods. Here the most common way is with vinegar and soda. Elimination of contaminants in the pipeline with vinegar and soda implies the following actions:

  1. 150 grams of soda is poured into the drain hole, and the same amount of vinegar is poured on top;
  2. The hole must be closed with a stopper, so that the foam does not go out;
  3. Corrosive foam, which is the result of the chemical reaction of components, efficiently corrodes all kinds of blockages, eliminating them.

If the soda in the house suddenly was not there, but there is Alka-Seltzer, then he too will be able to clean the moderately clogged siphon. Leave a pair of Alka-Seltzer tablets in the drain hole, and then pour 1 cup of vinegar. After 2 minutes, drain the hot water at full strength to help push through the dirt. This tool has one more bonus - an unpleasant smell from the shell will disappear.

When nothing helps

How to clean the blockage in the pipe with chemicals? Here you can use both proven household chemistry (such as Mole), and popular effective recipes.

You can choose household chemicals from a wide range, all of which are classified by type:

  • Liquid;
  • Dry in the form of free-flowing powder;
  • Acidic;
  • Alkaline.

Means are selected depending on the water pipe material and the type of contamination that is expected. In most cases, stop on the universal, based on acidic compounds, easily corroding clogs of any origin, the means - Mole.

There are also a number of recommendations on how to use aggressive means for cleaning - at first the pipe must be poured steep boiling water and aged for 20 minutes, then a cleaning solution is added, for example, the same Mole for several hours. Then everything is washed with cold water. Mole and similar substances perfectly dissolve any blockages - from fat to rust.

Important! Household chemistry - Mole and others - is aggressive, and all work with it must be done incredibly carefully. Work should be in protective gloves and follow all the manufacturer's recommendations on the package.

Advice! Liquid means for clearing blockages act more gently and are convenient to use.

If none of the above methods work, then it's time to call the plumber. Most likely, the stagnation was formed too deep and hammered tightly out of reach for most tools from blockages.

Recommendations for cleaning plastic pipes

Cleaning plastic pipes should be done with extreme caution, since the material is quite susceptible to mechanical damage. It is worth knowing that the smooth surface of plastic pipes does not corrode. Also, surface contaminants do not adhere well to it. However, blockage can still occur, because fat deposits, hair, food remnants gradually clog the water runoff. For plastic pipes, you can use a plunger or household chemical products that give an excellent result.

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And a little bit about prevention

To ensure that the kitchen pipes are not clogged as long as possible, it is worth following these recommendations:

  • The shell does not need to pour out liquids containing cooking oil;
  • All utensils before washing should be cleared of the rests of meal;
  • The drain hole must be supplemented with a special net, protecting the pipe from large particles of food;
  • Weekly, you need to carry out preventive cleaning - using a plunger or boiling water.
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