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Heavy agricultural work can significantly facilitate the Neva's motor block. The wheel mechanism for the cultivation of the land is equipped with only a cultivator. But the device with a powerful engine is adapted for working with mounted implements for cultivating the earth, mowing grass and even a cart for transportation.

Advantages motoblock

The spring working day in the peasant farmstead is almost round-the-clock. Heavy manual work on digging an array for sowing takes most of the time. By the way there were mechanical horses - Mole, Neva and the like. For 2 hours on the motor block Neva can dig up 10 acres of land, release 3 days for other spring or autumn work. The mole is small and brisk, even women's hands are capable of, but low-power, rather weak traction. A gift for the villagers has become a more powerful universal unit.

Motoblock Neva, is the brainchild of St. Petersburg machine-builders. It was created at the Red October-Neva enterprise. Manufacturers have created a simple unpretentious all-season car for rural work. Engine power, l. from. is ensured by reliable motors

  • American model of "Briggs & amp; tratton
  • Honda;
  • "Subaru".

Motoblock is equipped with a double air filter, which makes the work more stable. When turning the drive one wheel is turned off and unrolled "on the heel." The ability to use other tools for agricultural work makes the motoblock a universal assistant to the villager.

You can buy and repair the unit in the most remote regions. The price of the Neva motoblock is available even for people with low incomes. The country has 250 stores selling agricultural machinery and 160 service centers. Online stores deliver the purchased goods to any part of the country with the help of mailing lists. Manufacturers produce machinery with a guarantee, but 1% of the marriage is inevitable, then the technology is replaced or the unit is sent for installation. There are no problems with the purchase of necessary spare parts for the Neva motor-block.

Models of motoblocks

The first unit was assembled with the domestic DM-1K engine model. The cylinder liner of the engine was cast iron, which significantly increased the life of the engine. The development of heavy soils and even virgin soil was the strength of the apparatus. Until now, in the farmstead of the village, you can meet the Neva MB-1 motor block.

The modernized model of the motoblock is in great demand. Changes:

  • gear-chain reducer is installed;
  • used imported engine;
  • the possibility of unlocking the left wheel for easy turning on a small platform;
  • the idling speed is increased to 12 km / h.

The load capacity of the Neva MB-2 motoblock was 300 kg, and this enabled the use of a trailing trolley. After the modernization, the motoblock began to enjoy increased demand, despite a significant increase in the cost. Experts evaluated the increase in the performance of the model:

  • Increase the width of the strip processing in one pass;
  • a gearbox with a shift of speeds - 4 forward, 2 back;
  • pulley for transferring power to attachments;
  • steering wheel presence;
  • Increase of load-carrying capacity on a dirt road up to a semitone.
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The root tool, which comes with the block - saber milling cutters for loosening the upper layer of the soil. With an increase in power, their grip will increase by a factor of two with a depth of the loosening layer of 35 cm. Look at how easy it is to work a Neva motorbike on video:

There are models MB-23 and MB-3. Model 23 performs the same functions as MB-2, but the engine has a capacity of 10 liters. from. and the case became heavier. MB-3 light cultivator without attachments.

The first model is discontinued. Which of the proposed assistants to choose a farmer depends on the area of ​​the land and the nature of the work.

Various attachments for motoblock Neva

The original product is a frame structure. It is equipped with rubber wheels with a deep and textured corrugated tread for good grip on a slippery surface. The set includes saber-shaped cutters on the axis, which replace the wheels during cultivation. For all-the-year-round use, for the Neva motor block various hinged equipment is offered.


The technique is therefore called a block, with the help of awnings it replaces the haymaker and hiller, the cart for transportation to a half-ruble garbage, and in winter turns into a snow-picker. Buy additional canopies can be one by one or bundled.

Mowers and lawn mowers

Use instead of a hand braid of an attached tool saves force and time. Depending on the profile and evenness of the site, a segment or rotary mower is selected.

Segment mower for the Neva motor block represents a frame equipped with cutting knives. Knives in the form of two plates with teeth receive an oscillatory motion from the drive and work like scissors, cutting grass in a horizontal section. The width of the grip is 110 cm, the speed of the mower is 4 km / h. When caring for the lawn, the technician will provide invaluable assistance

The device has teeth made of hard alloy and snacks even occasionally caught twigs up to 1 cm in cross section. For safety reasons, the instrument belt is covered with a casing. Remove and put the canopy can be quickly, and it will not be difficult to replace the plate with the teeth, in case of breakage of the cutting device.

It is important to note that the slope is qualitative even in uneven places, since the cleaning of the field is conducted in two passes. At the end of the console is a sled, not allowing the mechanism to fall to the ground. Rotary mowers for motoblock produce several factories in the country, type KN 1.1.

The rotor mower for the Neva motor-block in rural areas has become more widespread. The device represents a disk or two, mounted on the frame in the center. When the cutting surfaces of the disk rotate, everything that falls on the path is demolished. The device is intended for:

  • to lead a thick grass duck;
  • work on an uneven surface;
  • mow down, overgrown with bushes, inconveniences.

The cutting mechanism represents 4 knives, fixed on the disk by cotter pins. Knives come out of the slot of the disk under the action of torque, are removed into place when stopped. The grass is laid in smooth rolls. Mower for a motor-block Neva type Zarya is equipped with two discs, rotating towards each other. The height of the swath is adjustable. But the knives are dulled quickly or fly out in a collision with the relief. The productivity of the rotor tools is below, the width of the swath is 80 cm.

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For application in the suburban area in crowded conditions, the Neva-KR-05 mounted rotary mower for the motor block is more suitable. Equipment for its own motoblock is produced by the Krasny Oktyabr plant. The width of the stitch is only 56 cm allows you to put in order the borders and sweep the tree trunks.

The use of any kind of mowing imposes on the contractor the responsibility for the safety of others and their own. Therefore, it is necessary not only to check the strength of the fastening of the cutting tool and the stretch of the belt, but also the condition of the field to be cut.

Cans, stones and other foreign objects can damage the knives, injure the scythe. It is necessary to take care of the withdrawal of children and animals from the risk zone. Work in closed clothes and goggles.

During the work, the condition of fastening and tensioning of the belts should be checked periodically. If it is necessary to repair or replace the blade, the knife, the motoblock must be disconnected.

Why do you need an adapter for a motoblock?

Adapter for the Neva motor block represents a frame structure with a trailing mechanism. On the top of it can be installed a seat for the employee or a box for the carriage of goods. With front driving rubber wheels and rear driven rear wheels, a steerable self-propelled mechanism is produced on 4 wheels. Minitractor can be used for various chores.

Since the Neva motor-block has 2 couplings, one of them is attached to the driver's seat. Another node can be equipped with a hiller or other similar tool. The garden works can be conducted in more convenient conditions.

The AM-2 model is equipped with a special frame and a mechanism for awnings with a lifting lever. The result is a mechanism with a driver, idling at a speed of up to 10, in the working position - 3 km / h.

Other parameters:

  • dimensions in the assembly - 1600 * 750 * 1270 mm:
  • the weight of the adapter is 55 kg;
  • wheel track - 65 cm;
  • clearance - 2, see

Model APM-350-1 is used as a seat, or instead of a chair, another set of equipment is installed. And then the cultivation of the land can be carried out simultaneously by two hillers, two plows. It is on this adapter that the body is fastened to transport heavy compact units.

Hillers used in canopies to the motor block

The most laborious work is slicing furrows for planting and hilling of grown plants. Chopping in the hands of a gardener is a universal tool. The hiller for the Neva motor-block was created before other implements. The difference between the disk and shrews used in the canopy is the principle of their operation. The hiller, created from shaped parts, connected together as an arrow, makes it possible to break up the soil on both sides with a sharp end with an oval by means of a curved profile. There are devices:

  • unregulated;
  • adjustable;
  • Dutch.
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An unregulated hiller is a fixed-width construction. This is the simplest device, creating at work uniform camber due to fixed wings. Such a hiller can work on furrows, where the landing was carried out with his account of the profile. Such a tool works in grooves up to a width of 30 cm and is incapable of perching the rows of potatoes. Use canopies with light cultivators, on bars up to 12 mm thick. The device is energy-intensive because of its profile, used on moderately moist soil. On a powerful motoblock, its use is unjustified.

Hillers with variable grip are the most frequently encountered tools on personal farmsteads, since the principle of its operation resembles a hoeing. This tool can be rebuilt to any inter-row. Apply also a double hiller. With the passage, part of the soil passes over again into the furrow, making the crest lower. However, it does not only regulate the disintegration, but also the depth of hilling.

The Dutch type hillhead is a compromise between the first and second variant. The height of the stroke and the narrow furrow are obtained by lifting the flaps to the desired height. Folded, they are almost double. The scoop rose, like the wings of a butterfly. Due to the high wing, the earth does not fall into the furrow, the crest is high.

For the Neva motor block, the disc hole was considered the best canopy. Two discs installed at a certain distance are set at the desired angle of escape. The fastening system is reconciled, forming the necessary size of the row and the height of the stroke. Such devices are several times more expensive than the winged ones, but they work more efficiently, and the load on the motor-block is less.

When working with a hiller should be used reduced speed and replace the rubber wheels with metal for better adhesion to the soil. After work, clean all the fastening parts from the ground and grease them with thick grease - lithol or solidol.

Application of potato-digger with motor-block

The principle of the equipment for collecting potatoes is based on the extraction of tubers from the ground and sifting. Harvesting is done manually. For each pass of the motoblock, potatoes are extracted from one row.

Potato harvester for the Neva shaking unit of the vibrating type KKM-1 is used on light dry soils with low humidity. In this case, there should be less stones in the ground than 9 tons per hectare. The device consists of an undercut shingle and a grid, on which the earth separates, and the potatoes remain on the surface. The device is single-row, with a capacity of up to, ha / h. A strip with a width of 37 cm, a depth of 20 cm, is cut, cut and passed through the grate. There are other modifications based on the same principle of vibratory sifting of the cropped paddle.

A similar effect to the vibration device, called Poltavchanka. The potato digger has a larger grip, but a smaller depression. The device is designed to work in a medium humidity and composition, soil.

Overview of the motor block Neva - video

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