Water Pump "Water Cannon": a review of submersible and deep models

A downhole pump cannot be cheap by definition. When working in a filter well, it is subjected to regular exposure to particles of sand and silt, and water from artesian structures must be delivered to a sufficiently large height.

In search of a reliable device at an affordable price, owners of private plots most often choose the water pump Vodyomet manufactured by the company “Dzhileks”. In this material we will consider in detail the device and the principle of operation of the equipment, we will talk about the features of its selection and use.

The content of the article:

  • Device and principle of operation
  • Interpretation of marking of various models
  • The reasons for the popularity of "Water Cannons"
  • How to choose a suitable model?
  • Features of operation of the device
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Device and principle of operation

Water Pumps have a fairly wide range of applications. With their help, you can pump water from wells of different depths, as well as from wells and open reservoirs.

They perfectly cope with the autonomous water supply of a private house, are used for watering the site, garden, etc. The borehole diameter should be 100 mm or more.

For the case used high quality stainless steel. The top point of the pump is sealed so that during its operation sand and other contaminants do not fall into the housing from above.

The pump motor is enclosed in a sealed beaker filled with oil. This design eliminates the negative impact of external factors and protects the engine from damage.

Submersible pump

The design and dimensions of the Vodomet pump allow it to be installed in wells with a casing with a diameter of 100 mm or more

The device is oil-filled, asynchronous, the rotor of the engine is short-circuited, mounted on rolling bearings. The motor is partially protected from overheating by a thermal protector embedded in the stator winding. In addition, an additional factor of cooling is water passing through a special annular gap left between the housing and the stator of the engine.

To balance the external and internal pressure of the engine, a special membrane is used. This allows you to unload the engine seal. As a result, the technical characteristics allow the use of the “Vodomet” pump at a depth of 30 meters. The upper and lower covers are arranged in such a way that all the components of the device are in the correct position relative to the central axis.

An important feature of the pump design is the presence of so-called “floating” impellers, which have the ability to burn in. The efficiency of traditional pumping equipment depends largely on the size of the lumen, which is formed between its moving and static parts.

The more such a lumen, the more internal leakage of fluid occurs inside the device, and the lower its efficiency. During pump operation, the moving parts are gradually erased, which increases the clearance, and the efficiency becomes even lower. The design of the “floating” impeller pump “water cannon” gives them the ability to move in the axial direction.

This scheme allows you to visualize the internal structure of the submersible pump type

This scheme allows you to visualize the internal structure of the submersible pump of the type “water cannon” with floating impellers and reliable hermetic electric motor (click to enlarge)

The impact of working pressure presses the edge of the wheel to the back surface of the diffuser, which leads to the contact of these rubbing surfaces. As a result, at the very beginning of the operation of the device, a special plastic bead mounted on the impeller is quickly erased. The flange takes the form, providing, relatively speaking, a zero gap between this pair of rubbing surfaces.

After this process of lapping the collar is completed, two more surfaces come into contact: a ceramic ring and an anti-friction washer. But when interacting in water, these two elements are not erased. As a result, the clearance between the fixed and rubbing parts inside the pump becomes minimal, and the efficiency of the device increases significantly.

The trimming process can take several hours. During this initial period, the pump will operate with some overload. That is why at the beginning of the operation of the device, a more intensive power consumption can be observed in comparison with the characteristics declared by the manufacturer.

For the same reason, the pump performance at first may be somewhat lower than expected. This is a natural occurrence. As soon as the lapping process is completed and the increased load is removed from the pump impellers, all characteristics will return to normal. All elements of the pump with which water adjoins are made of safe materials suitable for contact with foodstuff.

Pump connection diagram

This diagram clearly shows the process of connecting the “Water Cannon” pump for organizing a full-fledged autonomous water supply in the house and on the site (click to enlarge)

On the top cover of the pump is its outlet and two lugs to which the cable should be attached, as well as the electrical cable.

The location of the cable outlet on the top cover is very convenient, as the pump does not increase in width. As a result, the device is suitable for more casing, even for fairly narrow structures.

Lowering the submersible pump

When lowering a powerful submersible pump “Water Cannon”, it is sometimes more convenient to use, in addition to the main cable, one more additional safety cable.

The condenser is already included in the design of the pump, so when installing it, there is no need to use a capacitor box. As a result, a three-core cable is used to install the pump, rather than a four-core cable, which is much easier to install. And how to install the equipment in the well, read in this material.

Interpretation of marking of various models

The marking of the pump in the form of letter indices reflects the design features of individual models:

  • “BK” - cable length of this model is 1 m.
  • "BUT" (automatic) - the presence of a float switch that prevents the situation of "dry running".
  • “PROF” - pumps for wells without automatic shutdown system.
  • “M” (main) - equipped with a fitting that allows you to use the pump on the surface as an element of the water supply system.
  • "HOUSE" - additionally completed with components for organizing automated water supply of a private house.
  • “W” - availability of an electronic automatic pump control system.

Devices marked with the “A” index can be installed in wells or other structures where there is enough free space for mounting the float switch.

The absence of float valve in models labeled “PROF” does not impair the performance of the pump. Even if the device turns on up to 20 times within an hour (i.e. every five minutes), the engine will not overheat.


“Water cannons A” pumps are equipped with an external float switch and are mainly used in wells, since additional space is required to accommodate this element.

Included with the index “DOM” hydroaccumulator, a set of valves, as well as an automatic control panel.

Image Gallery

A photo of

Pump system Dzhileks Vodomet PROF 55/75 HOUSE

The system consists of a hydroaccumulator, a submersible pump and an automation unit. It is suitable for a private house with 3 points.

Hydroaccumulator tank of 50 l

A 50 l hydroaccumulator allows you to save on electricity consumption and protects the system from water hammer

The automatic block fixed on the case

The microprocessor control unit performs automatic control of the water level and protects the equipment from the "dry run"

Well Submersible Pump

A submersible pump is installed in a well with a diameter of 100 mm. Unlike surface models, it guarantees quiet operation. Consumption - 55 l / min, height of water rise - 75 m

Check valve at the bottom of the pump

The pump is equipped with a check valve that prevents water from flowing back into the well.

Ball valve with pressure gauge

Ball valve with pressure gauge and pressure sensor - automatic tool for regulating the operation of the system

Water Filter Housing

Additional useful equipment - housing for the water filter. The filter itself must be purchased separately.

Power cable 30 m

Power is supplied from the automatic unit. Cable length - 30 m, which is convenient for connecting to a remote power source

Pump system Dzhileks Vodomet PROF 55/75 HOUSE

Pump system Dzhileks Vodomet PROF 55/75 HOUSE

Hydroaccumulator tank of 50 l

Hydroaccumulator tank of 50 l

The automatic block fixed on the case

The automatic block fixed on the case

Well Submersible Pump

Well Submersible Pump

Check valve at the bottom of the pump

Check valve at the bottom of the pump

Ball valve with pressure gauge

Ball valve with pressure gauge

Water Filter Housing

Water Filter Housing

Power cable 30 m

Power cable 30 m

The model with the “H” index is maximally protected from emergency situations. It provides a device shutdown at the first signs of “dry running”, a smooth start of the engine when it is turned on and makes it possible to maintain a certain level of water pressure in the system.

Top cover of the submersible pump. The water cannon is equipped with an anti-friction sleeve. This element is the support of the shaft on which the pump part of the device is mounted. Here, on the top cover, there are suction windows. Their size, which is only 1.5 square meters. mm, prevents the penetration into the device of large particles of sand, silt and other inclusions.

The reasons for the popularity of "Water Cannons"

Water Pumps are products of the company Dzhileks. These pumps are manufactured in Russia and enjoy well-deserved popularity both on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Here are a few reasons why many choose them:

  • higher level of efficiency in comparison with analogues of other manufacturers;
  • high quality workmanship;
  • simplicity in setup and operation;
  • a wide range of models designed to work in different conditions;
  • resistance to adverse working conditions;
  • long service life;
  • acceptable price.

Part of the components for the pump comes from abroad. But all the main technological units are developed by Russian engineers and are manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Here is the final assembly and testing of finished products. As a result, the company “Dzhileks” achieves two important goals: it produces high-quality pumping equipment and offers the buyer a relatively reasonable price.

Devices for fastening and connecting the pump Vodomet

The cable, the outlet for the water supply pipe and eyelets for fastening the cable are compactly located on the end of the upper cover of the pump “Water cannon”

Customer reviews are mostly positive. It is highly appreciated not only the pumping part, but also the work of automatic systems that protect the device from damage. As you know, experts recommend using centrifugal pumping technology in wells.

Unlike vibration pumps, whose operation has a devastating effect on the walls of wells, centrifugal models extend the service life of such structures. Another feature of the considered pump, as well as other products of the company “Dzhileks” - is its adaptability to work in the Russian realities.

The designers took into account not only the necessary technical characteristics, but also the conditions in which the technique would have work, and features of its operation with probable interruptions in the supply of electricity, and other similar factors. The diameter of the body of the submersible pump brand "Water Jet" is 98 mm, and the length varies depending on the power model.

Such dimensions make it possible to use the pump in most wells, since the four-inch casing is most often used for their construction. Design features allow you to use the "Vodomet" in a partially submerged position. This situation may occur if water is pumped out from a shallow source or reservoir.

Water cannon pumps can operate even in conditions of increased complexity, for example, pump water that is heavily polluted with sand. There is even a positive experience in pumping contaminated wells or pumping new facilities with the help of such units. However, one should not think that such conditions do not affect the condition of the pump.

Pump Models

The diameter of the case for all pumps "Water Cannon" is the same, but the length of the device and its weight vary depending on the power

According to the manufacturer, the pump is designed for pollution in the amount of 2 kg per cubic meter. But practice has shown that this is too optimistic recommendation. Of course, when pumping water with sand, the rate of wear of a pump of this type increases several times.

The device will require repair very soon or will fail completely. Therefore, it is recommended either to choose a cheaper or resistant to wear equipment for pumping a well, or to purchase another pump designed specifically for pumping clean water from a well. Our site also has submersible pump rating for the well. We recommend to get acquainted with it.

How to choose a suitable model?

To choose the right pump, you should pay attention to the digital marking of various models. After the name of the pump are usually two figures that characterize his work. The first indicator indicates the maximum possible water flow per minute, which can be obtained at the outlet, if there is no resistance to the flow of water.

Characteristics of pumps of different types

This table clearly shows the characteristics of the pumps of different types, which allows you to compare them with the data on the operation of the “Water cannon” pump (click to enlarge)

The second indicator describes the maximum pressure that the pump can provide in the system if all the water intake points are blocked (the so-called “dead-end” pump operation situation). Thus, the pump with marking 60/52 delivers up to 60 liters of water per minute and can give a pressure of 52 m (which corresponds to 5.2 atmospheres) if all the taps in the system are closed and other consumers are turned off.

Of course, this is data for an ideal situation, which almost never arises. The pump can be selected using the parameters for the limiting operation mode, but the indicators for the so-called “operating point” should be taken into account. To calculate it, you need to divide the marginal indicator by two, i.e. take 50% of the maximum.

To orient yourself when choosing a pump by its limiting indicators, the following information will help:

  • For wells and wells with small or medium flow rates, i.e. with a nominal water flow of about 2-3 cu. m / h is recommended to take the pump with a maximum water flow of 60 l / min, usually this is enough to maintain 3-4 consumption points.
  • If the flow rate of the structure exceeds the average (corresponds to the nominal water flow rate of 3-4 cubic meters / h), you should pay attention to the “Water cannon” with a maximum flow rate of 115 l / min.
  • With a high production rate (nominal flow rate of 4-6 cubic meters / h), it is recommended to purchase a unit that ensures smooth use of 150 liters of water per minute.

The maximum pump head is selected depending on the information about the static water level in the well or well. (It is calculated as the distance from the water mirror in a calm state to the bottom of the water intake.)

Here are some helpful tips on specific numbers:

  • pumps with a pressure of 30-32 m are recommended for structures with a dynamic level of up to 5 m;
  • models providing a pressure of 45-52 m will allow water to be raised from a depth of not more than 25 m;
  • pumps with indicators on a pressure within 60-75 m are intended for constructions with a statistical level of 25-45 m;
  • devices with a pressure of 92-115 m are used for extremely deep wells, the statistical level of such structures can be 45-60 m.

Thus, knowing the characteristics of your structure, you can immediately navigate the features of the model of the pump “Water cannon” for your system.

Features of operation of the device

Usually the pump "Water cannon" is not equipped with a check valve. But this element is extremely important for effective operation of the device. The check valve is mounted on the outlet of the pump so that after turning off the pump, the water does not flow out of the plumbing system back into the well or well.

The check valve is especially necessary in automated systems of autonomous water supply so that they maintain normal pressure. Installed near the submersible water pump, the backflow valve performs an additional function - it protects the water supply system from water hammer.

With check valve installation Consider the following point: if the distance between the surface of the water and the check valve is more than seven meters, voids may still form in the water supply. In this case, every time the pump is turned on, there will be a water hammer.

Pump check valve

This diagram illustrates the process of installing a check valve on a water cannon pump. At the same time, you should not forget about the recommendation to keep a distance of one meter between the valve and the pump in order to avoid airing the device

It is also not necessary to install a check valve directly at the outlet of the pump, even if a shallow depth of immersion allows you to do this with the previous recommendation. Such a proximity valve can cause the formation of an airlock is no longer in the plumbing system, but in the pump itself.

As a result, the flow of water into the device will stop, causing a dangerous situation of “dry running”. If the depth of the pump is less than one meter, it is recommended to install a check valve between one and seven meters from the pump. Refusing to install a check valve only makes sense when the pump is periodically removed to the surface.

For example, if the unit is used only for watering or filling storage tanks, and not for a fully autonomous water supply, the installation of a check valve is optional. However, the work of such a system should be treated with increased attention.

Hose filled with water, has an impressive weight. When disconnecting pumping equipment that is not equipped with a non-return valve, it will work on the principle of a vacuum cleaner. If at this time it lies on the ground, then the pump is likely to be clogged.

Datasheet of the pump

A detailed technical data sheet with recommendations for proper installation and operation of the device is attached to each Vodomet pump.

If such a dangerous situation arises, you must immediately turn off the pump in manual mode. Such cases often cause the pump to become clogged by foreign particles, premature equipment repair or its final failure.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

An interesting review of the pump “Water Cannon 55 / 50A” can be viewed in the following video:

Here you can see a realistic overview of unpacking a powerful well pump “Water Cannon 115/75”:

Dzhileks Water Pumps are a reliable and relatively inexpensive option for a well or well. It is only important to choose the right model and ensure the appropriate operating conditions.

Looking for a well pump? Or do you have experience with the use of water pumps from Dzhileks and you can give valuable advice, or share the nuances of the operation of this equipment? Please leave your comments, ask questions in the box below the article.

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