When to plant eggplants on seedlings, how to take care of it, when to plant in open ground

How to grow eggplant seedlings at home? When to plant aubergines on seedlings? How to care for her? I always have a pretty, robust eggplant seedlings. Growing eggplants for me is a favorite activity. Every year I share seedlings with my friends. For some reason, few people like to grow it. That seeds either do not rise, or pierce and immediately perish. I grow it at home, on the windowsill. All the time I'm joking that I really like eggplants, they love me too. I do not really have secrets. Come on, I'll tell you, and you yourself decide what is useful from my experience, and what you know without me.


  • When to plant aubergines on seedlings in 2018
  • The most common errors in the cultivation of eggplant seedlings
  • Rules for the successful cultivation of eggplant seedlings

When to plant aubergines on seedlings in 2018

Many years to calculate the date of planting aubergines on seedlings I use the usual formula. I quote it in the article "When to sow the seeds of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants for seedlings."

. Do not be afraid, there will not be any complicated mathematical calculations. Let's calculate together the date of planting the eggplant seedlings in the open ground in 2018.

We will need to know when, in the opinion of agronomists, it is optimal to plant the seedlings of eggplants in the open ground.

In the Kuban this period is the first decade of May. The lunar calendar for 2018 advises the planting of eggplants on 21, 22, 27-30 April, and in May - on 18, 19, 24, 28. Eggplants are thermophilic, they do not like cold. But we do not know what the weather will be these days. For convenience of calculations we take the date - April 30. That is, in the open ground we will plant eggplant seedlings on April 30.


Eggplant seedlings are planted in the open ground or greenhouse in 65-70 days after emergence. Count from the date of April 30 back 65-70 days. We receive the dates on February 20-25. Seedlings of eggplants appear in 5-10 days. So, from 20-25 February we reckon back 10 days - we get the optimal dates for sowing eggplant seeds for seedlings in the Kuban - February 16-18. So we came close to the dates of sowing of eggplant seeds for seedlings. But do not forget about favorable or unfavorable days for sowing on the lunar calendar.

In 2018 - a favorable day for aubergines -February 25-26. As you can see, this is a convenient date for us. Unfavorable days in February - February 13-16.

Proceeding from all this reasoning, I personally chose 25-26 February to plant the eggplants for seedlings. So I will put.

So,I advise planting aubergines (seeds) on seedlings in the Kuban on February 25-26, 2018.

But among the readers of our blog there are many who live far north of the Krasnodar Territory. Especially for the central strip of Russia, let's calculate the dates for the planting of eggplant seedlings in 2018.

For many years I lived in the Nizhny Novgorod region. That experience tells me that in the open ground seedlings of heat-loving eggplants are best planted after the danger of frost passes, and this is about June 7-10. The lunar calendar is favorable for the days of June 14-16. Take these dates as a basis. Repeating the calculations that we carried out above, we can calculate the date of planting eggplant seedlings for the middle zone of Russia in 2018.

I got the next days - March 27 - April 11, but (attention!) - 9-11, April 16, according to the lunar calendar, unfavorable for planting days. A favorable - 24-26, March 31 or 21, 22, April 24-24. These are favorable days for sowing eggplant seeds for seedlings in 2018 in the central part of Russia.

To grow eggplants in a greenhouse, they should be sowed three weeks earlier.

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The most common errors in the cultivation of eggplant seedlings

  1. You have sown seeds that have lost germination due to long or improper storage. How to avoid such an error? Take the rule before planting to always germinate the seeds of eggplant. In this case, it will be clear exactly what to sow, which - not. Sprout seeds in any growth stimulator (sodium humate, heteroauxin, energy, HB-101 or strained wood ash infusion on aloe juice).
  2. Do not use gauze for germination of seeds - small, weak seedlings can get between the thread of gauze and break during extraction.
  3. Seeds are embedded in the soil surface by, mm or a maximum of 1 cm.
  4. Do not put containers with seedlings of aubergines on a cold sill and do not fill seeded seeds with water. This is just the case when the seeds can proklyutsya, but in the cold wet earth bend. In addition, cold soil can delay the germination of seeds for 20-25 days.
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Rules for the successful cultivation of eggplant seedlings

Eggplant seedlings are very sensitive to temperature. The optimum temperature for germination of seeds is 20-25 ° C, with it they rise after 5-10 days. At a temperature of 13 ° C the eggplants cease to grow and gradually perish. Optimum temperature for good development of seedlings is 22-25 ° C.


After the appearance of the first shoots, gradually remove the shelter and transfer the containers with eggplant seedlings to a light, cooler place with a temperature of about 18 ° C. This promotes better root growth. At a higher temperature, leaflets begin to grow, which is undesirable, since the roots are still weak.

I think that everyone who has ever planted eggplants seedlings, had such a problem - shoots do not discard the shell of seeds. Why is this happening? Perhaps the seeding was too shallow, or you hurried to remove the film or glass from the seed box when it was just beginning to poke.

In general, seedlings with "caps" are taken to be removed, but what about when you sow on the seedlings some interesting variety, the seeds of which are already so few? We'll have to work hard! Several times (sometimes up to 5-7 times) every 10-20 minutes I moisten the "caps" with a brush with warm water. And then carefully I give a little "cap" a needle and it is very easy to remove.

Eggplants are plants of a short day. Artificial lighting in 10-12 hours is enough for them. Dosvetku begin to do when the seedlings are 3 weeks old. With such eggplant cultivation, the budding phase will occur 20-25 days earlier, which means that the harvest will be early.

Seedlings can be planted at the age of 60-65 days. Of course, after the threat of frost passes and the soil warms up well.


I wish you great harvests with the correct cultivation of eggplant seedlings!

The article was edited on January 5, 2018.

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