Why do I need a milk separator and how does it work?

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If you are a villager and have a cow in the household, a separator for milk is necessary. Even one cow, if she is a bucket, will feed the family with sour cream and cottage cheese. Maloproduktivnyh wet nurse now in the home yardstick do not hold - irrational. From the number of cows, on their productivity, which separator model should be bought depends.

What is the basis of dairy processing

Fresh cow's milk is a suspension in which fatty balls called cream are mixed with heavier molecules of the rest of the milk. They are easily separated from the bulk of the product, popping up. To facilitate the separation of fractions, separators for milk have been created. In the future, the heavy residue is stratified into curds and whey, but this is after fermentation. Separators also exist for their separation.

Separate the cream during the separation can be in any percentage ratio.

If the final result of processing is: 0, then for every 10 liters of return, 1 liter of cream from 11 liters of milk is received. This cream contains a large amount of oil and little liquid fraction. But you can get 3 liters of cream for 8 liters of return. Such cream will be liquid, and oils from them will turn out a little. The separator allows you to create a ratio from: to: 2.

In households and for the primary processing of milk from small farms, only the cream separators or separators are used, which is the same. Separation of cream occurs under the influence of a centrifugal force, which throws heavy particles to the periphery, and the lungs stay closer to the center. After the separation, it remains to select the fractions into separate containers.

The milk separator represents a tuned system of continuous feeding of milk into a rotating tray drum and the selection of cream and skim milk or skim milk.

But the process depends on many factors:

  • rotational speed of the drum;
  • tasks for obtaining a certain ratio of return and cream;
  • from the temperature and flow of milk through a centrifuge.
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An experienced user finds his / her ratio of all variables and tries to follow it. For the user of the handheld device, it is actual to catch the required number of engine speed manually. The electric separator for milk is adjusted in advance, with the mode buttons.

Principle of the separator operation

Industrial and manual drains are based on the general principle of slurry separation in a bowl drum. This is the main unit, it consists of a package of dividing plates, put on a glass, and closed with a lid. Perforated plates fit in a certain order, creating 6 holes for the exit of milk. For cream, the yield is closer to the wall of the glass. The product is poured into the receiving bowl of the separator for milk. Through the adjustable cork, the milk flows into the float chamber, and from there it passes through the central glass of the drum down.

Milk in the bowl drum under the influence of centrifugal forces is divided on each plate. By common channels, the reverse rises to the receiving chamber and is diverted through the horn into the container. Cream falls into another cell. In the sump are incidental impurities. This way the household milk separator operates regardless of the type of drive. The methods of correct operation, the sequence of operations are reflected in the instruction manual of the separator.

A mandatory for all household separators is thorough washing and drying of all parts after milk distillation.

Surprisingly, if the plates are not clean enough, they are not properly dressed, the apparatus will not work and the milk will flow from all the cracks.

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Models of separators for household use

When choosing a separator for a creamer, the characteristics of each consumer must be taken into account:

  1. A single volume of processing will determine the choice of the volume of the receiving bowl. The more milk you need to overtake, the larger the cup will be to not add milk at a time. Produce a capacity of, and 12 liters.
  2. The universal separator will combine cleaning milk from impurities and separating the cream.
  3. If daily more than 30 liters of milk are distilled, the best purchase will be an apparatus with an electric drive.
  4. Metal parts are more durable, longer life, but they are more expensive than plastic separators.

One of the most popular is the Motor Sich separator. It is an electric household appliance of open type of universal purpose. Marking depends on the productivity, measured l / hour. The separator can work for an hour, then a break is required to cool the motor. The connection to the separator is via a reducer and a transition clutch. The milk receiver is designed for 12 liters. The return can beat up to, 5% of fat content. The ratio of cream to return can be: 0. There is such an assembly from, thousands, depending on the configuration and material of the working part.

Milk before the separation is necessarily heated. If there is no thermometer at hand, milk should equal the temperature of the fingers, which means that the finger feels, the milk is a little warm.

Open the tap and run the milk into the system after the separator has picked up, warm up, idle for about five minutes.


Separator The farmer differs from the previous device with a higher rotation speed of the bowl drum, 1450 rpm, and thus more efficient separation of milk into cream and vice versa. The drum rotation frequency is adjustable. Weighs only 3 kg.

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Manual separators RZ OPS are designed for low productivity. The set includes a bowl on, liter. In the plastic version the separator costs 3 thousand, in metal it is twice as expensive.

How to self-make a creamer for milk

However, craftsmen came to the conclusion that you can create a milk separator with your own hands, using the same centrifugal force. The diagram shows a simple apparatus separating the cream and back to the fractions.

When rotating under the action of centripetal acceleration, the heavier the particle, the farther and more forcefully it is discarded. If you take a vessel, pour milk into it and give a sufficient speed of rotation, there will be a separation of the liquid. The light fraction will be closer to the center, and the water part will concentrate on the rotating walls and will tend to fly further.

A thin needle is made in the rotating cylinder. It is placed in a stationary vessel, which will receive a spray. It is important to know the amount of skim milk being sampled. This is determined before the start of separation. The remaining part in the inner cylinder is a light fraction, cream.

And the more skimmed milk is selected, the thicker the cream.

This homemade separator allows you to process only one serving of milk, after which you can make a new load. The torque can be transferred from any engine. The speed of rotation of the drum should not be more than 1400 rpm.

Another principle of separation of milk is vibratory, but in household separators for milk it has not found application. Magnetic separators for separating cream from cold milk and whey from cottage cheese are used in industrial processing, model A-1 AXO.

How to assemble a separator-video

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