Review of the best models of robot vacuums ILife, manufacturer reviews

Not so long ago, iLife robotic vacuum cleaners appeared on the robotic equipment market, but they managed to gain the trust of users.

Even the cheapest of them are quite functional, have good characteristics.

The content of the article:

  • Characteristics of the robot vacuum cleaners from Chuwi
    • Model 1: iLife V3S Pro Vacuum Cleaner
    • Model 2: iLife A4s Vacuum Cleaner
    • Model 3: iLife A6 Vacuum Cleaner
    • Model 4: iLife V5s Pro Vacuum Cleaner
    • Model 5: iLife V7s Pro Vacuum Cleaner
    • Model 6: iLife V55 Vacuum Cleaner
    • Model 7: Vacuum Cleaner X - iLife X620
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Characteristics of the robot vacuum cleaners from Chuwi

The first robotic cleaning device under the Chuwi brand was released in December 2014. This is Chuwi iLife V3. The country of origin is China. Both the first and all subsequent models are multifunctional assistants that improve the quality of life.

In recent years, the company has expanded the market of robotics with a number of new models. Among them, 3 series:

  • V, which includes models with indices 1, 3, 3S, 3S Pro, 5, 5S Pro, 7, 7S Pro.
  • A - 4, 4S Pro, A6.
  • X - X5, X432, X620.

In addition, the T4 robot was released. Regardless of the cost and availability of various options, all units have a modern design.

Simplicity of the device and laconic design

Chuwi robotic vacuum cleaners are distinguished by simplicity of design, ease of operation, reliability and conciseness of design.

Users always note in their reviews a good ratio of quality and price of products. Each of them falls under the definition of “budget option”, since there is no overpayment for the brand.

Among the advantages of the owners of these robotic vacuum cleaners are called:

    1. Compact size and elegant look.
    2. Good suction power.
    3. High-quality air filtration.
    4. Successful overcoming obstacles.
    5. Efficient cleaning of hair and hair.
    6. Ease of use and minimal care.
    7. The presence of some models of ultraviolet lamps and cleaning options on a schedule.

Not everyone is happy that the instructions are written in Chinese and English. The devices are equipped with a British power connector, not always suitable for our sockets, so some just change it.

Analysis of the reviews shows that many are satisfied with both the level of cleaning and other characteristics. Some users are not satisfied with the infrequent, but still having a place, failures when the front sensors trigger, the noise level.

Robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE

Chinese origin does not interfere with iLife vacuum cleaning robots to have high technical characteristics and perform their functions properly

Its main task - cleaning the premises - automated iLife vacuum cleaners cope perfectly. On the label pasted on the outer box, there is a basic information about the product. All inscriptions in English.

We begin the review of models with packaging. It is double, no information can be extracted from the inscriptions on the outer box, unless you can read Chinese. At the end of the corrugated cardboard box there is a label. It shows the weight of the product, dimensions, power consumption.

Comparison table

For the convenience of comparing the functionality and characteristics of iLife vacuum cleaners, a summary table has been compiled. You can navigate to the data provided in it when choosing a suitable model.

Inner packaging is more presentable: thick cardboard, gloss, there is a convenient pen. The main thing, yet not this, but what is inside:

  • instruction in English;
  • proper vacuum cleaner robot;
  • charging base;
  • power board;
  • spare filters;
  • trash can;
  • remote control;
  • brush to care for filters and containers;
  • spare brush;
  • microfibre cloth attached to the plate.

Not all products have a central brush. Capacity of garbage containers, suction speed and other parameters may vary significantly.

Model 1: iLife V3S Pro Vacuum Cleaner

A relatively inexpensive device removes both hard and carpeting. The kit includes: charging station, remote control, filters, adapter and batteries, side brushes, instructions, a brush, which is used to clean the dust box. And there is no traffic limiter here.

The plastic white body of the robot has a round shape. Dimensions (300x300x70 mm) allow the device to clear the space under the furniture.

Programming cleaning is performed by remote control. The process takes from 90 to 120 minutes on an area up to 100 m². The robot weighs only 2 kg and is used only for dry cleaning. Perfectly collects coarse fraction and pet hair. The capacity of the dust collector - 0.3 l.

On the top there are buttons: “Clean”, “Push” and 6 status indicators, and on the side - the “on / off” button, bumper, connector. Below are two driving wheels and one swivel, as well as a pair of side brushes.

The device has three operating modes: automatic, local, cleaning around the perimeter. Sensors of orientation protect the vacuum cleaner from any troubles associated with falls and collisions.

Model 2: iLife A4s Vacuum Cleaner

This robot from series A does not have a large set of functions. The main thing is there is a central brush. In combination with a large suction power and the ability to adjust it, this is a good option when you are ready to spend a small amount.

The power supply unit, designed for 19 V and current 0.6 A. There is also a base for charging, spare brushes (2 pcs.), Remote control with backup batteries, consumables, manual.

Chuwi iLife A4s works in several modes: AUTO - mainly, automatic - button CLEAN, local - Spotmanual and MAX.

The plastic iLife A4s case, painted to look like metal, has the shape of a circle, its height is 76 mm. From above one button with illumination. When the flashing orange lights up, it means that the battery charge is reduced or it is charging.

When moving, as well as upon completion of charging lights up green. If the mode is selected, a flashing green appears and a blinking red indicates an error. The switch for disconnecting and the connector for charging is directly on the side.

The protective buffer with rubber strips borders the front part of the case. Wheels with rubber tires, located at the bottom, have motor drives. Here is a swivel roller - an element of the displacement sensor.

Ailife filtering system - a three-stage. First, everything that sucks up the vacuum cleaner, passes the initial cleaning through a fine mesh. The next protective layer is a layer of foam rubber, and then comes the HEPA filter, which filters out fine dust.

The sensors of the robot are not able to prevent collisions with thin legs of chairs and tables, because they simply do not notice them. For a vacuum cleaner such troubles pass without consequences due to the low speed of movement.

He does not see the robot vacuum cleaner and absolutely black surfaces, and obstructs brighter tones around the perimeter. Carpets, if they are not very thick, clean well. For cleaning a particular dirty area there is an option to force the choice of a motion vector.

During work, it makes almost no noise, therefore it will not wake the sleeper and will not interfere with watching the TV show, but it moves erratically and can clean the same place repeatedly. There is no daily schedule in this model, which is not very convenient.

The iLife A4s automatic cleaner weighs 2.2 kg. Battery capacity is sufficient for the robot to clean at least 2 hours. After charge depletion, the vacuum cleaner returns to the docking station itself.

Model 3: iLife A6 Vacuum Cleaner

This unit is a new development. It contains the most advanced solutions:

  1. Gen 2 CyclonePower ™ 3-stage cleaning system.
  2. Tangle Free technology combined with BladeAway spiral brush.
  3. New docking station Gen 2 Energy Base.

The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh, which ensures operation for 160 minutes.

Developers iLife A6 to a minimum reduced the thickness of the body - 70 mm. With such dimensions, the robot can clean up and under the furniture.

The kit includes a smart vacuum cleaner:

  • remote control module for charging;
  • turbo brush rubberized;
  • HEPA filter optional;
  • side brushes - 2 pcs .;
  • Power Supply;
  • batteries - 2 pcs .;
  • virtual wall, creating a barrier that the device does not cross;
  • instruction;
  • items for care.

Case iLife A6 is made of tempered black glass, it looks stylish and elegant. There are sensors that help the robot navigate in space and detect interference. They are built into the moving front bumper.

The Tangle Free technology in tandem with a BladeAway rubber brush allows you to perfectly solve the complex problems associated with removing dirt.

On the opposite side is a key that is used to draw the dust bag. In working condition on the front panel, you can see the glowing button, it is designed to automatically start the unit.

The main brush is located in the center of the bottom, above it is a niche for the battery, under it is a container for dust. There are brushes on both sides of the battery niche, and a mobile roller in front.

iLife A6 is adapted for cleaning both wooden floors and marble, ceramic tiles, carpets. Before performing his direct functions, he divides the space. Further systematically cleans each zone.

The robot performs local cleaning (Spot), in automatic mode, at the maximum, around the perimeter, according to a predetermined schedule. In the process can overcome rises in 15 °.

In the first case, he makes a movement along a spiral path. The starting point is the middle of the room, with time the diameter of the grip gradually increases.

In maximum mode, the device turns on the maximum suction power. The automatic regulation provides for a review of the premises, followed by the determination of the trajectory of movement. When working around the perimeter, Lifting, moving along the baseboards, cleans the edges of the room.

In addition, the device has the function "Mini-room». Use it for cleaning in small quantities. The option "Automatic charging" allows you to forcibly return the vacuum cleaner to the base for charging.

The device is equipped with a drop prevention sensor. He quickly sets the location and changes the motion vector. Even when cleaning a narrow sofa, the robot vacuum cleaner will not fall down from it.

As a drawback, there is no rubber buffer. Contact with furniture or other obstacles can damage not only the object, but also the robot itself. The capacity of the trash bin is small, so it will have to be cleaned often. Every six months you need to change the HEPA filter.

Model 4: iLife V5s Pro Vacuum Cleaner

When viewed from the outside iLife V5s Pro is a pleasant impression. The golden top of the case, modern design - it all looks elegant and sophisticated.

The standard equipment of the model is: a docking station, a remote control, a power adapter, filters, additional side brushes, napkins and holders for them, a water tank, and instructions.

The functionality of the device allows you to constantly maintain cleanliness in the house without any effort on your part. There are three main modes:

  1. Auto. It will work as long as the charge is enough, choosing the direction of movement independently.
  2. Local. Apply to remove stains in a given area.
  3. Cleaning around the edge. The unit passes the perimeter of the room, removing debris and cleaning corners.

Infrared remote control allows you to configure a specific cleaning time with automatic start machine. The model not only copes with a 100% dry floor cleaning, including under the furniture, but also climbs onto carpets and cleans them at least as well.

This device is a modified version of the model iLife V5. The main thing how it differs from its predecessor is the second tank for wet cleaning.

An additional bonus in iLife V5s Pro is the wet cleaning option. In this mode, the robot performs a floor cleaning. Liquid on the microfiber cloth is fed through two holes on the base of the housing from a water tank with a capacity of 0.3 liters.

The power button and the open button for the dust container are on the front side. Take out the container with dust on top.

The dust collector is equipped with two filtration steps. Large debris collects strainer. Smaller particles are delayed by the HEPA filter.

As a result, the advantages of the device include:

  • modern design, compactness;
  • maneuverability;
  • powerful battery;
  • presence of sensors and protective sensors;
  • soft bumper;
  • high suction power.

Disadvantages are expressed in the small diameter of the suction inlet, the absence in the complete set of the limiter movement and automatic water supply. Cleaning planning is limited to one day.

Model 5: iLife V7s Pro Vacuum Cleaner

The iLife V7s Pro is an advanced model of the iLife V7s vacuum cleaner. It was released 2 years after the appearance of the very first robot - in 2016.

The water tank is in the case and holds 0.5 liters, while the iLife V7 contained 0.3 liters. This amount can be washed floors significantly larger area.

The dust container is designed in such a way that, on one side, garbage collected by a roller enters it, and on the opposite side, through a hole with a smaller diameter, purified air is discharged to the outside.

Dust, suspended particles in it, animal hair remains inside the container. Due to the sufficient battery capacity (2600mAh), the unit can operate without recharging for 150 minutes.

The speed of the robot when wet cleaning is slightly lower than when dry, because the weight of the rag is added, it goes slower through the obstacles.

It should be noted and attractive design of the device. The main body color is golden-pink while its predecessor was blue. The top cover is equipped with two keys: “Clean” and a button, when pressed, opens the top.

From damage due to errors made during use, the vacuum cleaner is insured by the presence of a built-in protection system. If you forget to insert one of the containers inside, the vacuum cleaner simply does not turn on and will give a warning signal.

Brushes in this model are located V-shaped, which contributes to the quality of cleaning. This assistant is well oriented in space, because his maneuvers are led by a sensor system.

He will not hit the furniture, fall down the stairs. Very convenient for users and such an option, as the programming of the day and time of cleaning.

To connect the charging on the right side there is a special socket. For movement it is equipped with two rubber wheels. The height of the suspension allows you to overcome obstacles in height from 30 to 50 mm.

In the front there is a quick-release swivel roller. Below it is an optical sensor, and next to it are floor sensors.

Here at the bottom there are vents. Passing through them, the water flowing out of the tank, wets the mop. At the bottom there is also a label with the requirements for the battery and the power board set out on it, and the on / off toggle switch next to it.

If you need to remove a particularly polluted place in the apartment, you can use the option of cleaning one point. The vacuum cleaner is able to independently search for the charging base in case the battery has sat down.

The disadvantages include the fact that iLife V7s Pro does not know how to build a clear map of the apartment. He makes chaotic movements, but the result of cleaning does not suffer from this.

The second point: in order to recharge, the robot must “see” the docking station. He finds it on the infrared beam, and if it disappears from the zone of visibility, the unit is discharged completely.

The vacuum cleaner cleans the floor, covered with linoleum, tile, laminate flooring, parquet in the wet mode. It also cleans carpets with a low pile, but if you want an assistant to do the cleaning in your absence, it is better to remove them. The unit may accidentally get stuck and then the water will pour out.

Model 6: iLife V55 Vacuum Cleaner

This novelty in the market of robotic vacuum cleaners has two functions of house cleaning: normal and maximum. In the first mode it works almost silently. In the second, it performs cleaning more thoroughly and faster, but the process is accompanied by increased noise.

The main advantage - high-quality wet cleaning. The operating status of the vacuum cleaner displays an LED display. Programming for cleaning a limited area, perimeter of the room, the whole house is possible.

IR sensors mounted in the bumper of the device, ensure that the device avoids situations involving collisions and falls from a height.

Strong side wheels of large diameter allow the robot to overcome the height between the floor and a rather thick carpet. Changing direction is in charge of the front wheel. Wear-resistant side brushes effectively clean the corners of the room.

The vacuum cleaner easily copes with cleaning large areas and rooms with many obstacles. He can do without recharging for a long time, and when it is necessary, he will find the base and recharge.

Model 7: Vacuum Cleaner X - iLife X620

This device entered the market in 2017. The prototype of the model is the A6, but compared to the latter, this is an improved version. The robot can clean in a dry or wet way. The presence of a nap turbo brush allows you to clean the carpets.

Control using the remote control allows you to adjust the suction force, power, install a virtual wall, limiting the area for cleaning.

The top of the aluminum case of the vacuum cleaner has a nice pink color, and the sides are silver. The iLife logo on the case is marked with a launch button. Dust collector opens from the end.

The rubber cap on the side of the mask on / off key. Sideways located and mechanical bumper, as well as a place to connect the power supply. On the lower base are the side wheels, a roller, brushes, a cover that covers the battery compartment, and other elements.

So that the robot can perform wet cleaning, the dust collector is disconnected, and a water container is placed in its place. On this tank fix napkin. Water is supplied to it with the help of a built-in pump.

In the presence of a wide functional and good technical characteristics, the model is conditionally budget. Among its merits is a powerful battery, compactness, good obstruction, a smart i-MOVE system, a virtual wall, automatic water supply.

Cons is a limited scheduling option that only works within one day. Cleaning noise, especially with increased suction power, also applies to drawbacks.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Comparison of different models of robots:

Any model of the robot ILife IL copes well with cleaning the floor from debris. Devices without the main brush clean the smooth surface well, but the carpet cleaning is somewhat worse. The presence of a central turbo brush simplifies this task. In any case, such a robotic device makes life much more comfortable.

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