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One of the most popular types of modern summer and garden equipment is a garden electric grinder, an appliance that can reduce the amount of garbage. Buy it is almost every owner of the infield or cottage. However, before this, you should choose the right tool or spend some time and make it yourself.

Types of equipment

The main task that the garden shredder performs for grass and branches is the utilization of organic residues that constantly accumulate on the site during the performance of the main job. The result of processing is a homogeneous mass that occupies a minimum of space and is easily processed into fertilizers with the help of a compost pit. And, means, the tool provides also additional additional fertilizing to agricultural crops.

Manufacturers produce two variants of shredders:

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  • with disk knife systems;
  • with milling systems.

The disk tool has the form of a disk with several knives. The speed of grinding biomass with it depends on the material. It is best to use such a chopper for leaves, grass and thin branches. Dry and thick branches can also be processed with the help of a disk system, although metal knives are much faster to blunt.

The milling cutter system of a garden electric grinder of branches is considered more reliable and productive. With its help, it is possible to process large parts of a tree up to a size of 45-100 mm. In addition, such devices are equipped with a special mechanism for retracting branches, thanks to which the user does not need their constant pushing. The system recycles garbage automatically, although grinding grass is best with disk equipment.

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Selection by technical characteristics

Starting the choice of garden shredder follows its technical parameters - first of all, in terms of productivity. Depending on its value, the devices fall into three categories:

  1. Low-power, whose performance does not exceed 1600 watts. Equipped usually with a knife system, weigh no more than 20 kg and cut branches with a diameter of up to 30 mm. Used for the processing of weeds, grass and young stems.
  2. Installations of medium power (1600-2500 W). The weight of the equipment is not less than 20 kg, and the diameter of the processed branches reaches 35 mm. Equipment of this type is moved by means of wheels, and its grinding system is usually milling.
  3. High-performance devices, whose power reaches (and sometimes even exceeds) 3800 watts. They have enlarged dimensions and a large mass and operate on a three-phase electric motor. The equipment is equipped with a powerful cutting mill and a straight, wide funnel. Such plants, which include the powerful Viking GB 460C garden shredder, crush the branches with a diameter of 75 mm.

The most powerful devices work with even larger pieces of wood (up to 100-120 mm in diameter). They are used in large garden farms to harvest almost any organic debris. The price of equipment from this category is the highest, and the sizes are the highest. Some such models are not even equipped with wheels, but are installed in one place.


Selection of chopper by manufacturer

In the market you can find devices that differ not only in size and capacity, but also in stamps. The most popular manufacturers of garden electric grinders of branches are devices:

  • German Bosch, Ikra Mogatec and Alko;
  • Austrian Viking;
  • Swedish Stiga;
  • Slovenian Sadko;
  • Chinese DTZ.
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The equipment of "Stiga" brand is characterized by high working capacity, high operating resource and reasonable price. Ikra Mogatec shredders are known as reliable appliances, not much different from the most expensive and functional devices. The popular garden shredder Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 weighs 1, kg is great for processing small garbage. And the advantages of the Sadko models are the large diameters of grindable branches.

Other selection criteria

When choosing the equipment for grinding debris, it is advisable to use the following tips:

  1. Visually determine the maximum diameter of branches that will be processed during operation. Perhaps, for such a work a small hand-held device is enough - or, perhaps, a high-performance stationary device with a conveyor belt is also needed.
  2. The optimal option is the equipment with cone funnels, simplifying the maintenance of the system.
  3. Buy a shredder shredder for continuous use on a large site is only if it has several speeds of work. This will ensure processing with a single device and large branches, and grass.
  4. The equipment must have several holes for loading. On the one hand, small branches will be loaded through them, on the other - long and large.

An additional factor is the availability of knives for preliminary cutting, which increases the service life of the main blade system. Also it is worth paying attention to the level of noise generated by the equipment. Its value should not be more than 84 dB, otherwise the chopper operation will be too loud.

For convenience of use of the equipment it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the wheels, the possibility of height adjustment and the presence of several funnels. And also - the attached instruction in Russian, additional details and knives.

Homemade chopper

If there is no suitable equipment option or the financial possibilities of the owner of the garden plot do not allow the purchase of expensive equipment, you can make a disk chopper branches yourself. To do this, you will need to have some experience in welding work and buy materials from the following list:

  • steel sheets 1 - 1 cm thick for the main disk and, cm for the hopper and casing;
  • High-carbon steel, from which knives will be made;
  • a number of round or shaped pipes required for welding the frame of the shredder;
  • shaft diameter of 2 cm;
  • 2 bearings No. 307, fasteners, pulley or belt. While using a motor with a speed of less than 1500 rpm, the last element is not needed.
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The next stage of the work is to find the drawings of the shredder of the branches with their own hands, on which the equipment will be manufactured. After this, it is necessary to cut a circle of diameter 40 cm from a thick steel plate and make a hole in its center to install a shaft, at the ends of which the thread is cut. Knives, casing and bearings for bearings are made in accordance with the drawing.

A hand-made electric garden chopper is mounted on a frame, the design of which can be chosen arbitrarily. In doing so, it is necessary to make a sliding fastening of the motor, which allows you to tighten the belt. And the knives are screwed to the flywheel at an angle of about 30 degrees.

Video review of garden shredders

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