How much do you need to fill the powder in the washing machine

Do you think that the volume of powder for a washing machine can be arbitrary? Not always such a download is successful - both for things and for a washing machine. Therefore, it is worth knowing exactly how much you need to pour the powder into the washing machine.

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Norm of powder for washing in the machine

The amount of detergent affects not only how well things are washed. In order for the washing machine to work smoothly, the stains are well washed, and things do not deteriorate, you need to know what is the norm of the powder for washing in the AGR.

The dosage of the drug is calculated based on the following factors:

  • The contamination of the laundry and the complexity of the stains. Sometimes even a bundle of powder is not enough to wash a "heavy" stain - in these cases without bleaching agents and stain removers can not do.
  • Hardness of water, in which there is a wash. The softer the water, the more laundry is washed - for this purpose, special softeners (phosphates) are added to modern powders.

Important! Despite its harmfulness, phosphates take care of the details of the washing machine, protecting them from scale. This is especially true for washing at high temperature conditions.

  • Quantity of linen. Often on the package of powder, the consumption of 1 kg of dry laundry is written, it is better not to exceed this rate, so that there is no increased foaming. If you do not count the expense and fall asleep a little powder, the laundry may not be cleaned properly.
  • The washing program and the kind of fabric. Factors are not the most determining, rather secondary, but they need to be taken into account.

The easiest way to calculate how much you need to put the powder in the CM tray is to read the instructions. On the pack there are detailed recommendations, often in pictures.

Among the common means, such as "Tide ARIEL, "Myth Persil, "Eared Nanny" and other, the standards are as follows:

  • For lightly soiled items you need 150 g of powder for 1 full load of the drum.
  • For too dirty linen, the manufacturer recommends to add as much as 225 g of the product.

If you use packs of 400-500 g, then with such "useful advice" they are barely enough for 2 washes. Often manufacturers intentionally overstate the norm, so that the powder ends up faster, and you follow the new pack.

Independent experts have calculated that you need to add 1 tablespoon of the product (about 25 grams) per 1 kilo of dry linen. If you need to wash, for example, 4 kilograms of laundry, it will take only 100 grams of powder. In this case, a small bundle of powder is enough for 4-5 downloads - and this is already saving.

Carrying out calculations based on the regime, pay attention to the amount of water consumed by the machine for a particular program.

Important! Do not exceed the dosage of the detergent also to ensure that there are no divorces on the laundry.

The amount depends on the size of the drum, and on the economy of the machine. On average, Styralka Indesit or Ariston uses about 60 liters of water for 5-7 kilograms of laundry. If you are not sure that your washing machine uses just that much water, look at the user manual.

So, for exampleBosch WLK2016EOE(6 kg) we will make calculations.

From the table it is clear that the volume of water varies, based on the regime, from 40 to 64 liters. Calculate the norm in this case, you need, focusing on the maximum volume of the drum. If you want to wash 3 kilos of things on the standard "Cotton" program at 60 degrees, you will need 6 tbsp. l. powder, and for "Synthetics" with a 40-degree wash - only 3 tbsp. l. (150 and 75 g of funds respectively).

Note! If your machine is able to weigh clothes, then focus on the actual weight of the laundry, and not the drum capacity. In such washers (LG and other brands) water is fed as much as the laundry you load into the washing machine.

Where to put dry powder in the machine

The powder receiver is usually divided into three compartments. The smallest one shows an asterisk or a flower - it's a compartment for an air conditioner or rinse aid. The remaining two compartments are labeled I and II, rarely - A and B. In the first compartment - A or I - the powder is poured only in the regime providing for preliminary washing. Where is the main washing agent poured? Correctly - in Branch II or B.

Important! If you bought a used car, the marking on it is erased, and you do not know which cells to pour or pour the remedy, turn on the quick wash and start the cycle. You immediately determine the main compartment - it will receive water.

Do not know if you can put detergent into the drum? This is not necessary - send it to the powder collector. And a thick liquid gel for washing, pour together with the laundry into the drum - this will protect the branch pipes and cuvette from blockages.

Follow our recommendations, and washing will bring pleasure, and not cares.

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