7 steps of kitchen design in high-tech style

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The kitchen in high-tech style is good for its minimalism and functionality, thanks to which it is available for any budget, both for large and small kitchens. The complexity of its arrangement consists only in not going too far with chrome and gloss and... avoiding the similarity of the interior with the office space. From this material you will learn how to create a kitchen in a high-tech style from scratch, namely, to compose its color range, to choose the finishes, furniture, decor and technique. And here you can get ideas for design and repair from a selection of 40 photos of modern interiors.

Color spectrum

As a rule, the basis of the interior in high-tech style is made in neutral cold shades. Unbeatable basic colors: white, light and dark gray, gray-beige, gray-blue. As accents, you can use any dark colors, as well as a deep blue color, less often - purple, yellow, red and orange.

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Combined kitchen-living room in high-tech style in black and brown

  • For the style of high tech, monochrome or, on the contrary, contrasting combinations of colors are most characteristic. For example, black in combination with white as in the interior on the photo below.

An example of a monochrome color scheme

  • As accents, you can also use all shades of metallic: gold, copper, silver, etc.
  • The ideal color of walls and furniture for a dark, narrow and / or small kitchen in high-tech style is white. It visually expands the space and makes it much lighter.

White kitchen in high-tech style

Finishing and materials


The ceiling should be perfectly even, so the best option for finishing will be a stretch ceiling made of matte PVC linen, which is externally indistinguishable from a quality whitewash.

  • However, the glossy coating will also look harmonious. Moreover, it reflects light and visually increases space. However, keep in mind that the gloss on the ceiling, coupled with chrome, glass and stone, risks making the interior too shiny.

In the interior of the kitchen in high-tech style, a multi-level ceiling, for example, two- or three-tier, is also appropriate. Hinged structures are good because they can hide various communications, they allow you to hide the curvature bases, build a spotlight and visually zonirovat room, say, a working and dining area or kitchen and living room. Most often, to create a multi-level ceiling, use gypsum board and all the same stretch PVC linen.


  • Other variants of the high-tech ceiling finish are: pouring with architectural concrete, facing with a stone (most often using a tile under a stone) or wood paneling (lining, panels).

Walls and an apron

The most safe way to decorate the kitchen walls in high-tech style is painting in any neutral color, for example, white or light gray.

  • Painted walls are good because it is easier to keep them clean. If necessary, the cover is easily updated and, unlike the walls covered with wallpaper, they do not have seams.

However, wallpaper can also become a good background for a "high-tech" kitchen, provided quality gluing, monotony of cloths or minimal prints.

More original finishes:

  • Paneling with wooden panels (mostly partially);
  • Filling with architectural concrete;

  • Facing with a stone (most often, only one or two walls or a fragment is made with a stone);
  • Registration of mirrors (partially);
  • Bricklaying (if you like the combination of high-tech styles and lofts, such as in the interior of the kitchen in the photo below).

As for the apron, we recommend that you arrange it:

  • Tempered glass or skinned (glass with photo printing);
  • Mirrors;

  • Stainless steel panels;
  • Architectural concrete;
  • Porcelain tiles;
  • Ceramic tiles (subject to a concise design);
  • Stone;
  • MDF panels.


The most suitable floor coverings are:

  • A tree or its imitation (a parquet board, a piece parquet, a laminate);
  • Ceramic tile;
  • Porcelain tiles;
  • Concrete;
  • Natural or artificial stone (see Fig. a photo).


If you decide to trim the floor with tiles, ceramic granite, concrete or stone, we advise you to first install the system "warm floor". It will warm any cold floor and make your minimalist kitchen more comfortable.

Of course, the floor should be in harmony with the decoration of the walls and ceiling. As a rule, he either coincides with them in tone or, on the contrary, contrasts.

Add coziness to the kitchen in high-tech style will help and carpet, bed, say, in the dining area. The main thing is that it fits into the interior according to the color scheme and be practical (for example, from nylon).

Kitchen set and dining room

Kitchen furniture in high-tech style has a laconic design, straight or, conversely, streamlined lines. As a rule, it has no decor, but compensates it with the beauty of the texture or gloss. At the same time, high-tech furniture is super-functional and convenient to use.

Kitchen set

The ideal kitchen set in "high-tech" style has solid facades with finishes from precious wood, stainless steel (see. photo), laminated MDF. Also suitable are facades made of glass.


However, the kitchen in high-tech style should not only look like a "kitchen from the future but also have an internal fittings according to the latest technology.

  • All cabinets and drawers should be opened with a light push with the built-in push mechanism.
  • The doors of the modern cabinet should be closed silently and smoothly thanks to the hinges with the door closers (stoppers).
  • Also, "high-tech" hinges can open the doors not to the side, but to lift them up or down.

If the kitchen has an area of ​​more than 18 square meters. meters, then the kitchen set should be supplemented with a table-island. It can be equipped with a minimum of a bar rack, storage cabinets and a hob and as a maximum - a sink, wine cabinet, a refrigerator.

The color scheme of a kitchen set in this style is always with a cold podtonom. Suitable colors: black, gray (and all its shades), silver, white, beige, dark brown.

Another important point - all major household appliances should be built in. This applies to the refrigerator, dishwasher / washing machine, oven, microwave oven, hob, wine cabinet.


Dining group

For a small kitchen is ideal bar counter, compact glass table or a table-transformer, which can from a compact double table turns into a table for 6 people. Chairs can be made of bent plywood, wood, metal, plastic and transparent polycarbonate. The main criteria for choosing furniture for a small kitchen in a high-tech style: laconic design, lightness and multifunctional design.

In the next selection of photos you can get ideas for arranging a dining area in a small kitchen in high-tech style.

Dining table in a small kitchen-living room in high-tech style


If the kitchen is spacious enough, then you have much more options for arranging the dining area. You can choose an easy or, on the contrary, very massive table for 4-8 persons and choose comfortable semi-armchairs with armrests. Well, if the main table is complemented by a bar for snacks and breakfasts.


Of course, the design of high-tech cuisine is unimaginable without modern technology. Here are some tips on how to choose and organically fit it into the interior:

  • All large home appliances must be built into furniture.
  • To save space on the work surface, give preference to household appliances with maximum capabilities. For example, a food processor can be bought with the function of a meat grinder and a juicer, a multivark with functions of a bread maker, a pressure cooker and a steamer, and an oven with microwave oven and grill capabilities.
  • Perhaps, only in the interior in the style of high-tech household appliances is not only a practical function, but also decorative. Therefore, all instruments - from the refrigerator to the toaster, it is desirable to select in the same style and color, for example, in a shade of chrome or black gloss.
  • It is desirable that the technique be "smart with the possibility of voice or remote control through remote control or your smartphone, had touch buttons / sensors (especially important for the mixer) and / or option autostart.


Curtains for kitchen in high-tech style should be concise and functional. Excellent fit the following types of curtains:

  • Roller blinds;
  • Blinds (both horizontal and vertical);

  • Classic curtains (subject to restrained fabric design, strict drapery and length in the floor);

  • Panel (Japanese);
  • Roman curtains;


The ideal type of cornice is a concealed ceiling, with a drive and remote control.


In the design of kitchens in high-tech style it is very important to create the correct lighting, otherwise - even the most beautiful and well-equipped space will become uncomfortable and uncomfortable. At the same time, it is light that will help to correct some shortcomings of the interior and bring a sense of comfort to it. Here are some secrets how to make high-tech kitchen lighting soft and pleasant:

  • In the daytime there should be a lot of natural light in the kitchen, so take care that nothing interferes with its penetration.
  • The lighting scheme should be thought through long before the repair to hide all the wires in the stitches, under the hanging ceiling, floor covering or furniture.
  • Exactly calculate how powerful should be the artificial lighting of your kitchen. Then, according to the data obtained, distribute several small light sources around the room. For example, you can install spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling (in combination with or without a central chandelier) or mount several wall sconces.

  • Keep in mind that lighting the kitchen with one central light narrows the space and makes it uncomfortable due to sharp shadows.
  • The working area should be illuminated by furniture LED lighting. However, the lamps can also be installed on the ceiling - just above the countertop or closer to the inner wall, but not behind it, so that during cooking the culinary expert does not obstruct his back with light.

  • With the help of light, you can zonate space. For example, by hanging a beautiful chandelier or hanging directly above the table, you separate the dining area from the working area.
  • With Led-backlight you can create the effect of soaring in the air kitchen furniture as shown in the photo below. To do this, simply stretch the LED strip along the base of the headset. Also, LEDs can highlight niches, cabinets and shelves.

  • The design of high-tech luminaires should be a laconic and simple or emphatically futuristic. The most "high-tech" materials are: glass, wood, metal and plastic.


In the kitchen in high-tech style, there is no place for an abundance of decor, but this does not mean that it should not be at all. Otherwise, the interior will seem uninhabited and boring. Here are a few accessories and jewelry that will not spoil the aesthetics of high tech, but will bring a feeling of coziness into the atmosphere:

  • Indoor plants and flowers in strict flowerpots. Especially suitable are bamboo, callas, orchids, succulents and other naturally "minimalistic" plants;

  • Clock;
  • Black-and-white photos in frames;

  • Abstract, graphic and other conceptual pictures and posters;
  • Compositions of vases, possibly with decorative filling;
  • Figurines;
  • Dishes with fruit.

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