The Gilex pump is a well-known brand of the Russian manufacturer.

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In the line of engineering, pumping units are the basis of many processes. The Gileks pump of Russian production is used in water systems for various purposes. The manufacturer is constantly expanding the range of devices, providing user requests.

Gilex Product Features

At the end of the last century in the city of Klimovsk was launched a new modern plant for the production of pumps with its own scientific department and design bureau. The tasks for the employees were ambitious - to create equipment that is not inferior in functionality to the best world models, but to be adapted to Russian reality.

User requirements:

  • wide range of performance;
  • reliability of pumps;
  • maximum protection and automation of the process;
  • Tolerance to uneven voltage in the electrical network;
  • the possibility of repair "on the knee
  • affordable cost.

Gilex pump for 20 years of production development has become a recognizable and in demand brand. We present the main types and characteristics of the brand.

A feature of Klimovsk pumps is their adaptability to operating conditions. So, sewage pumps are used in watering systems, for pumping clean water. Wells can work as deep wells. Jumbo is a series of universal devices.

Pumping sewage and household waste

If you need to remove water from the cellars and pits, wells and ditches, you need equipment that can pump small slurries, without hammering the working body. Drainage pumps Gileks are designed for pumping sewage. Specificity of work is due to the body, which is not subject to destruction in an aggressive environment. At the entrance there is a filter, which prevents clogging of labyrinths of pumping. The pump is not suitable for operation in sub-zero temperatures and can not pump the liquid above +40 C due to the possibility of overheating of the motor.

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Submersible pumps Gileks 110/6 series "Drainage" have a sealed housing in which the motor is installed. The float switch automatically switches on when the camera reaches the preset level. Drainage submersible pump filters allow particles of up to 5 mm in cross section. The pump creates a head up to 6 meters, swinging up to 110 l / min, from a depth of 8 m.

The device can be used to supply clean water from wells and wells. A 10 meter long cable is included.

"Drainer Gileks 170/9 refers to the middle class in terms of capacity. Gilex 220/14 is the most powerful, with a capacity of 220 l / min. The pumps are equipped with float switches, self-lubricating bearings and a service life of up to 10 years.

If the apparatus is equipped with a built-in chopper instead of a mesh, then the fecal pump Gileks is in front of us. On performance and pressure distinguish 3 modifications:

  • Faecal 200 - 10, pump in a plastic casing, capacity 200 l / min, head up to 10 m;
  • Faecal 150 - 7, in a metal casing with grinding up to 35 mm;
  • Faecal 150 - 6, the body of plastic.

All Gilex pumps in this series have float switches, can be used in irrigation systems using a variety of water basins.

Pumps for water supply

To supply water from wells and wells, the manufacturer has developed a separate direction - pumps "Vodomet". In this case, there are series for individual directions:

  • Water cannon - for servicing wells;
  • Water meter A - borehole pump;
  • Veteran "Chastotnik" - multi-stage pump, accumulator and automatic maintenance of parameters in the discharge line for several points of analysis;
  • Water cannon with floating working wheels for wells with turbid water.
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For the wells, the water meter PROF 55/35 is often used. This device is manufactured with the maximum allowance for domestic water supply. Materials of high corrosion resistance, a design that involves universal use, engine protection against voltage drop - all taken into account by the developers.


The Gileks 55 pump is equipped with vertically movable multi-stage circulation wheels. The engine is used with oil cooling, asynchronous, with a rotor on rolling bearings. Durability of the coupled parts provides special ceramic bearings, a special engine design uses a labyrinth washing motor to cool the stator. The pump lifts water from a depth of 30 meters with a suspension of up to, mm. The device exceeds the vibration and vortex pumps by technical parameters.

The Gilex "Vodomet" pump is not inferior in functionality to the German equipment, it costs much lower.

The same principle applies to downhole pumps. The strainer retards particles up to, mm, preventing clogging the chamber. The internal surfaces are made of food steel. Depending on the parameters of the multi-stage downhole pump Jileks, it can lift water from a depth of 115 meters. The maximum installation depth is 60 meters.

Automatic pumping stations

The peculiarity of the new line of pumps of the manufacturer consists in an integrated approach. The constructed pumping stations include a surface pumping unit, storage tanks and process controllers. Pumps Jilex "Jumbo" - a new line of devices. They are used in pumping stations, drainage and downhole installations. The modified electrical circuit includes a reinforced electric motor, with or without an ejector.

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The device of the pumping station:

  1. A water pump that pumps water from a well, well, or an open reservoir.
  2. Hydraulic accumulator.
  3. Pressure switch regulating the filling of the tank;
  4. Manometer on the discharge line.

The impellers are made only of special plastic that meets the safety requirements. The shell of the cochlea can be made of cast iron, glass-filled polypropylene or stainless steel. The battery is steel, operates under pressure, has a safety nipple.

The inlet system has a non-return valve, as a result, the pump is always under the bay. The pressure switch in the tank gives a start signal when the user selects water. If water is not fed through the motor windings, the motor operation is blocked from overheating.

The station Gileks creates the right pressure in the water system of the country house and supports it in the specified mode.

An important operating parameter is pressure. Drainage pumps with a grid and fecal pumps with a chopper are offered on the market. The cost of all products is lower than classic pumps. In the period under review, the purchase of Jilex Jumbo pumps exceeds other well-known brands.

Operation of pumps

The manufacturer gives a guarantee for the equipment for a period of 1 year. However, an indispensable condition is to follow the operating instructions. If there are any problems, you can solve the problem yourself, knowing the basics of the equipment. There are two visible signs when a malfunction is established easily:

  1. The pump does not pump, but it hums - wear of the working parts, replacement is required.
  2. The pump does not hum, it beats with an electric current - it is necessary to change the capacitor.

Most often, clogging occurs, which is eliminated by cleaning the working chamber and replacing the torn mesh.

Pumps Gilex - video

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