Electric saw Parma for work at the cottage

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Both amateurs and professional workers today can not do without a quality tool. Electric saw Parma has proven itself in terms of reliability and durability. Nevertheless, in order to achieve the best result, some important factors should be taken into account when choosing an electric tool.

general information

Electric saws have a number of advantages in comparison with gasoline models. The main ones are:

  • ecological compatibility:
  • less weight;
  • low level of vibration;
  • produce less noise;
  • Easy to learn and operate.

At the same time, as for any electric tool, an electric saw requires access to a power source. This can become a significant problem when working on large household plots. To other minuses it is possible to carry dependence on weather conditions. In conditions of high humidity and in the rain, the unit may fail. Another feature of chain electropiles, including Parma - the need to make regular breaks in work every quarter of an hour.

The Inkar-Parma plant has been producing electric saws for 10 years. Thanks to high-strength materials, whose characteristics compete successfully with Western counterparts, and Also, prices that are several times lower than European ones, Russian production of saws is in demand among consumers.

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Modifications of Parma-M and Parma 2-M

Power, simplicity and low price are the three main advantages of the Parma-M electric saw. Perm masters worked hard on the device, ensuring reliability and stability of work. It is widely used in forestry enterprises and workshops. Possessing a relatively high power of 2 kW and a sturdy casing, the saw will definitely last you a long time.

Unfortunately, this model does not apply to modified ones. There is no mechanism for automatic lubrication, as well as protection in the event of a slip of the hand. Picture of old model Parma saws you can see below:

Thus, despite the quality of assembly and monolithic construction, these two drawbacks do not allow inexperienced people to safely and productively work with a saw.

In a more advanced version of the 2-M, the manufacturer took into account the shortcomings of the previous model and finalized them. The Parma 2-M electric saw has a chain brake mechanism, which significantly increases the safety of work with it. There is also a button for protecting against unintentional starting and a fuse in case of sudden power surges in the network. Automatic lubrication of the saw unit is also a plus of the model 2-M.

The engine power of 2000 W and the design of the working chain make it possible to use a tool for logging in small volumes, for all kinds of carpentry and carpentry and sawing wood in any direction.

Nevertheless, both models have considerable weight. The complete set weighs 9 kg, so unprepared hands at the beginning will be hard.

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Manual and technical data

The complete set includes instructions. Electric Parma is easy to learn and use, so you can use it right after acquaintance with a simple manual.

Do not forget to tighten the chain in a timely manner, since automatic braces in the versions M and 2-M are not provided.

We recommend you also get an extension cord, the regular cord is rather short. For carrying all types of electric Parma are loosened with a hexagonal wrench. Having removed the tire, you can easily transport it, a lot of space does not take the kit.


Always place the unit on the unit before starting. We recommend also to disconnect it from the power supply for the time of inactivity and interruptions in operation.

Technical characteristics of the saw Parma 2-M:

  • weight of the set - 9 kg;
  • working voltage - 220V;
  • automatic chain brake - yes;
  • power - 2000 W;
  • length of the tire - 40 cm;
  • number of links - 57;
  • automatic lubrication - is.
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An electric or gasoline saw?

The answer to this question is quite simple. If you plan to harvest forests on an industrial scale, and also work in conditions of high humidity, then you should choose the option on gasoline. Such saws are more powerful and allow working almost without interruption for several hours. In addition, they are mobile in comparison with electric ones.

The electric saw is ideal for working indoors. It costs an order of magnitude less and does not require as many car care procedures as petrol.

Parma saws are perfect for any summer work. To fire wood for kindling a bath, or to cut a tree, up to 35 cm thick, will not be difficult. Take care of the power source with the extension cord, and also fill the oil tank in time, from which the lubricant will be distributed automatically. If you monitor the condition of the instrument and protect it from the rain, it will serve as faith and truth for many years.

Testing of chain electropyle video

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