Error codes for refrigerators Indesit: decoding, reasons

Modern refrigerators are equipped not only with electronic control, but also a self-diagnosis system. If one of the parts fails, the fault code is displayed. The errors of the refrigerator "Indesit" (Indesit) and their meaning are indicated in the instruction manual, as well as in our article. Decrypt the characters on the screen, you can quickly find the cause of the breakdown.

Error codes of the refrigerator "Indesit"

First of all, experts advise to restart the technique in order to exclude the system failure. For this:

  • unplug the unit from the mains;
  • wait 10-15 minutes;
  • connect the refrigerator.

If the icons no longer appear on the display, then it was a malfunction. If you seem again, then look for answers in our table.

DTC Reason for occurrence How to fix the problem
F01 The start-up relay does not work (latch). To conduct an inspection:
  • wiring;
  • housing at the time of water leakage, which could get on the relay and lead to a short circuit;
  • correct connection of the compressor;

In case of a malfunction, a motor or an electronic board must be replaced.

F02 The contacts of the starter relay are broken. No connection. What you need to check:
  • main board and connector J1;
  • carry out diagnosis of 2 and 3 pins of the connector with a multimeter;
  • Did the compressor shut down "for rest".

Install a new motor or control board.

F03, F14 The control panel board does not work. Repair or replacement of parts.
F04 The fan stopped working in the freezer compartment. Your actions:
  1. Diagnosis of connector J6 on the main module (on pins 1 and 2 the value in Ohms is measured).
  2. Inspect the wiring for the fan.
  3. Installation of a new fan.
F05 Problems with the control panel. The damper does not work. Retighten wiring to connector J3 on the module. Check the tightness of the Multiflow flap.
F06 The defrost heater does not work. Closed thyristor. Carry out J6 diagnostics with a multimeter. You need to make sure that the heater is properly connected. In case of malfunction, replace.
F07 The heater responsible for defrosting does not consume current. Check J6. Diagnosis of connecting the heater and tray in the distribution box. Measuring the resistance of defrost heaters.
F08 The solenoid valve is not connected correctly. Inspection J8, multimeter measurement of contacts 1 and 2. Make sure that the valve is connected correctly, and that it is turned off while the compressor is running.
F09 The program encountered an error. Changing the EEPROM card, checking the installation.

For appliances Noo Frost: problems with the flap.

For CCZ units: a solenoid valve fault.

In the first case, you need to examine the J7 connections. Tighten the damper wires. Replace the nonworking item.

In the second case, connectors J5 are tested. The valve should shut off the compartment with the temperature when the compressor operates.

F11 In NF models, the fan thyristor was closed in the refrigerator compartment.

Same action as error F04.

Diagnose connector J6 on the main module, measure contacts 1 and 2, calculate the values ​​in ohms.

Inspect the wiring of the fan.

Install a new fan.

F12 The display is not connected to the control module. LED control:
  • Inspection J13, as well as checking 5 and 7 contacts;
  • Install a new electronic or screen board.

For the Ever Fresh system: the diagnosis of J13 and the 4th contact.

For touch panel:

  • wire wiring J13 and 4th contact;
  • Check wiring between J13 and connectors inside the panel.
F13 The fan does not work in the refrigerators NF. Similarly faults F04 and F11.
F15 In the Multiflow system, the thyristor of the heater was closed. Ring J2 and pins 3 and 1. Check heater for short circuit. After that, you need to replace the broken parts.

In refrigerators with static cooling, problems with the fan.

In the Noë Frost system, problems with the operation of the Multiflow heater.

Check the connectors J2, 1 and 3. Make sure the heater is connected correctly, replace it.
F17 For Ever Fresh: malfunction of the vacuum pump. Damage to the valve (AQUA CARE). What to check: J2, 1 and 2 pin. Connect a new pump or board.
F18 Non-working valve AQUA CARE 2. The bell of J2, pin 3 and 4, as well as the valve.
F20 There is no light in the office. Replacing the bulb.
F21 The NTC thermal sensor does not work. Installing the new module.
F22 The NTC air sensor contacts are broken. Inspection J11, 3 and 4.
F23 Disregard of the wiring of the evaporator sensor. Same as for F22, only pins 1 and 2.
F24 The wiring of NTC in the freezer is damaged. Check J11, 5 and 6.
F25 The connection of the NTC evaporator is damaged. Diagnosis J11, 1 and 2.
F26 The wiring of the air sensor is broken. Diagnosis J11, J12, 3 and 4.
F28 The screen module is broken.

The remaining faults are also connected to the control panel. Buttons do not respond to pressing.

Code Which button does not work What to do
F 40 "Start" Replace the module.
F 41 I Care
F 42 Holiday - Holiday
F 43 Ice Party
F 44 Ever Fresh
F 45 Super Freeze
F 46 Super Cool
F 47 Alarm message.
F 49 FRIGO +
F 50 FRIGO -
F 51 CCZ

Following the values ​​of the errors, you can try to solve the problem yourself or tell the master about it for a quick repair. Our transcript will help you make the right decision.

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