How to choose a freezer for home

Freezer cabinet is necessary if it is a question of large volumes of vegetables, frozen berries, fruits and meat. We will find out how the freezer differs from the chest and storefronts, which one is more suitable for home, and we will consider several popular models.

Content of the material:

  • 1Which freezer to choose
    • 1.1Freezer cabinet
    • 1.2Freezer chest
    • 1.3Freezer showcase
    • 1.4Other types of freezers
    • 1.5Scope
    • 1.6Built-in or detached
  • 2Which is better: a chest or a freezer
    • 2.1No Frost
    • 2.2Two-compressor
    • 2.3With or without superfrozen
  • 3Models overview
    • 3.1AEG S92700CNM0
    • 3.2Pozis FV 115
    • 3.3Gorenje FH 401 IW
    • 3.4Atlant M 7184-180
    • 3.5Beko RFNK 290E23 S
    • 3.6Other brands

Which freezer to choose

There are several types of freezers that are designed for home and shops, cafes and hotels. To choose the right one, carefully study their differences.

Freezer cabinet

Externally, the vertical cabinet is very similar to the refrigerator. Its height can vary from 65 cm to 2 m. With its impressive dimensions it occupies very little space.

Inside the cabinet is divided into hermetic boxes. In them, you can store different products, because the smells stay inside and do not mix with each other. Boxes for freezers are made of durable and high-quality plastic.

In the range you can find combined models - with shelves and drawers. It's worth saying that such cabinets are not very popular because of the smells that can be absorbed and spread. Agree, it's unpleasant to get apples with the aroma of fish from the freezer.

The models of such freezers are divided into several types:

  1. Closet with sliding door.
  2. With a dead door. This option can be called standard.
  3. With glass transparent door.
  4. Two-door. The doors open like a cabinet or cabinet.

Freezer chest

The difference between the chest is that it is placed horizontally and somewhat resembles a chest. The top cover acts as the door. The volume of the chest is larger than that of the cabinet, but it needs more space. In freezers there are no sealed boxes, so it is not recommended to store meat and vegetables nearby, even if they are packed. Instead of boxes inside there are trellised containers that can be quickly and easily removed.

Freezer showcase

Freezer showcasehas glass doors. In some models, the doors move apart, while in others they go up. Storefronts are usually used in shops and trading rooms so that buyers can see the goods.

All cameras are divided into medium temperature and low temperature. The former are used for cooling drinks, sweets and dairy products. In the low-temperature store semi-finished products, meat, fish, vegetables or fruit.

The best manufacturers of glass freezers are: Liebherr, Electrolux, Beko, Samsung, Stinol, Dexp, Biryusa, Polair and Beko.

Other types of freezers

In addition to households, there are several more varieties:

  1. Industrial. They are used in enterprises, for ice-cream meat or semi-finished products.
  2. Confectioneries. They store cakes, ice cream and other sweets. Such showcases are available for cafes, restaurants and shops.
  3. Bar. These models are widely used in hotels, offices and bars, thanks to their compact size and quiet operation. The doors can be transparent with glass or metal blinds.
  4. Professional. Such cameras are used in the kitchens of large restaurants. One of the best is Liebher GGU 1550.


When choosing a camera, one of the main roles is played by volume: small, medium or large. But you need to remember that a common and useful volume are completely different things. Especially when it comes to technology with the No Frost system, which takes up a lot of space.

If freezing of large volumes of products is not needed, then a family of several people will have a device of 150 liters.

Built-in or detached

If the cabinet is purchased separately from the kitchen set, the preference is usually given to a detached one. Most often, built-in models can be found among small and medium-sized freezers. Sometimes they are built under the countertop at the level of the dishwasher and washing machine. For small kitchens, this design is a real find.

Which is better: a chest or a freezer

The cabinet will save considerable space, especially if it is small. Of the advantages of such freezers - space saving and airtight containers.

Larya benefits more:

  • blind door;
  • inside does not get warm air;
  • space larya competently organized: you can always see what and where is.

No Frost

The plus of this system is that the camera does not require manual defrosting. Minus - the technique with the Noë Frost system is quite noisy. Another drawback - the design takes the lion's share of the total. The main argument: No Frost dries and dehydrates products - does not work in the case of frosts. Before you send the products to the camera, they are carefully packed.


Many cameras are equipped with two compressors. Such devices are called two-section ones, since there are two independent compartments inside. This is very convenient: if necessary, one compartment can be turned off. For example, in the summer you loaded the boxes with workpieces, by the winter the stocks have run out, and the extra section simply turns off. Excellent economy of electricity.

With or without superfrozen

Superfrost or shock freezing involves switching on the engine 12-14 hours before loading at increased power. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the temperature will drop from -26 to -34 degrees. A large volume of room temperature products will quickly cool and not damage already frozen.

An important factor is the auto-disabling of this useful function. If you do not have it, and you forgot to manually turn off the fast freeze, most likely your camera will have a real "ice kingdom".

Models overview

Consider the popular options that can be found in our stores. It is difficult to make a clear rating, because everyone needs their own functions and parameters.

AEG S92700CNM0

Quite expensive two-compartment freezer. This price is justified by the availability of a wine cooler. On the case you can find a display with temperature indication. Of the features - leave mode. It allows you not to turn off the equipment during the departure. In both compartments, the temperature is regulated. On the body cover with protection from prints - Anti Fingerprint.


  • Dimensions - 5, х54х18, cm.
  • Control - touch.
  • Energy efficiency class - A +.
  • The power of freezing is up to 10 kg per 24 hours.
  • Features: childproof, open door alarm, Frostmatic, No Frost.

Pozis FV 115

The middle-class freezer is compact and simple. In the device there are no unnecessary options or functions - only quality freezing. Looking for an inexpensive option home or to the country? Pozis FV 115 is ideal for you.


  • The dimensions are 54x55x130 cm.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • Energy efficiency class - A.
  • The power of freezing is up to 9 kg per 24 hours.

Gorenje FH 401 IW

The "Combustion" casket has a large useful volume of 380 liters. It is thawed by hand. According to users, defrosting should be done infrequently, because the ice simply does not intend. If the power is turned off, the camera will operate for another 38 hours thanks to the cold preservation mode.


  • The dimensions are 85x70x130 cm.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • Energy efficiency class - A +.
  • The power of freezing is up to 26 kg per 24 hours.
  • Features: shock freezing, autosave cold.

Atlant M 7184-180

The camera from the Belarusian brand is made in five colors: ruby, silver, white, light green and cappuccino. The Atlant model is equipped with a surge protection. This technique will not interfere with even sensitive sleep, because it works almost silently.


  • The dimensions are 68x66x154 cm.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • Energy efficiency class - A +.
  • The freezing power is 20 kg per 24 hours.
  • Features: shock freezing, thermostat.

Beko RFNK 290E23 S

"Beko" is equipped with a convenient LED-display with electronic control. Note the gray color of the freezer, it will exquisitely emphasize the style of the interior in your kitchen. The built-in No Frost system eliminates the need to defrost the equipment. All she needs is proper care.

Of the features - the ice generator. A fairly new function ensures the production of ice for cocktails and other beverages.


  • The dimensions are 60x65x174 cm.
  • Management is electronic.
  • Energy efficiency class - A +.
  • The power of freezing is 16 kg per 24 hours.
  • Features: ice generator, antibacterial sealant.

Other brands

Detailed description of freezers of all brands is an impossible task. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the brief parameters of popular cameras from different manufacturers:

IndesitSFR 167 NF

  • Dimensions - 67x60167 cm.
  • The total volume is 250 liters.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • Energy efficiency class - A +.
  • The freezing power is 30 kg per 24 hours.

How much is: about 20 thousand rubles.

Hansa FZ208.3

  • The sizes are 60х5, х125 cm.
  • The total volume is 152 liters.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • Energy efficiency class - A +.
  • The power of freezing is 10kg per 24 hours.

How much is: about 17 thousand rubles.

Polair DF 120 SF-S

  • The dimensions are 91x63x79 cm.
  • The total volume is 215 liters.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • Energy efficiency class - A.
  • Features: zinc plated casing.

How much is: about 22 thousand rubles.

Tesler RF 90

  • Dimensions - 49h51h8, see
  • The total volume is 88 liters.
  • Type - mini-freezer.
  • Control is mechanical.
  • Energy efficiency class - A.
  • The power of freezing is up to, kg in 24 hours.

How much is: about 11 thousand rubles.

Also, the release of freezing equipment involved brands: Desmon, Derby, Gastrorag, Bosch, Shivaki, Ariada, Nord, Carboma and Stinol.

We tried to answer in detail the question of how to choose a freezer. Following our scheme, you can decide which type is right for you and your kitchen.

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