What is the prewash mode in the washing machine

What is the prewash mode in the washing machine? Many users are faced with this program, but not everyone knows how to use it and what it's for.

The preliminary program is now available in all washing machines. It allows you to take care of clothes more effectively, effectively get rid of pollution. From this article, you will learn how to correctly use the function and select it on the panel.

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    • 1.1Badges on typewriters of different brands
    • 1.2How long does the machine wash?
    • 1.3Big Wash
      • 1.3.1How to enable the function
      • 1.3.2What to do if the prewash does not work

Why prewash

How to understand what it means and what is the purpose of preliminary washing? In order to wash the laundry qualitatively, it is necessary to use not only the basic program, but also the preliminary one.

Some users constantly erase things in a fast mode. This is effective for lightly soiled things. But the clothes with spots and strong soiled so you do not wash. Therefore, the manufacturer provided "Prewash". You can install it before the main programs:

  • Cotton;

  • Synthetics;

  • Gentle and Manual mode;

  • Jeans;

  • Dark things;

  • Baby clothes;

  • Intensive mode.

The mode is not compatible with fast, express programs.

To clean up the dirt on the laundry, the following factors influence:

  • ghot water;

  • xdetergents;

  • mreradic effect.


The preliminary regime enhances the effect of these factors, since it is an analog of soaking. At the same time, the result in the washing machine is more significant than with manual washing.


Without it, the machine will be erased in normal mode. If you still choose an additional mode, be prepared for the cycle time to increase.

Badges on typewriters of different brands

What does each icon mean in the control panel? The designation of all modes on your model can be found in the manual, orin previous articles.

The pre-wash icon on all marks of the washers (LG, BOSCH, Samsung) is indicated identically. This is either the full name of the mode, as in the photo below, or this is the icon:

How long does the machine wash?

Consider how the mode is executed in the washing machine and how long it lasts.

  • Powder for prewash is added to the compartment of the detergent cuvette. Into compartment I. The program is installed.

  • The machine collects a large amount of water, which during the cycle maintains a temperature of 30 degrees. Low temperature allows you to cope even with bloodstains. If necessary, you can independently adjust and set a higher degree.

  • In the process, a powder is taken from the first compartment (I) for the preliminary mode, and the drum starts to slowly spin. Depending on the CMA model, the process can last about two hours.

  • At the end, the water is drained and the new one is taken for the main wash.


Before the beginning of the cycle, fill the powder in two compartments. From one machine will pick up the detergent for the preliminary mode, from the second - to continue washing in the installed program.


What means are suitable for this regime: a powder for washing or a liquid gel? It is recommended to use a powder, since, until the main program begins, the liquid product will drain into the drum.

Big Wash

To get the maximum effect, it's not enough just to throw things into the drum and select a mode. Stick to simple rules:

  • Sort things out not only by color, but also by the degree of soiling.

  • Wash laundry at least once a week. Otherwise, the spots will stick so tightly that it will be difficult to handle them later.

  • Bed linen, things with buttons, turn inside out before putting it in the drum.

  • Clothes with decor and shoes are recommended to be washed in special bags.

  • Check the pockets of clothing.

An important factor is the proper selection of the powder. Use the machine for a specific type of fabric.

To cope with old and complex spots, do this:

  • At firststain stains with a special cleanser or laundry soap.

  • Load into the tank, pouring powder into two compartments.

  • Turn on the prewash and main (for cotton, synthetics).

From the drum you must get absolutely clean things. Do not forget that the chosen temperature of washing depends on the origin of stains on clothes.

How to enable the function

First, pour the powder, then set the usual washing by turning the selector. Now press the button with the "Prewash" icon.

What to do if the prewash does not work

The mode does not work at start-up, and the indicator light flashes? Check that the door is closed properly. Also look, the pause button may have been pressed.

If everything is in order, try resetting the washer, detaching it from the power for 15-20 minutes.

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