Modes and washing time in a Candy washing machine

Almost all the functional buttons in the Kandy washing machine are marked with simple symbols that do not require special decoding. Only a part of the icons in this model can denote special functions that are not characteristic of other brands of washing machines.

When you buy a Candy washing machine, the washing regimes, their selection and start-up are one of the main criteria that excites you. Consider how programs and functions are denoted in common models.

Content of the material:

  • 1Descriptions and designations of washing regimes in the Kandy typewriter: the program table
    • 1.1ALISE CB 103 TR
    • 1.3CANDY C2 085
    • 1.4CANDY CDB 134 SY
  • 2How to choose washing mode in the washing machine

Descriptions and designations of washing regimes in the Kandy typewriter: the program table

Usually, the operating instructions explain all the symbols from the control panel of the Kandy machine. If the user's guide is lost, and the names of the programs in a foreign language, difficulties arise when selecting modes.

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We offer detailed descriptions of the prevalent modes characteristic of many models of SM Kandy.

Notation Explanation The approximate time*
Function "Aqua Plus". When selecting a mode, you install an additional rinse. + 30-40 minutes.
Intensive washing. 170 minutes.
Delayed start. 1-24 hours.
Rinsing 30-40 minutes (depending on the type of tissue).
Taz and the letter "P" on it Prewash. 170 minutes.
Three coils Mode designed for clothing made from natural wool. 55 minutes.
Pelvis with number "32" Quick wash. 32 minutes.
Cloud and arrow going down For strong fabrics. 70-170 minutes.

* This and the following tables give an approximate duration. For the exact time, see the instructions for your Candy model.

In other models of Kandy washing machines, the programs are not much different, but there are exclusive functions only for a certain range of styaroks. Consider these modes, going through the popular models of this brand.


Symbol Explanation The approximate time
Superstyrene button.

Only for cotton and synthetics!

By pressing this key, you cut any mode for 50 minutes.
Super-rinsing. Function for people prone to allergic reactions to powders. With this function, the powder remains thoroughly washed out. + 30-40 minutes (depends on the type of tissue).
Rinsing. 30-40 minutes.
Air conditioning, aromatization, fabric softening and vigorous spinning. -
For spots with organic origin. -
Only draining (for fabrics that can not be wrung out). 4 minutes.


Symbol Explanation The approximate time
Washing in cold water. Designed for delicate fabrics that do not tolerate hot water. about 50 minutes.
For sportswear. about 70 minutes.

Express laundry. The whole cycle of washing, rinsing and pressing takes less than an hour. You can load up to 2 kg of laundry.

For not too dirty laundry.

44 minutes.
Express laundry. The requirements for laundry are the same as for the program "44 . 32 minutes.

CANDY C2 085

Symbol Deployment Wash time
Mix & Wash System. Program for joint washing of different types of fabric, for example, cotton and synthetics. This mode significantly saves electricity. The program lasts almost 3 hours at a 40-degree temperature.


Also in Kandy machines, the choice of programs is made according to the type of fabrics. The designations for all models are the same as in the figure below.

In the CANDY model HOLIDAY 084 DF, the "Wool" button is indicated by the following symbol:

How to choose washing mode in the washing machine

Before you install the program you need, prepare to wash:

  1. Sort the laundry according to the color and type of fabric. It is not superfluous to sort by the volume of things. Wipe small and large items separately to avoid imbalance of the drum.
  2. Treat stains if they are.
  3. Plug the machine into the network and start the "Start".

  1. Put the laundry in the drum.
  2. Pour and pour the detergent into the cuvette.
  3. Select the desired automatic mode with the selector wheel.
  4. Turn on the start button of the program.

When selecting automatic washing, no need to set the washing time, temperature, spin speed and other parameters. In all auto modes these functional moments are already programmed by the manufacturer. The main thing is to make the right choice of regime, given the type and color of the fabric.

Now you know how to set up a Kandy washing machine. Successful washing!

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