How to make a gas refrigerator propane own hands

Rather long history of refrigeration marked by the appearance of various types of household refrigerators. Among the existing structures can be found household absorber - gas refrigerator.

Refrigerator models on gas do both stationary and mobile. Their relatively simple design does not exclude the possibility to create a device with your hands. To make the gas refrigerator, you need to study its structure and working principle, agree?

The article describes in detail the construction and assembly of the propane cooling cycle technical as well as turn instructions for assembly and rework various modifications refrigerators gas.

The content of the article:

  • Apparatus propane refrigerator
  • The principle of operation of the refrigerator on gas
  • How to make the gas cooler
    • A step by step process of remaking "Sadko"
    • Examples homemade assembly
  • Alternative makeshift design
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Apparatus propane refrigerator

Absorption principle of operation - the basis of refrigeration, which could run on propane.

Considering the gas cooler and the principle of its operation, it should be emphasized: in the absorption refrigerator propane removed modest gas heater function. The main components of the absorption process in the construction of domestic refrigerators are usually ammonia and water.

absorption refrigerator

It looks like the rear wall of the absorption refrigerator. This is one of the oldest models of devices that are suitable for modernization - conversion to gas fuel instead of electricity

Ammonia acts as a refrigerant, and the water acts as absorbent.

Gas model in simplified form contains the following process modules:

  1. Gas heating module.
  2. Generator (or more precisely - the boiler).
  3. Capacitor.
  4. The absorber (absorber).
  5. Evaporator.

Gas heater heating is carried generator content. generator module is used for receiving and feeding ammonia vapor weak ammoniacal solution to the absorber.

The capacitor module is used for cooling the ammonia vapor prior to the condensation temperature. A module called "absorber", functions as an ammonia scavenger. Evaporator gas cooler is a cold generator.

The principle of operation of the refrigerator on gas

Process refrigeration cycle starts with a gas burner heating a concentrated water-ammonia solution. Due to the lower boiling point agent is ammonia water boils faster. The process of formation of the concentrated vapor refrigerant which enters the condenser.

Here, the ammonia vapor is condensed, and liquid ammonia already tends towards the evaporator, where due to heat from products effervesce, forming a vapor-liquid mixture.

Driving absorption machine

Block diagram showing the principle of the absorption refrigeration machine. As used herein the generator heater gas burner. However, in fact, the heater may be virtually any type of (+)

Scheme absorption refrigerator also provides for operation of the device, which is called "reflux". This module is installed at the outlet from the boiler and is designed to receive a weak water-ammonia solution during the partial condensation of the saturated vapor.

This weak solution is collected in the absorber. There also sent saturated ammonia vapor-liquid mixture from the evaporator, where absorbed. Then the cycle is repeated.

Heater absorption refrigerator

Absorption refrigerator, prepared under modernization. There dismantled protective metal panel, removed heat insulator (mineral wool layer) removed heater. There was only a sleeve on the tube siphon

Most of the absorption of domestic refrigerators are equipped with electric heaters. For example, such models can be noted refrigerators "Sadko", "Jack Frost" and others.

However, the electric heater is quite possible to replace any other heat source, including a propane torch, heat radiator and even the smoke chimney. Therefore, select models of the absorption technique is theoretically quite possible to use for the establishment of their own hands the refrigerator on gas, operating continuously.

How to make the gas cooler

A relatively simple method of manufacturing the gas cooler, as already mentioned, seems to use as the basis of your life spent absorber. To bring to the "mad" same model "Sadko" or "Frost", eliminate enough of the structure electric heaters installed in the system.

Instead dismantled heating elements need to implement a gas heated by setting the heat exchanger design and propane torch.

Connection to the gas cooler

Theoretically the idea of ​​absorption executable gasification apparatus, acting before the heating by an electric heater. Thus seen direct connection of the gas burner (+)

Fortunately for creating mobile device model absorption refrigerator "Jack Frost" the fourth release of DB-30 series. Dimensions of the housing structure 450 * 400 * 405 mm, weight 15 kg.

freezer temperature when operating at full capacity design can easily reach 10-12 ° C with a minus sign. No wonder among the artisans, designers had the idea to remake the electrical heating, replacing it with a propane heater.

However, the idea with a gas fridge dubious, and in confirmation of this there are a number of reasons. Thus, the absorption process takes almost twice as long to generate the cold than an ordinary compression refrigerator.

From the viewpoint of economy, the design is seen not quite rational, considering the need to expend much gas for a minus 1 ° C temperature for homemade embodiment. Nevertheless, the design concern regarding the possibility of implementing the idea is quite high.

A step by step process of remaking "Sadko"

Electrical heating elements "Sadko" cooler arranged on the tube of the siphon. This structural element (siphon) is located in the rear wall of the lower part of the apparatus. Field of the siphon is closed metal housing, under which there is a heat insulator layer (rock wool).

Removing the electric heater

There is shown the process of opening a protective metal panel on the rear wall of the absorption refrigerator. As can be seen, under the panel and the insulator layer is an electric heater, which is required to dismantle

Initially, the designer-lover requires the following steps:

  1. Put the refrigerator in a convenient place to work.
  2. To dismantle the protective casing on the rear wall.
  3. Remove insulation material.
  4. Remove the heating elements with a siphon tube.

It should be borne in mind that completion of their own hands here without risk. absorption refrigerator system is filled with ammonia and hydrogen at a pressure up to 2 atm. Sloppy dismantling of parts of the system and electric heaters can cause depressurization of the system, that it is dangerous to health. Caution must be exercised.

The next step is an amateur designer is to install a heating system operating on propane. That is necessary in the siphon tube mount module, which would be carried out by heating in the combustion gas. Heat the tube open flame is not allowed.

Means need to make a heat exchanger. This may be, for example, a massive copper block, which is integrated into the gas-burner.

Heat exchanger for a gas burner

Option modules manufacturing heat exchange placement under internal gas burner. Such a module is secured tightly to the siphon tube refrigerator instead dismantled electric heater

Production of gas heating systems mandatory organization provides complex protection from overheating. Work "Sadko" siphon heating temperature range of the refrigerator is 50 - 175 ° C. Based on these values, consider switching circuit on and off the gas supply when heated.

For circuits with electric heaters used in absorption models refrigerator thermostat Series T-120. But this device regulates the heater, taking into account the temperature of the evaporator.

Regulator burner

Regulator gas burner, which can be embedded into the design of the module from the heating gas. This is just one of a number of automation devices which need to equip the gas cooler (+)

Gas burner with automatic control device - this is a slightly different system. If the refrigerator is propane done taking into account the long-term use, will have to do a full automatic.

That is, for example, to control not only the heating temperature of the heat exchanger, but also maintain the flame control and monitor the gas pressure. We should not forget about the fuse system.

Examples homemade assembly

Examples of self-made designs on gas absorption chillers, which would point out the long-term operation, could not be found. There are only experimental options, often started but unreported completed.

There are also examples of the assembly, when the refrigerator on gas going their own hands under the simplified procedure.

Homemade gas cooler

One of successfully completed construction of improvised refrigerator on propane. Such "self-made" products on Ineta can be found in sufficient quantity

In a simplified embodiment of an assembly used propane tankWhose output is connected the hose directly to the burner direct action. The burner was fixed to the chassis of the absorption refrigerator and the working nozzle is directed directly to the siphon tube.

Ignition burner made by hand. Thus, without any automation, purely by "hand feel" operating controls the heating temperature of the siphon.

The results are disappointing. During the manual operation of the gas appliance heating for 12 hours in the freezer was obtained maximum temperature lower threshold - is not lower than + 3 ° C.

Thus, the test absorption refrigerator on propane, made with their own hands under the simplified scheme, showed an extremely low efficiency of the gas system. Moreover, according to the gas flow, this embodiment producing a cold ( "Sadko-T") is unreasonably expensive.

Alternative makeshift design

The meaning of the assembly structure of the gas is lost yet and because the old factory structures of its kind in the domestic performance of almost none. Gas refrigeration to the absorber (Russian production) - is basically for industrial uses, large, heavy, complex equipped with gas equipment.

Industrial absorption refrigerator

EXAMPLE industrial gas absorption installation. When a relatively small gas consumption (Registered industrial) the absorption refrigerator showing high efficiency

Therefore, a more attractive alternative is considered to homemade gas refrigeration. This modern mobile compact cooling system in a series of thermal containers and similar developments. Any of these systems covers the need for cooling, which burdens the fans outings.

The use of the plant model

It is with the purpose of cooling and storage of products in terms of outdoor recreation people are trying to gather his own hands on the gas refrigerators. The range of modern mobile refrigeration is huge

The price of the device is quite suitable. Most likely, the purchase of, for example, the brand refrigerator Comfort, Will cost the sum of several times less than the cost of the modernization of the old system of absorption.

At the same technical characteristics of modern compact refrigeration equipment in fact comparable with the same parameters "Sadko". A temperature range looks more attractive (up to -18 ° C).

Refrigerator Gas Cell

More than a successful alternative to the self-made constructions of gas refrigerators. Convenient, mobile, compact unit Waeco-Dometic Combicool, operable from three different sources of heat

Finally, there is the opportunity to buy real operating on propane industrial refrigerator imported. An illustrative example - the universal machine of the German manufacturer, sold under the brand name Waeco-Dometic Combicool.

Mobile refrigerator design provides cold during operation of one of three energy sources, including from the gas cylinder.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile refrigerator which can run on electricity and gas:

A short video overview Autorefrigerator brand Dometik:

Conclusions from the entire history with the construction of a "free" in all respects refrigeration derive unambiguous. The only reason for the assembly of the gas cooler in the home - is the desire to do something on their own.

Often the fun of their own success overrides any innovation world-wide. However, modern factory model more reliable and safer.

You have experience of creating a gas refrigerator? Or use the purchased units absorption type? Please share your opinion and leave comments. Contact form is located in the lower block.

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