Universal Silicone Forceps with Aliexpress

In order for food not to burn, it must be constantly stirred and turned over. Usually, spoons, forks, paddles, and sometimes even hands are used. But this is inconvenient, food may slip off the appliance or even leave a burn on the arm. What to do? What device is best to turn the food?

Forceps is a universal device that can turn absolutely any product, including meat and fish. In addition, the tongs are very convenient to stir the salad, as well as get the products from hot oil or boiling water.

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Silicone tongs will help during serving. With their help, you can beautifully put fish, meat and even seafood on a plate just before serving. As you can see, silicone forceps are quite versatile.

Advantages of silicone forceps:

  1. Simplicity. Even a child can use forceps.
  2. Security. Due to the size of the forceps, the hands are at a sufficient distance from the pan. Therefore, there will be no more burns on the hands.
  3. Wear Resistance. The forceps material perfectly tolerates any temperature and does not collapse with time.
  4. No scratches on the dishes. Silicone is not able to scratch the plates, frying pan and other devices.
  5. Versatility. Tongs can be used for turning food, for mixing salad, and for serving. They can replace several instruments at once.
  6. Comfortable to hold.
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Silicone tongs will be great helpers in any kitchen. But for how much you can buy them? In the online stores of Ukraine and Russia, this product costs 359 rubles. Great price for such a versatile fixture.

However, on Aliexpress site, these same forceps can be bought for only 77 rubles. For this, you can take several forceps. After all, this device will definitely need in any kitchen.

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Characteristics of silicone forceps:

  • material - stainless steel, silicone and nylon;
  • length - 27 cm;
  • color - red, orange, lilac, green, blue, violet.

As you can see, silicone tongs will be useful in every kitchen. But you need to buy them only directly from the Chinese manufacturer. After all, the characteristics of Chinese and domestic goods are completely different.

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