Which buy remote for TV

Due to the presence of a huge amount of technology, it is not easy to find a suitable one. The original TV remote is more expensive than a third-party product. The first version fits into the range from 650 rubles, the second - up to 500( not all functions are available).But spreading 3000 rubles for the pleasure of admiring the manufacturer's logo is expensive. We will discuss the choice of the remote for the TV to watch movies, saving money.

What are

remote controls? There are boxes with buttons that send an infrared signal to TVs. Let us turn to interesting options.

One remote for TV and home cinema

Home theater owners recommend universal remotes for TVs. To encourage people to spend money on equipment, manufacturers produce devices to control the technology of a single logo. For devices scattered around the rooms, there are adapters on the radio frequency for sale( as opposed to the infrared control panel) - the walls make their way without difficulty.

Remote control for TV and home cinema

Remote control for TV, requiring registration

You heard about Magic Motion from LG: you can move objects around the screen, conveniently, you need to register. Here is the sequence of actions, if the old one is lost, I had to buy a new TV control panel:

  1. The former remote is registered, the TV may not accept the new one. Reset the settings by pressing the Back key - for 5 seconds.
  2. Try to register the control panel by pressing the “OK” wheel for 5 seconds. Emitter direct to the TV.
  3. The procedure failed - take the remote control to the side, press Home, Back for 5 seconds.

Before trying to register again, the TV must be turned off, then on. If there are several TVs in a room, you can control it with one remote control. It is allowed to register one device on all devices: you can walk around the hall, play with several TVs with one remote control. If it says about the loss of the remote, the TV, then the modern device can let you know about the new location of the update server - notify the police.

Universal Remote

Universal Infrared Remote

The basic parameters of the remotes are similar. Inside is a semiconductor LED laser emitting a high-coherent beam in the direction of the receiver located on the TV.In order for a signal to carry information, you need to modulate it - one parameter changes. Phase one, working with her is uncomfortable. The amplitude changes( there is a signal - there is no signal), the period between pulses.

Digital Signal. We code the infrared signal with zeros, ones - they are denoted differently. Most devices use modulation types:

  • In the first case, the leading edge is at the beginning of zero, falling in the center of the clock interval. In the unit, the opposite is true. At the beginning of the interval - silence, an infrared radiation pulse appears in the middle.
  • Null, one coded by a pause between pulses. The pulse duration is the same. At zero the pause is short, the unit is long.
  • Null, one coded by pulse duration. The pause is the same. Zero has a short pulse, unit has a long one.

Three types of modulation used in control panels. For convenience, led illustration.

Infrared signal of the

remote control Red shows the period of infrared oscillation by the remote control. Each company has an individual protocol. The word issued by pressing a button consists of an address, a command. May follow in a different order depending on the protocol. Philips first has the address, the first type of modulation. Sony has the command, then the address, the third type of modulation. Now you know the reason why the TV remote does not fit the other when working on the same frequency.

At the receiving side, the signal is decoded. The likelihood of one TV from the other remote control - is minimal. In nature, there is an analyzer for decrypting protocols, commands, addresses. It is designed as an expansion card for a personal computer. Produced by National Instruments under the name DAQ.Interesting, but more significant is the choice of the right remote.

Created a universal device. The control panels are equipped not only with TVs, but also with home theaters, stereos, air conditioners, fan heaters. Now you can force to listen with the help of a remote control at a price of about 500 rubles. The device in addition to the emitter of infrared waves has a receiver: the developers laid the opportunity to train.

Manufacturers of the consoles supplied the timer on which to perform tasks. By setting the exact time( non-volatile memory inside), the user can use the acquisition as an alarm clock.

It is possible to record a macro with a duration of up to 15 commands with the definition of the interval between adjacent ones. Devices with infrared control in the house can be controlled by one universal remote control. Aim in the right direction, the amplified LED makes the equipment work with a slight deviation from a straight line.

At the right moment, the remote will turn off the heater, start your favorite song, turn off the TV - an extraordinary convenience. The infrared receiver of the universal remote signal from the existing remote control in the training mode. The received beam is decrypted, the information structure is revealed. The signal is recorded, emitted when the button is pressed. Program the necessary functions - there will be a place in memory for other household appliances.

Using the

universal control center Suppose there is a market nearby, but we do not trust local merchants. There lies the original( seemingly) control panel, worth 3000 rubles. Only 500 on the market! Buy a universal remote control, check at home.


universal consoles Go to the market, train the acquisition of cheap product teams. Does the television work at home? Congratulations, go shopping. It is desirable that the seller did not see the manipulations, the control panel did not change. Leave at the observer point.

You can think of many options! Friends have the right remote, the store is expensive. Go visit, teach a new acquisition, come home, use. Advantage: from one device you can control your home theater, music center. If the manufacturer has a fantasy, the universal remote will have a device selection button. Without getting up from the sofa, the owner will manage the home park of household appliances.

Examine the protocols in detail:

  • starting sequences;
  • addresses;
  • commands;
  • modulation type.

It is possible to assemble the TV remote control with your own hand. To study the tone of the package will help fee, the name indicated above.

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