Heater Mixer Made In China

In the list of household duties, washing dishes comes first. However, many of us try to avoid this activity, especially in the absence of hot water. Most often, gardeners face such a problem when central heating is not equipped in the houses.

However, it is not necessary to torment your hands with ice water. The instantaneous heating valve is able to bring water to a temperature of 60 degrees in just 2-3 seconds with the help of a special heating element.

In domestic stores you can easily find a water heater for the garden. One of the main advantages of this product is its compact size, in contrast to bulky boilers, which literally “eat up” not only electricity, but also free space in the room.

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Instantaneous heating tap has a simple temperature control, which even a child can handle, and always provides fresh water. The device is suitable for any sink, and its installation does not require special skills or the presence of a professional plumber. In addition, manufacturers of compact heaters promise economical power consumption - the minimum power of 3 kW.The spout of the crane rotates 360 degrees.

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In Russian hypermarkets and online stores, prices for instant heating taps depend on power - on average from 2,000 to 4,000 rubles. Many gardeners prefer not to overpay and order mixers on the AliExpress website, where a wonderful device will cost about 1,500 rubles at a discount. The difference is small, but taking into account the free shipping, there is still a benefit.

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A mixer with a heating element from China also gives out hot water in three seconds and maintains the temperature for 30 minutes. Stainless steel parts ensure durability. The length of the wire is 1.5 meters.

Reviews note a small feature of the device: the lower the pressure, the higher the temperature. It turns out that the faucet is ideal for a country kitchen, but there is no sense in installing it, for example, in the bathroom. Bright LED-display shows the real temperature of the water, the set includes instructions in Russian.

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Let's talk about the shortcomings. Some customers received damaged products during transportation( temperature control knob broken), which indicates insufficient strength of materials. Perhaps this is the only "minus" of the mixer. More than half of the reviews on AliExpress are positive, so you can safely recommend a valve with a heating element for the garden to order directly from China.

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