Several ways to wash out traces of grape juice

Grape juice contains natural dyes that are very difficult to wash off clothes. However, if desired, this can be done. So do not be afraid to get dirty juice, drink it for health, and in which case, use the following tips.

Removal of grape spots with boiling water

You can use the boiling water to wipe off fresh contamination left by grape or grape juice. It is necessary to heat a small amount of water, pull on clothes and pour boiling water over the stain. After a few seconds it will disappear.

It is better to do this procedure together, but if there is no helper nearby, then you can pull the fabric on a small saucepan and pour it with hot water from above.

At once we say that this method is not suitable for wool fabrics, since the wool will sit down due to strong heating. The method is most suitable for cotton clothes and for blended materials. Fresh juice is best made from them in this way.

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We remove the old stains

For obvious reasons, it is hardest to wipe off completely dried stains left by grape juice. However, there are several ways to handle them.

  • Not too old a spot can be washed with soda. Dissolve a spoonful of soda in a cup of warm water and treat the soiled area with this solution.
  • Wipe the red and blue stains with a swab dipped in liquid ammonia. They will disappear as the dyes of the grapes dissolve in alcohols.
  • A spot on light-colored clothes will be easier to wash off if you soak it in milk or whey.

The old, ingrained stain that grapes left behind, try to wash off with petrol soap. It happens that after washing on light clothes remain blue and blue-violet stains. With cotton and linen clothing, they are removed by boiling with a persol. Hydrogen peroxide, which is abundantly wetted by the fruit trail, also helps.

Colored clothes will save glycerin and egg yolk. They must be mixed in equal volumes, apply to the stain, rub lightly with a brush. Then be sure to rinse the cloth with warm water so that no yolk remains.

If not completely natural grape juice got on clothes, it will be washed off with ordinary soap solution. Just don't let it dry out much. Soak in warm water in a timely manner, then wash.

A special composition of their own hands

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Another way to remove the stain from grapes is to prepare a mixture of 2 grams of citric acid( regular lemon juice from a bag) and a tablespoon of ethyl alcohol. The mixture should be slightly heated. To be precise, the temperature should be 40 ° C.

Apply a cloth with this compound, then rinse it in warm water. After that, dilute ammonia in water( 1: 3) and wash them with contamination. Finally, add a little vinegar or a pinch of citric acid to the glass of water and rinse the cloth. This procedure will completely remove traces of juice.

Removing stains from furniture upholsteryJuice is absorbed, and the stain will be easier to withdraw. Usually for furniture there are special stain removers. For those who have not yet acquired them, it may be advisable to treat it first with alcohol and then with acidified water.

The same can be done if you drop grapes on the carpet. Raise it, blot the stain, and then treat with a stain remover or home remedy as described above.

Suggested methods may help remove other fruit stains. The fact is that many fruits include similar coloring components. They change their color under the action of certain chemicals, for example, under the action of an alkaline substance soda becomes blue. If the clothes are very expensive to you, then you can take them to dry cleaning. Traces of fruit there will be well deduced by special means.

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