Choose the best electric grill for price and quality.

  • Types of Electric Grills
  • Subtracting Types of CreeksBut, it is seasonal! Therefore, for lovers of barbecue, an electric grill for the house will be an excellent alternative to a charcoal grill. The choice is now simply huge, and before going to the store, it would be nice to study theoretically what is which.

    We will help you with this by describing in the article the differences in this technique in terms of functionality, the materials from which they are made and we will present you the rating of electric grills for 2017-2018.

    Types of electric grills

    They are of the following types:

    • Stationary
    • Portable

    The first thing that begins the search is the choice between a stationary or portable grill. Both have their advantages.

    Stationary electric grills, as a rule, more powerful, heavy and reliable. Plus, they are large, and you can cook a considerable amount of food on it right away.

    But, they are completely immobile. That is, take it with you to visit will not work. And sometimes, you really want to do it!

    No, of course you can take it with you. But, you have to drive it by car. But the portable version can be carried in the hands, while not straining too much.

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    Subspecies of grills

    After you have decided on what kind you prefer, you need to choose a subtype. They are divided into:

    • Contact
    • Contactless

    This means that the first one is in contact with the products, and the second one is not. That is, the contact electric grill presupposes a grill on which it is laid out directly, for example, meat, and the non-contact version is equipped with spits.

    Which one to choose is difficult to say. On practicality, of course, the first option is better. Judge for yourself: either wash one surface after cooking, or, surface plus skewers.

    Moreover, the second option limits you in portions. Too small or large piece of meat or fish on the skewer can not be placed. And on the pin - you can put anything you want!

    But, these advantages overlap with one big minus: the crust from zazharki in the contact does not come out single and solid, but “striped”.That is, your meat will not look like a real kebab, but it will look like meat on a grill.

    If you are satisfied with this option, then select the contact. If you want a crisp crust over the entire surface - take a contactless electric grill.

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    Types of electric grills

    In addition to the above types of engines, the electric grill for the house can be of different types:

    • Outdoor
    • 101A14AAAAAAAAAAAAAmay splash fat. But, with this form, there is an advantage in that it is possible to fry thin slices of food and they will not dry out excessively. Therefore, they should be placed away from the walls, and next to such a coating that is easily washed.

      The closed type is an electric grill for the house in the form of a press. Here the plus is that it will not splash and the preparation in it is faster, since it is not necessary to turn it over. The product is fried evenly on both sides.

      A minus can be considered that the size of the pieces of food for this type is limited. The lid will not close if cut a little thicker.

      The combined type is the most successful. His cover is removable and you can fry it anyway. But, such models, of course, are more expensive than others.

      Which work surface is more practical

      Usually, they are made of:

      • Metal with non-stick coating
      • Glass ceramics
      • Cast iron

      And here, too, each option has its pros and cons.

      Glass ceramics wash well, but it is very fragile and it is quite simple to break such a technique.

      Cast iron is too heavy, for the price of such grills are expensive. But it fries well and will last a very long time.

      The non-stick metal is good in all qualities, but over time, the coating may be damaged if it is improperly washed such a grill. Strong abrasive such material will not stand and over time, on scratched places will begin to rust.

      Choosing a case correctly

      The durability of such a device depends not only on what material the work surface is made of, but also on the case.

      Plastic cases are quite convenient, because, due to this, the light weight of the product is ensured, not at the expense of quality.

      There are stainless steel cases. But, if the metal layer there is too thin, then over time such a base can be deformed from overheating. A thick sheet of stainless steel is quite heavy and such an electric grill for the house will cost a fairly round sum.

      In general, the best electric grill is one that has a practical body and working surface.

      What to look for when buying

      We want to draw your attention to some important points that will affect ease of use.

      • Be sure to choose a model with a removable pallet. This is important, since it is very inconvenient to just wash the pallet.
      • Do not take appliances with a capacity of less than 2 watts, because, less powerful, they cook dishes longer and as a result, their taste will be worse due to a longer cooking time.
      • Do not use grills equipped with a corrugated tray. It is completely inconvenient to wash them and take more time than washing a smooth pan.
      • It is desirable that the device has the function of protection against overheating. This is also protection against fire, as well as a guarantee that over time the body and work surface will not deform from high temperatures.

      Top 9 best brands

      And finally, let's talk about the most famous and favorite brands of buyers. We present a list in which brands are ranked by popularity, in descending order. This ranking of the best manufacturers in 2018.

      • Tefal
      • Philips
      • Gorenje
      • Zelmer
      • Russell Hobbs
      • Maxwell
      • GFgril GF-100
      • Severin
      • Bork

      And now more about the most successful versions:

      Tefal GC -060-12

      very popular, portable model, working with non-stick coatingsurface. For the price, this is a fairly affordable option.

      Russel Hobbs Family GFX 18870-56

      Model with a press cover, portable, with adjustable legs and non-stick coating.

      Maxwell MW - 1960 ST

      Very inexpensive, compact and convenient electric grill for the home. The only negative is that it is non-separable and it is completely inconvenient to wash it. But the price for many is a decisive factor and therefore it is taken very often.

      GFgril GF-100

      A very modern model, equipped with a LED display and a function to adjust the thickness of the steak.

      Not to say that this is, right, the best electric grills, but they are quite popular. In this article we tried to answer the question of how to choose an electric grill for the house and which is the best in the rating for 2017-2018 year.

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