How to clean a white sofa at home

A white sofa can fit into any interior, such furniture will always look advantageous and stylish, but only if it is immaculately clean, otherwise the visual effect will be exactly the opposite. It is not always possible to preserve the whiteness of the upholstery for a long time, light fabrics are much more likely to need cleaning and care. You can clean the sofa not only with the help of specialized companies, stains can be removed at home, you just need to know how to do it correctly.


First you need to decide on what level you want to use when cleaning. Specialized household chemicals will make it faster and easier to remove stains on light-colored fabric at home, but such products are more expensive and can be dangerous to health if used improperly. Folk recipes are safe and economical, but will require patience and skill from the hostess.

It is also necessary to consider whether it is possible to freely remove the upholstery from the sofa, some models allow you to do this with one hand movement, you just need to unzip it. In this case, removable material can be dry-cleaned or washed at home, following the instructions. Not every sofa upholstery can be washed in a washing machine, because of this, the material may sit down or stretch out, and the replacement will be expensive.

Some experts do not recommend the use of a vacuum cleaner when cleaning upholstered furniture, as this may disrupt the structure of the filler. However, there is no other way to clean the sofa from dust, so you can use a vacuum cleaner, but carefully. It is best to use a special nozzle for upholstered furniture and, if possible, reduce the power of the device.

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Light, and especially white fabrics require constant attention. The sooner you find pollution, the higher the probability of removing it without much effort and expense. In addition, you should at least once a month to carry out preventive cleaning to refresh the shade and keep upholstery in good condition.

Regardless of what means you choose to clean the sofa at home - specialized or popular, do not try to mix together several methods. The desire to achieve a more effective impact can lead to damage to the color or structure of the upholstery, with the result that you have to order a new one. You should also not use a lot of different tools, if none of them help, in this case it is better to dry the material.

Household Chemicals

To date, it is not difficult to find a suitable tool to clean the sofa at home. In this case, you can use as a specialized rubble chemistry for upholstered furniture, and tools for carpets. For light materials, you can find individual options with special instructions on the label. There are several of the most popular tools that allow you to quickly and effectively clean the white upholstery of the sofa:

  1. "Vanish".The principle of this tool is that it is whipped into the foam and is applied to the surface to be cleaned. Foam absorbs dirt, and after drying it must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and the upholstery will be clean again.
  2. Amway. This shampoo for an upholstery fabric as well as “Vanish” should be whipped into a foam, but many hostesses like this tool more.
  3. "5+".This tool was originally intended for cleaning carpets, but with respect to upholstered furniture, it also shows impressive results. Many people note the effectiveness of this shampoo on white upholstery, as it contains bleach in its composition.
  4. Nordland. Under this brand, ready-made foam is available for cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture. It does not violate the structure and shade of the fabric and allows you to remove even old spots.
  5. "Dr. Beckmann. Stain removers of this brand can be used when single persistent dirt has been formed on a white sofa, for example, from grass, coffee, wine, blood, etc.
  6. "Bagi Stichonite".This tool is available in the form of a concentrated spray, which is easy to handle any areas of the sofa.
  7. Powders for dry cleaning. Bulk products can even be used to clean sensitive fabrics that are not resistant to household chemicals. Powder should be scattered on the contaminated surface and wait until it absorbs the dirt, then remove the residue with a vacuum cleaner.

Folk remedies

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With the help of folk remedies, you can clean any stains from any surfaces at home, but you need to immediately know which method to apply. If you make a mistake, you can achieve the opposite effect - the dirt will fall into the upholstery, and it will be much more difficult to clean.

Mud stains

The white upholstery of the sofa quickly absorbs any kind of pollution, whether it is street dirt, household stains or long-term operation results. It is necessary to get rid of such contaminants immediately, otherwise they will be more and more absorbed into the material, besides new stains will be added to them.

To get rid of dirt will allow the usual soap solution. It can be prepared using any soap, powder or dishwashing detergent. You can also buy a special soap "Antipyatin", which will remove even old stubborn dirt. The resulting solution is necessary to process all upholstery, then remove the residues with a damp cloth or sponge and dry the material. In the presence of strong contamination, you can additionally leave the product on the upholstery for 15-20 minutes.

Do not use too much soap in one area, otherwise you will need to rinse the upholstery.

Urine stains

If there is a child in the house, a bedside patient or pets, the problem with stains and the smell of urine on the sofa can constantly arise. In this case, there is also an effective method that will allow the white upholstery to return to its former appearance without harm to its structure or shade.

First you need to dry the stain well so that it does not spread, for this you can use napkins, newspapers or any other paper, you can also use a hairdryer. After that, you need to soap the sponge with household soap or baby soap and treat the stain abundantly. Then, in a liter of water, 1-2 tablespoons of table vinegar or lemon juice should be diluted and wash off the remaining soap with this solution. At the end of processing, you need to dry the material, putting dry matter on the stain and ironing it on top with an iron if the fabric allows it.

Coffee and tea stains

Splits from spilled coffee or tea are especially noticeable on white upholstery, and since this trouble can happen quite often, you need to know how to clean the sofa at home. To cope with this problem, you need only a piece of soap.

To begin with, the affected area of ​​the upholstery should be moistened with plain water, then rub it with laundry soap until a light foam forms. Then use a stiff brush to rub the contaminated area and leave the sofa in this condition for 10-15 minutes. After that, the remnants of soap must be removed with a sponge dipped in water. You can add a couple of teaspoons of salt to it, then cleaning will be more effective.

Wine Stains

Red wine, poured on the white upholstery of the sofa, can also give the hostess a lot of trouble, as it is not easy to remove such pollution. To act with the help of folk remedies should be immediately, as soon as the stain was formed. Otherwise, it dries out and can be removed only with the help of dry cleaning or specialized means.

First you need to blot the stain with tissues or paper so that it spreads as little as possible. Then the still dried spot should be plentifully covered with a layer of table salt and left for 10-15 minutes so that it draws out moisture. After that, the salt is removed with a stiff brush, and the remains of the stain are removed using a mild soap solution.

Fat stains

Fat food can get on the white upholstery of the sofa, so you need to know in advance how to use soft furniture. As in most cases, it is necessary to act immediately, so that the stain is not ingrained, otherwise it will not be possible to remove it with home remedies. To remove excess fat, you need to sprinkle the stain with salt, soda or starch and leave it for 15 minutes. After this, the dry stain is removed using a soap solution and a soft sponge, while it is best to use dishwashing detergent. For best effect, it is recommended to leave the soap solution on the spot for another 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

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