How and what to wipe grass stains on jeans

So nice to have a rest in the warm days in the countryside, drive the ball or just frolic on the sunny lawn! Very often, together with a great mood, we bring home clothes decorated with hardly removable grass stains. Particularly affected by such pollution pants. But how to wash the grass with jeans without harming the fabric?

Why the grass is so difficult to wash

Herbal juice contains pigments, which when dried are converted into resistant paint, especially a well-kept such a natural dye on natural materials. A denim fabric is a natural cotton fabric with the addition of a certain amount of synthetic fibers, such as elastane. That is why the green pigment can not be removed with an ordinary detergent, you have to work a little.

Household chemicals and folk remedies

You can save time and nerves by using factory stain removers. Not bad copes with herbal pigments of the well-known "Vanish".Moisten the cloth, rub the stain with the substance mentioned.

A few minutes later, lock the jeans or scroll through them in a typewriter. If there is no such means, look in the first-aid kit, on the kitchen shelves and prepare the stain remover yourself.

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Boiling water

Fresh herbal juice is very soluble in boiling water. Stretch the cloth over the bowl, generously moisten the desired area with hot water and immediately send the jeans to the washing machine. Choose the highest possible wash temperature.


Wipe off the stain with any acidic solution( citric acid, vinegar, lemon juice, pickled cabbage pickle).Acid must dissolve in itself all coloring pigments. You will need only to get rid of the remains of pollution, having rubbed the necessary places also with soap. After all, jeans can be scrolled in the automatic machine.


Sometimes it is enough to treat fresh contamination with an alcohol-containing substance( vodka, medical alcohol, cologne), leave for half an hour and cover with a usual detergent.


Pour teaspoon of ammonia into a glass of water. Liberally moisten the dirty areas on the pants, after 15 minutes, even rub it with laundry soap, let it leave another hour. Wash in warm water. If after such a tedious and lengthy procedure all the greens do not disappear, repeat again.

Moisten the cosmetic disk with ammonia and try to erase the green prints. Disks change as often as possible. Or mix ammonia with hydrogen peroxide. This method can only be used for light-colored fabric.

Baking soda

Cook gruel out of this product and a few drops of water, treat it with pollution. You can rub the soda with a brush. In an hour, still wash with household soap in warm water.


Dampen the paste with green spots, wait until it is completely dry. Brush off the fabric of dirt, wash in the usual way. One caveat: the toothpaste should be exclusively white, without any additives.

Household Soap

Everyone knows that this is an indispensable tool in the economy and an effective remedy against stains. Rub the soap chips with a grater and stir it in a little water. Apply the resulting mixture onto the dirt, rub it lightly with your hands and leave for half an hour for exposure. After that, wash the jeans in the washing machine.


Stir 1 tbsp.a spoonful of salt in half a glass of water and moisten the contaminated place with this solution. Wait 15-30 minutes, and then wash the jeans in a typewriter.

Wine Vinegar

Housewives use it not only in the process of cooking, but also in order to get rid of persistent pollution. Pour grass stain on jeans with wine vinegar and leave the item in this condition for 1 hour. After the specified time, wash the jeans in the washing machine.

Table Vinegar

If the stain is fresh, ordinary table vinegar will help. Moisten the polluted area with a 9% solution of vinegar and leave in this condition for 1 hour. After that, thoroughly rinse the jeans and load into the washing machine.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This tool perfectly removes old contamination. If you always have a bubble of peroxide "just in case" at home, then you can safely use it to clean your favorite jeans from "green".Put a piece of cloth or a sheet of paper folded several times under the stain and apply it with peroxide. You will not have to wait long - after a few minutes, carefully rinse the jeans and load them into the washing machine.


Another proven way to cope with a grass patch is to stick it with Antipyatin.

Thoroughly rub a dirty place on it and leave the item in this condition for two hours. After the specified time is recommended to machine wash.


In the fight against grass stains on jeans, all means are good. For example, you can pour a stain with regular soda. It is only important that it be without a dye. Leave a soda soaked jeans for 1-2 hours for exposure. Then wash in the usual way.

. White

. This tool can not be used for colored fabric, but it is ideal for washing white jeans. Before use, be sure to read the instructions on the packaging and follow the specified procedure.

Hostess on the note

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  1. Half the success of the fight against any spot depends on its freshness, so try to follow fresh traces.
  2. Do not use green water on green denim prints! Also, you can not rub the stained place, horrible: you just rub the pigment deeper and more dyed fibers.
  3. In order not to spoil your favorite pants, be sure to check how your chosen tool will affect the color of the fabric. Process the invisible area with the prepared mixture, wait for the reaction. The material has not changed color - get down to business boldly! The fabric has brightened - stop, because instead of green spots on the jeans can appear white.

Rest actively, because you already know how to return a decent look to your belongings!

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