Top 15 best pressure cookers

  • VES SK-A18
  • UNIT USP-1095D
  • Maxwell MW-3810
  • Moulinex CE500E32
  • Marta MT-4310
  • Sakura SA-7764
  • Steba DD2 BASIC
  • Oursson MP5015PSD
  • Philips HD2178
  • Vitesse VS-3003
  • Scarlett SC-MC410P02
  • BRAND 6051
  • Cuckoo CMC-HE1055F
  • UNIT USP-1210S

In this segment of the market, different manufacturers sell a large range of similar products, therefore, they cannot do without help in this matter. Here we are talking not only about consultants working in hardware stores, but also about online reviews. For this reason, we suggest you explore the rating of the best multi-cookers, pressure cookers 2017-2018 year. The list includes 15 best models, according to experts and users.


This list is opened by the SK-A18 model from VES.The price of this device varies in the range of 4542-9000 rubles. The capacity of this multicooker is 0.9 kW, and the volume of the bowl is 5 liters, there is a pressure cooker function. Cooking time can be easily adjusted manually.

Benefits of VES SK-A18:

  • Modern Design;
  • Temperature Maintenance;
  • Electronic Control;
  • Removable cover.


  • The coating of the bowl wears out over time, and scratches appear on it;
  • Inconvenient plastic spoon( included in the multicooker package);
  • Iron steamer stand is inconvenient to use.


This pressure cooker is in the middle price segment and is a product of a highly specialized company. This model is popular in the domestic market, becausecombines a slow cooker, pressure cooker and smokehouse. The average price for sale is in the range of 5699-8290 rubles. The power of the device is 1 kW and the volume of the thicket is 6 liters. It can "boast" the presence of a delayed start, maintaining the temperature and the "Steam" mode.

Advantages of USP-1095D:

  • Ceramic Bowl;
  • The longest timer step is 24 hours;
  • Long cord;
  • The body of the pressure cooker is made of stainless steel.


  • When cooking, the display is fogged up;
  • The kitchen "assistant" absorbs odors, which means that the next cooked dish will smell like the previous one;
  • User Guide is non-informative.


This manufacturer of kitchen appliances is popular and has firmly occupied its niche in the relevant market segment. The buyer can buy this model of multicooker at prices ranging from 9,600 to 14,400 rubles. For this price you can buy very modest parameters: power 900 W, bowl for 5 liters, delayed start can be put on for a day, 14 cooking programs.

Dignity REDMOND RMC-P350:

  • Interesting design;
  • In the cooking process, the products do not stick;
  • Easy to clean;
  • The clock in the case works, even if the multicooker is not connected to the mains.


  • O-rings for a long time retain the smell;
  • Not all cooked food using automatic programs meets the promised taste characteristics;
  • Condensate formation.

Maxwell MW-3810

The model from Maxwell deservedly occupies the position of our rating. MW-3810 belongs to a series of budget and can be purchased for about 4 thousand rubles. For this price, the buyer will receive a power of 0.9 kW, a bowl for 5 liters and all the functionality of a pressure cooker. The case of this multi-cooker pressure cooker is made of metal, and the control panel is electronic. The highest delayed start value is 12 hours.

Advantages of Maxwell MW-3810:

  • Spaciousness;
  • Bowl and lid is easy to remove;
  • There is a capacity for cooking food for a couple;
  • Affordable;
  • Modern Design;


  • The control panel may be inconvenient to use;
  • Condensate does not always fall into a special hole;
  • There is no power switch.

Moulinex CE500E32

The cost of this multi-cooker pressure cooker in the range of 5600-11710 rubles, power 1 kW and volume per 5 liters. The bowl has a three-layer ceramic coating. A brochure with the rules of operation and ready-made recipes will help you learn how to use this kitchen device. In this model of multicooker, 21 cooking programs are provided.

Advantages of Moulinex CE500E32:

  • Well-known and reliable manufacturer;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • The case is made of quality material.


  • The handle, located on the lid, squeaks when pressed;
  • Auto Heater does not turn off;
  • Some problems with the power cord;
  • Small diameter steamer.

Marta MT-4310

Also deservedly hit the rating. Domestic consumers have long been familiar with this brand. This model has the following characteristics:

  • Power 0.9 kW;
  • Volume - 5 liters;
  • Bowl coating - ceramics;
  • A set of programs - more than 20;
  • The ability to manually customize the cooking process.

Advantages of the Marta MT-4310:

  • Simplicity and ease of use;
  • Cost Effective;
  • Multifunctional.


  • Poor fixation of the steaming container;
  • Some dishes can burn;
  • Poor-quality plastic from which the cover is made.

Sakura SA-7764

This model is in the mid-price segment and can be purchased for approximately 7,990 rubles. According to customer reviews, this multi-cooker-pressure cooker is not inferior to its competitors, and if not for its price, it could get into the top three best models of 2017.If we talk about technical equipment, the power of Sakura SA-7764 is 1000 W, the volume of the bowl is 6 liters, the casing is made of metal, and the cover of the bowl is karmic.


  • Interesting design;
  • There is a schematic compartment for condensate;
  • In the pressure cooker mode, dishes are cooked faster;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • Accessible menu.


  • Distrust of reliability Sakura SA-7764;
  • Due to the loss of tightness can produce a characteristic whistle;
  • Baking is not good in all cases.


This model is located in third place in our ranking. Its cost is within 7600-7850 rubles. For low cost, the buyer gets a slow cooker and a pressure cooker. The power of this device is 0.9 kW, the volume of the bowl is 5 liters. A feature of this model is the mode of languor dishes.


  • Ability to manually set the cooking time and temperature;
  • Reliability;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Unusual appearance;
  • Enhanced Security.


  • Minor temperature drops;
  • Weight.

Oursson MP5015PSD

“Silver” received a pressure cooker-cooker MP5015PSD from the brand Oursson as part of the review. This device has 8 programs for cooking different dishes. The body is made of metal, the volume of the bowl is 5 liters, and the power is 1.2 kW.In manual mode, you can adjust the cooking time and temperature.


  • Easy to manage;
  • Cooked food is of good quality;
  • There is no unpleasant smell when cooking;
  • The design is all collapsible, so the multicooker is easy to clean;
  • Heats up quickly;
  • The menu is presented in Russian;
  • Convenient when carrying due to capacity with handles.


  • Price - 8799-18800;
  • No display illumination;
  • Bowl often scratched;
  • The lid is not durable.

Philips HD2178

The rating of the best multi-cooker pressure cookers in 2018 is headed by Philips HD2178.This device has a bowl with a volume of 6 liters and a capacity of 1 kW.The body is made of high strength metal, Teflon bowl. The package includes a container for bulk products, a book with recipes, measuring cup. A large number of automatic programs. Buy Philips HD2178 will be in the range of 9180-13990 rubles.


  • The thicket is equipped with a non-stick coating;
  • Touch control;
  • Heating function;
  • A delay of 24 hours is possible;
  • Strict design;
  • The lid is collapsible and therefore easy to clean;
  • There is protection from children.


  • Buyers believe that there may be problems with the pressure sensor;
  • Condensation builds up from the inside;

The main "plus" of all the models presented is that these models are equipped with a pressure cooker function. In this rating, all devices that users will like, both in price and in functionality, are collected.

Vitesse VS-3003

The budget version of the multicooker-pressure cooker is perfect for those housewives who do not want to overpay for premium-class appliances, but want to get an assistant in the kitchen. From the advantages of Vitesse VS-3003 can be identified:

  • power 900 W;
  • bowl volume of 5 liters;
  • electronic control;
  • 8 modes and 24 automatic cooking programs;
  • sound alert of the readiness of the dish.

Included you will find comfortable plastic sudochki with colored lids, a measuring cup and a convenient ladle, as well as an understandable recipe book. VS-3003 has a presentable design, it quickly prepares food. Of the minuses, you can select only the lack of a steaming function, as well as the lack of a soup cooking function.

Scarlett SC-MC410P02

This model has a pressure cooker option. The capacity of the device is 5 liters, and power - 900 watts. The bowl of the device is covered with a special non-stick coating. It is worth noting a reliable metal housing, removable cover, touch panel. Equipped with 11 programs, including steaming, frying. Cooked dish can be left on auto heating. The advantages of SL-MC411P02 include:

  • quick cooking;
  • availability of 11 different programs;
  • does not require special care, easy to clean.

From the minuses we can highlight the absence of the off key, as well as a thin non-stick coating capacity.

BRAND 6051

This multi-cooker-pressure cooker is perfect for young mummies. The model is equipped with a menu for children, and the pressure is adjusted manually. It is possible to disable automatic heating after cooking. The main advantages of the device include:

  • quick pressure relief function;
  • auto heating function;
  • availability of various modes;
  • no drops from the valve.

There are also disadvantages in this model, namely:

  • some inaccuracies in the preparation time, which is indicated in the instructions;
  • drops from the condensate cover fall into the container and onto the work surface;
  • has no capacity for yogurt;
  • there is no automatic saving of modes when turning on the electricity.

Cuckoo CMC-HE1055F

The choice of multicooker-pressure cooker is directly dependent on your budget. For those who have the opportunity to lay out a tidy sum for the purchase of equipment, the premium class model Cuckoo CMC-HE1055F is perfect. In this class, this is the most popular and demanded model, the price for it is quite high, and the reviews are only positive. Able to cook yoghurts, rice, sushi, pilaf, and is equipped with steamer and oven options. Its advantages include:

  • voice accompaniment;
  • good quality recipe book, clear instructions;
  • rich functionality;
  • with steam cleaning function;
  • availability of 3D heating;
  • quality marble sputtering bowl;
  • is a function of languishing foods and delicate steam release.

If you can afford a premium class vehicle, you will not notice the minuses. The high cost of the device will certainly pay off in the near future. A minor drawback, which is not immediately noticeable, is a jerky opening of the lid, a too small font of inscriptions on the technique.


A popular model that includes three functions is a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a smokehouse. It has a fairly spacious bowl - 6 liters, and power - 1100 watts. Here are the following functions:

  • 13 different modes;
  • delayed start option;
  • cold and hot smoked.

In the kit you will find high-quality ceramic cups, designed for smoking and two seals made of silicone. A universal multi-cooker-pressure cooker should be in the kitchen of every housewife who wants to cook tasty and healthy.

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