How to choose a router

Let's start with common phrases, how to work a mill. We will understand in depth in the course of the text, decide how to choose a router.

What is the mill

The area occupied by the mill is extremely large. We give a general description. Milling allows you to select a material in any given way. Promised example:

  1. Old wardrobe( for clothes).It is necessary to remove and throw away the old doors, the hinges have long been loosened. The question arises, what to put in their place.
  2. The answer is obvious: it is proposed to make the doors sliding. Buy hardboard( thin fiberboard) or plywood and other sheet materials, suitable for reasons of strength.
  3. At the edges of the door they are finished with plastic or metal, the main question arises: what to make guides( readers have already guessed that with the help of a router).

simple milling cutter. At first glance, the answer is obvious: go to a furniture store and buy, you don't need a milling cutter. In the capital and large cities, the choice is great. The province will need a router, often sellers consider it unprofitable to transport components. It is better to sell the buyer a new wardrobe.

As a result, we recommend contacting your local woodworking workshop where there is a router. Now we will explain how to make a guide with the help of equipment:

  • Any material is taken, but the blank is easier to find wooden. Pluses abound. First, after finishing work, it is possible to coat everything with varnish and stain, the guideline will be equal in texture to the wardrobe. Secondly, the wooden rail just get the right size, it is cheap. The board is easily processed, difficulties will not arise. It is easy to buy in reserve or file, make using a gauge.
  • Milling cutter cuts wood in any desired way, depending on the shape of the cutter. In the above example, you will need to select two parallel grooves with a thickness under the purchased sheet of plywood or hardboard. The cutter needs a cylindrical shape, without frills and bells and whistles. It differs from the drill in that it cuts not the tip, but the length of the edge. The milling cutter moves along a predetermined path( for example, a straight line), choosing a material.

Milling cutter Makita

Enough two passes to get the desired shape guide. It is recommended to take dense woods( oak, birch) to make the product durable. Fasten the guide to the screws or glue - conveniently. Do not forget to insert the door( if not bend hand force).And that's it!

How does the

milling cutter work? The milling cutter looks like a giant stationery( see the first photo).At the base of the center is a hole where the surface of the part is located. The “seal” itself is lowered with the help of two handles located on the sides. In the center of the spindle with a cutter. The construction manually moves along the plane along the desired trajectory, removing the layer of material to a predetermined depth. To simplify the process, templates, copy discs with bushings( see below), and other guide devices have been developed. The composition as a whole allows to obtain on the surface various indentations of the desired formation.

Types of milling machines are not limited to the description. Known edging, intended for the formation of the ends of the parts. To this end, cutters so sophisticated in profile are marketed that you are amazed. Consider some of the technical characteristics of milling machines.

Options and functions of the

router. Inside the router there is a collector motor with or without speed control. Shaft or through a gearbox rotates the drive with an installation cartridge for the mill. The fastening system is often zatyag, without SDS.Standard spanners with a thin grip are suitable for adjustment. Milling cutters are distinguished by the diameter of the shank cutter: 6, 8, 12, etc. mm. On sale there will be transitional pins, allowing to use not intended for this purpose directly nozzles.

. Operation of the

unit. The rotation speed of the mill motor is regulated by a thyristor circuit that changes the voltage cut-off angle. The average value varies, which varies power. As a result, the rotational speed of the mill collector motor changes. Typical values ​​fall in the range of 20,000 to 30,000 revolutions per minute. Fraser - fast car. When buying, immediately measure the depth of the cartridge. Causes:

  1. When a mill is in operation, loads occur.
  2. As a result, the mount is loosened, the clamp on the shank is loose.
  3. When operating, the cutter can move up or down. The latter is always noticeable. In the first case, if the depth of the cartridge is small, the shank will rest against the bottom, and it will not be possible to determine that the milling cutter is loose.
  4. . The high speed of the spindle rotation of the router provokes the situation: like a cartridge, the cutting tool will fly out in an unknown direction. This will cause serious injury.
  5. If the reserve depth is sufficient, it will be possible to notice the defect in time and stop the rotation.

If the change in the rotational speed in the mill is not very much in demand, maintaining the revolutions at a constant level will give stability to the work. Agree, bad, when the rotation is unstable. The constancy of frezer operation is monitored by a special scheme that reacts to the level of arcing. Availability is described in the technical specifications as maintaining the level of revolutions. Meaning - on the speed of rotation of the shaft depends on the strength of the arcing. The circuit monitors the situation and changes the angle of the supply voltage, the mill speed is restored to the original. Similar options are absent in cheap models.

Much more important is the dynamic brake and a smooth start. These are functions that monitor the absence of sharp jumps at the beginning and end of the router. In addition to the obvious advantages, it eliminates the change in the position of the device. And this is important sometimes, because it is possible to knock down the settings. Dynamic brake allows the mill quickly, but smoothly stop. The rotation speed is high, the spindle can stop for a long time. With a large amount of work, this will greatly delay the process. If this is the case, it is reasonable to choose a milling machine with a dynamic brake.

A smooth start will not allow you to knock down once set position. As you can see, there are three speed control options. Each is worth the money. But the options are not comparable with the working stroke of the router. The device is made so that you need to gradually and manually bypass the entire area. According to the template or according to the staff limiter. Note important things:

  1. The vertical course of the bed is unreasonably limited by the design. In a good router, the lower position is where the spindle almost touches the plane of the part. If the distance is 1-2 cm, it limits the working length of the cutter, which dramatically reduces the technical capabilities of the device. The total stroke length is selected according to the needs. In the above example, 1-2 cm.
  2. A special “fast” screw serves to limit the depth of immersion in the part. Fixes lowering the platform at a certain distance, which dramatically simplifies the work. For example, it is required to remove a recess under the door hinge using a template. It is difficult to measure at each point with a ruler. The limiter does not allow frezer to choose deeper. It remains only to move on the area of ​​the template.
  3. Restriction in selected models is placed additionally on top. The milling cutter takes sideways; with a large machining area, it makes no sense to lift the device above the surface of the part. This is a lost time and often in the way. Restriction from above allows not to think about such trifles when working with a router.

Milling machine

An important point is the mechanism of movement of the bed with a spindle. In this case, attention is paid to the moments:

  • There are two handles on the bit. It is assumed that the master, like the ears of a juvenile hooligan, will take a “samovar” and drive along the desired trajectory. In a good router, the platform play is missing or minimal. Otherwise, the cutter will bite, then break. In view of the high speed, fragments of steel fly to the sides, draw your own conclusions. Snacks cutter due to cutting the entire edge. If at the depth of the device skews sharply, there is a progressive load, leading to dire consequences. On each router there is a lock, fixing the position of the platform at a given height. But in the course of performing some operations, it needs to be clicked off, then, with play, you will have to lose time on stopping and accelerating the engine. Agree, inconvenient. Otherwise, the cutter breaks, dangerous fragments fly to the sides. Finally, the backlash can lead to incorrect shape of the holes: the bevels of the side walls and so on. Please note that as the mill is in operation, a sharp increase in the mentioned negative effects should be expected.
  • The platform should walk easily in length without biting. In a good router, the master has the right to use a single pen of two while maintaining a positive result. If the store found that it does not work, try to find a replacement. Movement must occur smoothly and effortlessly. On some milling machines, the return springs are so strong that you have to press with both hands, achieving the desired. The platform should not fall down under its own weight.

Fraser is completed in different ways. Possible template sleeves that do not allow the cutter to scrape along the border of the molds. Let's explain: let's say you need to remove a rectangular area. To do this, create the desired shape of the template under the router, the frame of any material. The template is valid purchased or self-made, with a set height( from a couple of millimeters to reasonable limits).If you do not put the copy sleeve, the cutter will go over the end of the frame and begin to cut it. As a result, the notch will turn out uneven, the template will have to be thrown out. About hard material blunt cutter.

Sometimes it is useful to choose dust. For example, when cutting stone is required, sawdust sometimes interfere. The nozzle under the vacuum cleaner is added to the kit. It is advisable to take the construction version of the harvesting equipment, but the masters say it is suitable for household appliances.

We do not consider mill manufacturers: marriage is found among recognized leaders, and a good specimen will be found among outsiders.

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