How to store yeast at home

Yeast is a familiar helper for any hostess. Good yeast, coupled with the right ingredients, allow you to make great treats, but they require special attention. How to store yeast correctly?

Storage Rules for Pressed Yeast

The first thing you need to know about yeast of any kind is that they are living organisms, single-celled fungi that have the ability to cause alcoholic fermentation. It is this fermentation that is the reason why yeast dough is able to rise. For this to happen, living organisms must remain intact.

Pressed yeast, on the recommendation of manufacturers, needs to be stored at a temperature of +2 to +4 ° C.In this way, you can extend the life of the product up to 12 days. It is important that he has the opportunity to "breathe", so do not "wrap" it in plastic bags or sealed boxes.

And what to do if in the near future you are not going to prepare anything from yeast dough, but it is a pity to transfer the product? How to maximize the shelf life of an important ingredient:

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  1. Drying. So that it does not disappear within six months, it can be dried. To do this, crush it, manually rub it with flour, roll it into small balls, put it on paper and then dry it indoors at room temperature. Dried yeast can be stored in a glass container covered with a cloth. Do not cover the jar with a lid. Even after drying, the product needs air circulation.
  2. Freezing. Yeast will be stored even longer, up to several years, if they are frozen. To do this, cut the mass into portioned cubes of about 30 grams, wrap in plastic wrap and send in the freezer. Such a method was previously considered detrimental to the organisms of which they are composed, but today it is known that at the same time all the properties necessary for cooking are preserved. By the way, you can defreeze them, leaving for some time in warm milk or water.
Please note, yeast can be frozen only once. Therefore, if you thawed a piece, but did not cook from it, hide it in the refrigerator and use it in the coming days. Any kind of them after long-term storage should be checked for germination. This will help not to spoil the dough, if suddenly the storage conditions were violated.

How to store dry yeast

Dry yeast manufacturers recommend storing away from sunlight and humidity, at a temperature of 10-15 ° C.In this case, the shelf life of the product is about six months. And this is quite enough if you usually use small, portion packs that you buy when you are going to bake something. But what about those who buy for the sake of saving packaging more impressive?

It’s better to store your yeast stock in the freezer, but before that you have to pack it in portions that you usually use for cooking and put it in small, sealed packages. You decide what to use, you can resort to using sachets, plastic boxes or cans.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to preserve such an important ingredient for tasty baking for a long time.

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