How to choose a circular saw

Most modern circular saws are built on the hypoid type. Then we tell about the principle. The tool develops by leaps and bounds. Devices sold 15 years ago are morally obsolete, although they still work. On the quality of the saw cut and the possibilities can not speak. Let's talk about the choice of a circular saw.

What is a circular saw

Consider how the circular saw is designed. This is a separate class of devices that allows for a short time to perform an impressive amount of work. There is the possibility of longitudinal and transverse cutting. Circular saw is called because of the arrangement of the teeth in a circle on a steel disk. The rotor of the collector motor directly or through a gearbox rotates this design at high speed. The photo shows that for circular saws, the number of revolutions is different. In this case:

  1. 2000 - minimum speed limit( r / min).
  2. 7000 - maximum speed limit( rpm).

Data on the number of revolutions of the saw

If we continue the conversation on this topic, in the photo is not a circular saw, but a nozzle for a drill. But on the example in question, simply to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of such a choice. First, the drive: look, it is made on the reverse side, suitable for a standardized adapter, replacing the drill chuck. It is clear that not all products have compatibility, but this is the main thing.

Look: you can not cut on the line. The standard joiner square( see photo) simplifies the process of dividing boards. It is enough to rest it against the edge to get a flat line. From the outside at high speed spinning toothy disk that can hurt the hand. On the inner side of the drive passes in the form of a drill, and therefore, to keep the line is problematic. The configuration of the tandem of the engine and nozzle is such that one-handed operation is not possible.

On YouTube, see a movie where an experienced carpenter is wielding Makita in one right. This is made possible through well-balanced balancing. In the considered Spark similar reception is impossible, since the bulk falls on the drive. As a result, the circular saw blade walks heavily. Included with the nozzle comes with a limiter scale, but in practice the application is not clear.

  • If the cut goes along, it is not always a flat edge. Planed pine boards are sold with bark. Regarding what to put emphasis, so that the cut does not walk, repeating all the bends of the trunk.
  • If you need a cross-section, we forget about such a limiter, since you will not embrace a long board( there is a limit of about 15-20 cm).

It remains only to throw out the indicated limiter from consideration, which is the correct method for solving the problem. It is made of aluminum alloy and bends well when working, due to which the circular saw blade walks harder. A normal carpenter uses the carpenter's square shown in the photo. He presses it with his hand, and the second holds the saw for cutting. The seam is smooth, since there is no place to go for the circular saw blade, you have to go in a straight line.

Possibility of adjusting the sole of the

. Almost all types of circular saws of the modern stage of technological development are based on a hypoid pattern. The gearbox contains gears with an angle of inclination of the teeth 45 degrees, due to which the motor shaft is located perpendicular to the axis of the circular saw. The drive casing unfolds along the master's arm, and free space is formed on both sides. As a result, it is easy to step on the ruler, and saw with your hands. Other combinations are possible. Moreover, additional equipment like clamps is not required.

The modern circular saw has a removable sole surrounding the disk from the inside and from the outside. Due to this, the ruler may be located where convenient. From the photo you can see that the nozzle adjusts the gap of the protrusion of the disc behind the sole, which determines the depth of the cut. But, if in the case under consideration a construction similar to an elevator( shifted on parallel guides), then a book design is used in modern models. On one side of the sole, an axis is fixed, while the opposite one is moved away to the desired distance, due to which the depth of the disk is immersed.

Shoe sole

Now look at the marking: it is 40 mm. This is not the diameter of the disc, but the maximum depth of the saw cut. To find new components will have to do measurements. Since dealers drives are divided by diameter. In the specific case, the required size is 125 mm. This is already clear to the seller, and you can easily find the right product. In general, the diameters of the disks are varied, here are some of the sizes: 165;180;185;190;216;235;335;350 mm. List all sizes is simply impossible.

Hole for drive and sole

Discs for circular saws

The maximum depth of cut depends on the size of the disc of the circular saw. In addition to the outer diameter, the disc is characterized by a landing size. It may be 25.4;thirty;32 mm. For teamwork, adapter sleeves of various configurations can be machined, if the device manufacturer allows this to happen.

First of all, pay attention to the size of the teeth. Large ones are suitable for thick boards, and small ones are used, for example, on plywood. This is convenient when you need to make a couple of shelves for the cabinet. The third size in the marking is the thickness of the steel disk, and for teeth, put down their number. By the indicated feature, we indirectly define large ones and distinguish them from small ones. For example, the company Dewalt sold discs with a diameter of 305 mm. But on the first 32 teeth, and on the other 60. it is clear that the second is suitable for high-quality saw cut, although it will move slower. And, probably, it is possible for them to cut plywood.

For fidelity, we calculate the length of the sole of the tooth, knowing the diameter of the disk. The perimeter of the circle is approximately 1 meter. As a result, we get that a small tooth takes about 1.5 cm. It is too large( for a couple of millimeters), but definitely for plywood. It is clear that it is impossible to cut hardboard like. As for too thin plywood, it is appropriate to cut it with an electric jigsaw, and not a circular saw.

Arrows on the disk

Usually there is a pair of arrows on the disk( see photo), they should coincide with what is marked on the case. This ensures the correct direction of rotation. Otherwise, the teeth will not bite into the wood, but jump out of it. It is required to remember a simple rule: the steep part of the tooth is located on the side where the arrow is looking. Replacement is carried out using keys. Need to block the movement of the shaft. In each case, you need to follow the instructions.

Circular Saw Functions and Options

A circular saw may seem like something extra. If you need a circular saw to perform a large amount of work, taking the drive in the form of a drill and a box with a nozzle is not an option. The ergonomic drive case does not provide slots.

The modern hypoid circular saw easily fits into an elongated pack of suitable size. Its shape, as if specially created to be there. This is convenient, and you do not need to deal with the docking of two devices, because the modern circular saw is a single whole.

In addition, we are able to cut along the ruler, at different angles and the desired depth, which is great. When purchasing, the choice of circular saw should fall on the model with a convenient retractable protective cover. He has a return spring, thanks to her gets back at the end of work. The protective cover covers the disc in the place where it is not covered by the wing. When working you need to move the circular saw on the board, and due to this, the teeth for cutting are exposed. Technical characteristics of circular saws should provide convenient work.

Joiner's ruler

On the casing there is an emphasis for a finger to push aside with a hand, but if we hold the ruler with a shuyet and with a right hand push the circular saw forward, then with what does the flap move away? We believe the answer is obvious: we check the efficiency of the defense and its reaction to the approaching board. Manufacturers of circular saws make a form of a guard different, choose the pleasant.

The handle should not hang out. When using a circular saw, care is required. Careless movement hurts. The advantage of using the ruler to simplify requirements. In the model in the figure, you have to go along a line that corresponds to the point of the body. Its recommended, with a good choice, mark with a chisel, so as not to look again. Otherwise, you have to look at the rotating teeth through the glasses, and the line brings in sawdust.

To prevent this from happening, grab a circular saw with a dust collector. He frankly interferes with work, but it is possible to monitor the quality of the cut.

A purely technical moment concerns the collector motor of a circular saw. Consumable part are graphite brushes. It is convenient to change them in the case when special unscrewing caps are located on the device case. There is a tool without such an option. To replace the brushes of the collector engine will have to disassemble the body, which will lead to loss of warranty. We recommend when choosing a circular saw to choose models with easily accessible electrodes.

How to modify the circular saw under the stationary

The idea of ​​creating a home stationary circular saw is attractive. The device turns upside down. Instead of the table, plywood is used, the cut is made with a circular saw. And then there is the difficulty of fixing the device on a thin sheet of laminated wood. Some users remove the original sole to expand the functionality of the device.

Please note that on such homemade equipment the board must go against the movement of the teeth, towards their steep side. The arrow on the disk points in the opposite direction. In this case, the wood will squeeze to the surface, rather than discard. What will be the key to successful work.

Try to take models that easily work in tandem with measuring tools, because it is not a pleasure to look at crooked sawn boards.

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