What to buy a satellite dish

In Yekaterinburg, the last film projector replaced by digital. Now broadcast a movie from the Internet, to receive advantageous to use a plate. Need a channel to upload packages, the benefits are obvious: no aging tapes, there is no need to buy physical - access rights gives the film company. What type of satellite antenna to buy?

Satellite television and the Internet

You are going to buy a package Tricolor TV - set aside the purchase of a satellite dish. Russian provider includes a set of necessary equipment. TV supports reading card protection of pay channels. Jack is hiding on the side of the face. Most often the receiver is alone knows how to deal with the security card.

Satellite antenna for TV and Internet

Satellite antenna for TV and Internet

The diameter of the satellite antenna depends on the distance of the satellite. Spacecraft are on the circular orbit above the equator, those below the horizon, are arranged on the satellite antenna further. Thicker slice layer on the wave path of the atmosphere, which spoils the quality of reception. The first criterion when purchasing satellite antennae - a spacecraft elevation angle above the horizon.

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We saw a lot of confusing articles, a diameter selected, but did not find the main thing - to explain the results. In fact:

at globe away from the satellite to the antenna it depends on the azimuth of the spacecraft.

Earth spherical shape (the geoid like a pear). Experts call the geoid pear, like a ball. Everywhere on the planet's surface conditions are similar. Plates produced with a diameter of 60 - 120 cm. The lower hanging moon above the horizon, the more you need the antenna to catch the broadcast.

A small satellite dish

A small satellite dish

The diameter of the satellite dish depends on the power of the spacecraft transponder. For French provider Eutelsat - 135 W at Ku band. The satellites launched in the past century and a half times lower power. When choosing a satellite dish diameter guided by the spacecraft's position close to the horizon, find detailed technical information on the transmission subsystem.

Some sites counted, placed a table with the recommended dishes parameters (minimum 90 cm). Spacecraft in the south, are caught in the dish with a diameter of 60 cm. As for the weak transponders, the provisions of the aircraft at the horizon, it is recommended to take 120 cm.

Area antenna defining signal varies in proportion to the square of the diameter. Plates 60, 90, 120 cm differ power of the received signal as 1: 2: 4. transponder signal decreases with distance from the spacecraft on the square law (power density distribution over the surface, the nearly spherical). With Moscow to Eutelsat 36E satellite (azimuth of 182.06 degrees) 38935 km, Yamal 201 90E (azimuth 122.55 degrees) over 40410. The difference of 3.8%, the power attenuation due to the distance - 14.5%. One could assume: stock taken on the atmospheric attenuation and low power transponder.

Satellite antenna with an average diameter dish

Satellite antenna with an average diameter dish

Assume: exactly in the south of satisfied plate diameter of 60 cm. If one neglects several percent difference orbital distance from the selected point on the globe, the curvature of the geoid on a small area, the thickness of the atmosphere will vary linearly. The diameter of 90 cm will need at an azimuth of 135 or 225 degrees. Assume that the plates were calculated power 135 W, then the increase in the area through the fall of the transponder power is linearly dependent in the range of 70 - 135 watts.

The numbers are based on the parameters of the satellite Eutelsat. For 100 W, if the aircraft is exactly on the south, take half of between 60 and 120, 90 cm in diameter. Reliable call provider. We tend to think: operators no time to conduct a calculation or technical staff ignorant. Experimental parameters are checked plates, Complete sets suitable. Complicated? Buy antenna Tricolor TV included.

On the choice of the converters to a satellite dish

Consider buying converter for a satellite antenna:

  1. Today, television broadcasting in the Ku and Ka bands. According to create converters. Selling hybrid, is equally well not catch. Rationally advance to know the broadcast frequency.
    Satellite antenna with a converter

    Satellite antenna with a converter

  2. Providers broadcast in a linear or circular polarization. The first case - the European satellites, the second - Russian, American channels. Converters distinguished by the presence, the position of the dielectric plate inside. If necessary, modify the device.

Circuitry converters - a mystery. The range is divided into smaller segments, each received, decrypted. At the same time can be received from one satellite, most people lack. Converter is combined with any plate, miserable nuance - options for offset antennas differ form the inlet bell (a place where wearing a plastic cap).

Fans catch a transmission cover of the bucket. Doing their own hands converters have not yet learned. When installing the antenna offset understand: true angles right direction will be different from the calculation.

You need to adjust the elevation above the horizon. Converter displaced relative to the focal point of the paraboloid (plates). Unlike proportional to the angle of displacement, which we learn from the passport to buy. With the antenna offset there is no need to lift up converter higher. Wall mounting is facilitated.

The level of offset antenna signal a little more, because the direction of maximum reception is not obscured by the converter, and, Conversely, considerably lower because the surface direction of the axis of rotation symmetry coincides with the point of no visibility satellite. The first difference is small. The second more significant factor depends on the cosine offset angle converter respect to the perpendicular. The greater the distance from the plate center, the worse. The figure is slightly approached, but can be guided.

If using the multifeed on a plate put the flotilla converters, the difference is mitigated. Doubt that offset antenna receives a better standard. Sometimes sell mirror without converters (satellite antenna Lumax-0.6). Just a mirror of steel, not supplied bracket for wall mounting. special satellite antennas sold for moving objects that through the service engine monitor the movement of transport, work out the corners so that to constantly look at the desired point sky. If you wish to buy an antenna for Tricolor TV of similar looking Intellian i6.

Setting beginners seem mysterious, but nothing fancy. Professional device for performing guidance worth 14,500 rubles. Focus (wrench) menu on the TV or receiver.

If the TV does not have built-in card, buy a tuner for satellite antenna - the device, decoding the digital information is converted into a format suitable for display TV. Yield subwoofer. This "tulip», HDMI, another protocol. Buy adapter cable.

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