Choosing the best multicooker Panasonic

  • A little bit about the Panasonic multicores.
  • Pros and cons of the Panasonic multicookers. On the shelves you can find dozens of models and brands. Each of them has its advantages.

    Today we will talk about one of the recognized leaders of household appliances in general and multicookers in particular - Panasonic. Which Panasonic multicooker to choose? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this company?

    We present to your attention the top 10 best models, according to housewives and reviews of repair specialists.

    A little about the multicookers Panasonic

    The Japanese company “Panasonic” has long established itself as a proven and reliable brand. What this company does not produce: TVs, telephones, faxes and printers, video cameras, air conditioners, surveillance systems and much more. The turn has reached the multicooker. Their company Panasonic releases relatively recently.

    Despite the fact that the models are not distinguished by outstanding design, buyers are attracted by the traditional reliability of the brand.

    Panasonic multicookers are more likely to fall in the middle price category, however, the most advanced technological solutions are used here. A set of functions in almost all units does not shine with a variety. But the quality of automatic modes is almost perfect. In Panasonic multicookers there are all main modes, most often used for cooking. Here you can find the mode of frying, steaming, stewing, cooking side dishes and first courses, pastries and some others. There are also functions of delayed start and autoheating.

    Pros and cons of the Panasonic

    multicooker As with any other technology, Panasonic multicookers have both advantages and negative sides. In order not to be disappointed in the choice, you should understand these points in advance.

    Advantages of Panasonic Multicookers:

    • excellent build quality;
    • silent operation;
    • availability of the required set of programs;
    • steaming function;
    • delayed start timer up to 24 hours;
    • unassuming design.

    Almost all multicookers of the Panasonic trademark have some drawbacks:

    • saucepans are covered with a layer of Teflon that is not too thick;
    • bowl does not have a handle for easy removal;
    • no backlight software display;
    • automatic heating function is disabled only forcibly;
    • is a fairly high price, due only to a well-known brand.

    Please note that if the slow cooker does not have the function of a pressure cooker, then it cooks a little slower than a regular cooker. So if you are in doubt which Panasonic multicooker is better, you should choose the model that is more powerful. So dinner is cooked much faster.

    Rating of the best models of

    If you have already decided to buy a multicooker from Panasonic, but do not know which model to prefer, carefully read our review. In it, we have collected ten of the best models with all the necessary qualities.

    SR-DY181 WTQ

    Rather powerful multicooker for a large family. A bowl volume of 4.8 liters with a power of 790 W will allow you to quickly and effortlessly prepare a delicious dinner for a family of 3-4 people. The model has 5 automatic programs, and the start of cooking can be postponed for 13 hours. The ideal solution for those who are not particularly "friends" with technology. The multicooker control is very simple and intuitively clear, the buttons are placed conveniently, there is nothing superfluous.

    Among the shortcomings can be called a rather weak regime "Baking" and the impossibility of frying products. For this process you will have to use the pan in the old manner. Also in the slow cooker there are no currently popular modes "Yogurt", "Morse" and some others. However, at a cost of just over 3,000 rubles, this is quite justified.


    If you want to cook easily and quickly and at the same time are not too low on money, you should pay attention to this model. Reliable and very productive multicooker is quite worthy of its price tag. There are as many as 16 automatic recipes, including the fashionable "Pilaf", "Yogurt", as well as the "Multipovar" system. You can postpone the preparation of the planned meal for the whole day, and the size of the bowl will allow you to easily feed even a large company.


    • 16 automatic modes;
    • delayed start;
    • electronic control;
    • solid power( 825 W);
    • heat support function;
    • built-in clock.


    • on long modes can be quite hot buttons;
    • cooks not too fast;
    • bowl has no handles for extraction;
    • pretty short power cord;
    • no condensate tank;
    • weight about 4.5 kg;The
    • automatic preheat function does not have a separate shutdown.


    Small budget model for one or two people. Such a crock-pot will not please a big family, because the volume of its bowl is only 2.5 liters. Not too much power( 0.49 kW) also does not allow you to quickly cook large meals. But, because of its compact dimensions, the multicooker fits perfectly into the interior of a small kitchen.


    • quickly and efficiently cooks small-volume dishes;
    • has electronic control;
    • 5 firmware and delay the start of the process up to 13 hours;
    • built-in heat retention.


    • not a very diverse selection of programs;
    • compact bowl;
    • there are no pens on the bowl, and there are no backlights on the screen;
    • auto heating does not turn off by itself.


    A powerful enough( 670 W) multi-cooker with a 4.5 liter pan. The model has a small but standard set of functions, and can also keep food warm. The disadvantages of this multicooker are basically the same as those of all models from Panasonic:

    • lack of handles in the bowl;
    • inability to auto-disable the heating of dishes;
    • not too large selection of firmware;
    • lack of 3D heating function.

    But of course, this model also has advantages:

    • is a spacious non-stick coated bowl;
    • good power;
    • delayed start of work and the function of keeping food warm;
    • interesting design;
    • is quite small in weight( about 2.8 kg), which is very good with such bowl dimensions.

    SR-TMH18 LTW

    And here’s another pretty good Panasonic cooker. The model has a spacious 4.5 liter bowl with non-stick coating. The only disappointment is that it does not have pens, like many other models from Panasonic. There are few modes here, only six. But if you study all the functions well, then you can perfectly adapt them to combine. Most pleased with a rather low price tag. The cost of this model is quite affordable even for a not very rich family.


    • spacious bowl;
    • sufficient power, about 670 W;
    • reliable manufacturer;
    • high-quality assembly;
    • affordable price.


    • no display backlight;
    • no handles to safely remove the pan;
    • is not an extensive choice of programs;
    • is missing three-dimensional heating.


    The main difference between this multicooker is the metal case. Because of this, it is certainly a bit heavier than its “brothers”, but it is much more reliable. Panasonic SR-TMJ181 is a multicooker that is quite powerful( 670 W) and is equipped with a spacious pan, sufficient to prepare a full meal for the whole family. It has 10 built-in automatic programs, which is quite enough to provide a varied menu.


    • interesting design and excellent appearance;
    • excellent power;
    • system for keeping food warm;
    • capacious pan 4.5 liters;
    • metal housing;
    • availability of a delayed start timer for 13 hours;
    • affordable price.


    • traditional lack of handles in the bowl;
    • does not have a display backlight;
    • there is no “free” mode in which parameters can be set independently;
    • there is no three-dimensional heating of the bowl.

    SR-TML500LTQ / TML510LTQ

    The cost of this multicooker ranges from 5 thousand rubles. It cannot be said that it fully justifies such a price tag, but its indicators are very decent. There is also a good power of 670 W, and a spacious bowl of 5 liters, equipped with a non-stick coating. Provided as many as 18 auto programs, there is a delayed start for a day, as well as the function of maintaining heat. Management electronic.


    • good power;
    • a good set of automatic programs;
    • bulk bowl;
    • build quality and reliability;
    • not too "beyond the limit" price tag.


    • multi cover is not removable, which can cause some inconvenience;
    • no condensate tank;
    • delayed start may not be used in all modes, but only in some;
    • there is no manual program control mode;
    • bowl traditionally does not have handles;
    • no 3D heating.

    SR-TMS520 KTQ

    The choice of Panasonic multicooker depends on many parameters. It is likely that upon closer inspection you will like this particular model. This is one of the few units that have an interesting design. The body is usually black or has a purple color. Agree, quite stylish. Otherwise, this model is not too different from other Panasonic.


    • five-liter saucepan;
    • traditional power 670 W;
    • 18 firmware;
    • maintaining the temperature of dishes and delaying the start;
    • affordable price.


    • traditionally there are no handles on the bowl and automatic heating off;
    • there is no three-dimensional heating system of the pan;
    • is not possible to enter your own program manually.

    SR-TMX530 WTQ

    One of the most expensive and powerful models( 0.84 kW).It has as many as 20 automatic modes, allowing you to perfectly diversify your menu. This multicooker also provides the ability to make your own settings. If you feel that a great cook is dying in you, this model is for you. Here you can independently enter the time and temperature of cooking, as well as adjust other parameters.


    • excellent power and cooking speed;
    • great set of programs;
    • the ability to set your own mode of operation;
    • excellent design;
    • five-liter non-stick bowl.


    • lack of 3D heating;
    • traditional bowl without handle.

    SR-TMZ550 / TMZ540

    Closes our rating of the best Panasonic multicooker according to customer reviews. More precisely, this position is occupied by two models at once: SR-TMZ550 and SR-TMZ540.They are practically no different from each other, except by weight. Models have as many as 22 automatic cooking programs. With them you can easily master brawn, cabbage rolls, yogurt, various steaks. You can steam and cook compote, fry, boil, simmer and more. There is also the ability to set your own cooking recipe.

    The unit is very easy to maintain, it also provides a self-cleaning function that allows you to quickly and easily clean the lid and the inside of the device.

    This is probably one of the few models in which the bowl has handles for safe removal, and the saucepan can be closed with a separate lid and used as a container for storing food. The kit also provides a variety of add-ons: yogurt cups, a silicone ladle, a double boiler, a collection of recipes designed specifically for this model.


    • excellent power 0.84 kW;
    • capacious capacity for cooking( 5 l);
    • 22 auto mode;
    • stylish design;
    • the ability to set your own cooking mode;
    • function "Multipovar";
    • electronic control.


    • lack of 3D heating;
    • is not a very nice price.

    This concludes our review. We really hope that our advice will be useful to you and you will be able to choose the best Panasonic multicooker.

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