Which refrigerator is better - drip or no frost?

  • The difference between the drip and the Nora Frost refrigerator. The current consumer is much more difficult to determine. After all, the modern technology market offers such a wide choice that the buyer often falls into a stupor. The most intractable dilemma sounds like this: “Know Frost” or a drip fridge? What is better and why?

    To answer this question, let's see what exactly the features of each system are, consider their advantages and disadvantages, and also compile a small rating of the best units of refrigerators.

    The difference between the drip and the Nou Frost

    fridge. Today in the appliance stores you can find just a huge selection of brands and models. However, all of them can be divided into two diametrically opposed groups:

    1. with drip cooling;
    2. No Frost

    Each of the systems has both its advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss a little below. In the meantime, let's see what is the difference between one system and another.

    The principal differences lie in the very scheme of operation of the unit. Refrigerator "But Frost", as the name implies, works "without frost."Although the “frost”, or rather the minus temperature in it, is certainly present, in such a unit you will never see caps of frozen snow and icicles hanging from the freezer ceiling. This is because its design provides for a special air circulation system, which is provided by fans hidden inside the case. With such a cooling system, the walls will always remain dry, which means that there will simply be no place for a snow coat.

    Drip cooling system is completely different. The back wall of this refrigerator is an evaporator, on the walls of which condensate is formed - the moisture released during the cooling of products. After some time, the liquid accumulates so much that the refrigerator begins to "cry."Drops slowly flow into a special pan, from which they evaporate again after a while. The process is cyclic and, in general, practically does not require some kind of user participation. Although, with such refrigerators sometimes an incident happens. If the inside is not wiped too carefully, the drain hole may clog over time. In this case, you risk finding an unpleasant puddle, for example, under a box of vegetables.

    . To make the choice even easier, let's highlight the most significant pros and cons of each system.

    drip system Dignity:

    • Due to the lack of built-in fans, refrigerators with such a system have a slightly larger internal chamber volume.
    • A wide range of models, which means that their cost can vary considerably depending on other parameters.
    • Most of these models are virtually silent in operation.
    • Due to the presence in the design of a smaller number of energy-consuming elements, they are a little more economical.


    • They require periodic defrosting at least 2-3 times a year.
    • With the wrong care, an unpleasant "puddle" can form inside the cooling chambers.
    • After the door is opened, the droplet-cooled refrigerator will pick up the temperature much longer.
    • If you incorrectly adjust the operating parameters, the condensate on the back wall may freeze, and you will have to defrost more often.
    • The temperature in the chamber is not evenly distributed: it is warmer at the top than at the bottom. This must be taken into account when placing products.

    Refrigerators with No Frost

    System Pluses:

    • In contrast to the previous type, the system “But Frost” boasts the same temperature throughout the entire volume of the chamber, excluding specially designated freshness zones.
    • Defrosting such a refrigerator is a necessary, but extremely rare case. It is enough to carry out this procedure only once a year for prevention.
    • This unit does not require any maintenance other than hygienic wiping shelves.
    • No Frost has a record freezing rate for food.
    • Re-gains the set temperature literally several seconds after the door is opened / closed.
    • This system is most suitable for use in freezers.


    • As a rule, such models of refrigerators are a bit more expensive.
    • Due to its design features, the internal volume of the chamber is slightly less than that of the “weeping” brethren.
    • The presence of fans in the cooling system suggests a little more noisy work.
    • As there are more power consuming nodes in the system, it also “eats” a little more electricity.

    Caution! In “But Frost” refrigerators you can sometimes notice a small amount of condensate on the back of the chamber. However, compared to the drip variant, its quantity is minimal and suggests that you kept the door of the refrigerator open for a long time or placed products with very high humidity in the chamber.

    Nou Frost: Myths and Reality

    In addition to these advantages and disadvantages, some prejudices are associated with the dry cooling system. Let's discuss some of them, and find out how the situation really is.

    Unpleasant smells and quick drying of products

    Some housewives believe that due to the air circulation provided by the fans, the products can become “weathered” and dry out a little, and unpleasant smells from fish or onions are spread faster throughout the chamber. This is quite controversial.

    1. Leaving the food open even in the fridge is simply not hygienic.
    2. If you put sharply smelling products in a bag or a special container, no odors will be scary.
    3. Almost all vegetables and fruits are much better stored in the presence of airflow, because high humidity leads to a natural rotting process.

    No Frost does not require defrosting at all.

    This statement is not true. Of course, defrosting “Know Frost” is so rarely needed that one shouldn’t even talk about it. But to do this is still necessary, at least for reasons of hygiene. Thoroughly wash and sanitize a working unit is almost impossible.

    “Dry” refrigerator is dangerous for health.

    This myth is based on the fact that a special, extremely dangerous refrigerant is used for the operation of refrigerators of this type. This is not true. Both compressors and coolant are the same for both types of refrigerators. The only difference is in the use of airflow with the very air that we breathe daily.

    In addition, the features of any cooling system are such that the refrigerant is in a hermetically sealed system and does not affect the environment at all.

    There is no “Frost Know” with large

    cameras Of course, fans take up some space, but it is not so critical. In the end, when choosing a model, you can simply buy a refrigerator higher or wider, focusing on the internal volume of the chamber.

    Refrigerators of this system are very noisy

    On the one hand, this is true. But if you are not too constrained in the means, give preference to newer and more expensive models that are equipped with excellent noise insulation. Such a refrigerator will work even quieter than a drip.

    “But Frost” consumes more electricity

    And this, in general, is not a myth.“Nezamerzayki” really pull more electricity. However, this difference is so insignificant that it most likely will not make a big hole in your budget. This is especially true of models of the current year.

    Tips for choosing and rating the best

    Well, a few more tips for those who go to choose a refrigerator. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, you need to look at the situation somewhat more widely. It is not enough to simply decide on the type of refrigerator. It is also necessary to pay close attention to other parameters:

    • value of a specific model;
    • maximum dimensions of the unit, which can accommodate your kitchen;
    • energy saving level;
    • availability of the “dry freeze” system, if such is needed;
    • internal equipment, the presence of a sufficient number of shelves, drawers and compartments;
    • design solution;
    • availability of door re-hanging system;
    • the ability to quickly and easily get warranty service, availability of service centers.

    We present to your attention several of the best refrigerators by the version of users and experts:

    LG GA-B489 TGRF

    An excellent designer unit, equipped with the latest linear inverter compressor. Able to significantly save energy consumption. The design includes an Opti Temp system that allows you to adjust the optimum temperature of your choice. There is also a zone of zero temperature, allowing for a long time to keep meat and seafood. Extremely roomy and high-tech unit, it works almost silently.

    Liebherr CBNef 4815

    Super economy refrigerator A + + energy class, which can not be called too budget. The model has a mixed type of cooling: drip for the refrigerator and “but frost” for the freezer. It provides for a system of super-freezing and supercooling, protection from children and it is possible to autonomously maintain the set temperature when disconnected from the network for up to 24 hours. It works very quietly, not more than 38 dB.

    Gorenje RK 6201 FW

    One of the good budget models, characterized by increased capacity and high quality. The type of cooling is drip, so the refrigerator is very quiet. It can autonomously keep cold up to 30 hours. There is a built-in air ionizer that allows you to keep food fresh in a choked refrigerator for longer. Class A + energy consumption.

    Bosch KGV39XK23

    Excellent refrigeration unit at a fairly affordable price. Two-chamber refrigerator with No Frost cooling system and useful cooling chamber volume of 257 l. For those who like to freeze food for the future, a spacious freezer for 351 liters is additionally offered.

    There is an additional box of vegetables, herbs and fruits with separate adjustment of the humidity level. If necessary, the refrigerator doors can be moved to a comfortable side, the shelves are made of impact-resistant glass.

    Expert opinion from
    Alexey Yaroshin
    Consultant on the choice of equipment. Experience in Mvideo - 7 years
    From experience as a consultant in Mvideo, I can assure you that they are more popular with customers of the No Frost model. I personally checked out over 100 refrigerator customer reviews. Based on user experience, I made two recommendations:
    • want comfort, you have to pay - No Frost is more expensive, but it’s more convenient than
    • you don’t see the point of overpaying for minor discomfort during defrosting - we buy
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