How to make a cooler bag by yourself

A cooler bag made by hand is becoming increasingly popular. This is a handy thing, allowing you to keep food cold or hot for a long time. For lovers of traveling and just relaxing in nature not far from home, it will be indispensable. The cost of those that the market offers is unreasonably overpriced. And to make such a thing yourself is not a big deal and does not require technological knowledge and high material costs.

Materials required for the manufacture of

It is clear that not everyone has at hand all the necessary materials to create a thermo bag. But it is easy to get them - the main thing is to know what it is. So, in order to have a cooler bag made by own hands come into being, you will need:

  • itself, the bag itself, on the basis of which the final product will be created, by stitching heat-insulating materials into it. If it is not available, you can sew a simple bag of the required size. In this case, it is better to attend to the manufacture of its dense and durable material - jeans, canvas, parachute silk;
  • heat insulation material. In this case, suitable and foam, but it is still better to buy a specialized building insulation, such as polyethylene foam with a layer of glued foil. You can buy it in any hardware store or on the construction market. The quantity( length and width) depends on the parameters of the bag - it should be enough for full trim from the inside, including the lid;
  • double sided tape, which is needed for the initial fixing of insulation to the bag walls;
  • ordinary adhesive tape.

Step-by-Step Instructions

First you need to cut the insulation, in accordance with the specified size of the bag. For this, it is enough to imagine how the bag will look like in a split and unfolded form. It will be a kind of cross. The same parameters of the cross must be cut out of the insulating material and then assembled from it "box".Joints can be stitched or simply secured with ordinary tape.

Then the assembled structure is inserted inside the fabric bag, attached to its walls using double-sided tape. The lid is stitched along the contour, on the ribs the bag can also be stitched. For more convenient use, it is better to cut off the insulation for the cover, and then glue it to the main frame with adhesive tape. This need arises due to the fact that the insulating material is not easily bendable.

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How to make a bag for longer storage of products

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The bag making option described above is the simplest. In order for the thermo bag to keep the original temperature of the products stored in it longer, its design will have to be complicated. In this case, a thermo bag with your own hands is made of a cardboard base and several layers of insulating material attached to it.

So, for the manufacture of such a bag would require a cardboard box of suitable size or personally fitted to them. Insulation will be mounted not only inside but also on the back side of the cardboard base. Thus, the box should be less than the internal volume of the cloth bag.

After the box is prepared, it is glued on the outside with insulation( if it is foamed polyethylene with a layer of aluminum foil, then it is attached with a foil to the outside).You can do this with double sided tape. Then the box is covered with a layer of insulation and inside( it is better to do this in several layers), with foil inside. The last step is to install the structure inside the fabric frame and fix it there by gluing or stitching.

Mini Bag

A self-made fridge bag can be any size - this is the main advantage of making such things on your own. You can make a mini bag - to carry one or two containers with food in it, for lunch at work. In this case, it should be borne in mind that the internal volume should allow to contain there, besides the dishes, also a cooling element.

Cold Storage Batteries

To keep food cold for as long as possible, cooling elements are placed inside the thermo bag. They can be purchased in finished form, and you can do it yourself. This will require a plastic container( for example, bottles of the required volume - depending on the size of the refrigerator).They poured liquid. It is better to use alcohol or brine, the concentration of which should allow the liquid to freeze in the freezer. Be sure to leave a small amount of air in the tank so that when defrosting the plastic does not burst under the influence of the expanding liquid.

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