Smallest microwave

The effect of the microwave on the human body has not been thoroughly studied. This brand appeared in post-war America, evil tongues say that microwave ovens are the best practices of fascist Germany. In fact, whether microwave ovens were considered the invention of the fascists, remains a mystery, but in everyday life the United States these devices are popular. The smallest microwave will fit in a backpack, and if you take a diesel on a hike, then fry a hamburger, by the way, judging by the name, is also a German invention.

Small size microwave ovens

One of the smallest microwave ovens appeared in 2005 and was called Iwavecube Personal Microwave. More precisely, sold under different names. Initially for $ 130, but by 2011 prices had dropped to 100 bucks. The cost of e-bay today ranges from 100 to 160 dollars. The name is different, something similar to the Iwavecube TINY Portable Mini Microwave. For our reasons:

  • products of one company;
  • similar prices;
  • unified design;
  • specifications are similar.

Consequently, there is no difference. And now about the company.

The creators of iCubedInternational, LLC did not bother about advertising. Google does not provide information on the request of this company and the official site is not available. Retaliatory sanctions of Americans to events in the Crimea? I can not believe that a small microwave oven is connected with Ukraine. Other promotional resources are also closed, whose links are in the 2008 reviews, for example,

The smallest microwave oven on the market for 10 years, and a weak Facebook group - everything that is offered to customers. From it it is clear only that the size of a small microwave oven almost fits in a cube with a side of 26 cm, and the consumption is 600 watts. This is not an exorbitant figure, but sufficient to heat a cubic foot of internal space.

Isn't there a little information? In appearance, we add that the smallest microwave oven weighs 5 kg, equipped with a folding handle on the top of the case. I would like to contemplate more information. For this, we visited the YouTube account of the user producing the smallest microwave ovens( /user/ iwavecube).There were 3 videos, briefly retell the content, as the material is in a foreign language. Phil Davis, the designer of the device, says that the microwave oven is wonderful. Indicates that the device is twice as ordinary, but is silent that the size of the depth is less. Interesting technical details are not given, because we add that the touch control panel is placed on the upper edge of the case, near the handle. Let's move on to another model.

Miniature microwave oven with 12 V power supply

If you need a generator for 230 V, this model makes it easier. It is used in tandem with a car battery of high power and capacity. And this is a gadget( it doesn't turn the language to name the smallest microwave oven as an appliance), taken from sales. The Internet is full of pictures, but it is not clear where to buy. About 5 years ago, the product was sold here, and now disappeared from the shelves. We conclude:

  1. The smallest microwave oven is made specifically for cars.
  2. Through the cigarette lighter power is consumed( and issued) 175 watts. Connecting to the battery directly, the rate increases by 3.5 times. This is provided by separate entrances. Accordingly, the kit includes two cords, the first for the cigarette lighter, the second - with crocodiles - for the battery.
  3. Touch control, located on the cover. From this point of view, the device resembles a dishwasher.
  4. Underneath a row of buttons is the inscription Display Window, below it is emblazoned with the large Microwave font.
  5. The design is made in a strict black style. The box looks like a crystal.
  6. Inside there is no circle for rotation. Instead, deepening, so that the products do not crumble around.

Black handle attached on top. The design is so interesting that along the back of the faces there are slots for heat dissipation. If readers did not notice, then the standard microwave ovens access to the magnetron is closed tightly. Do not allow water to enter the place where there is 5 - 10 kV.And the ambulance will not have time. Whether there is such deadly tension inside, and unfortunately, we cannot say whether the construction is dangerous. Even the manufacturer is hidden, especially the model. You will see the video here

The price is £ 90, which is 5,000 rubles for Russian money. Expensive pleasure for warming in nature. In our opinion, the gas burner will give a hundred points odds. And cheaper, and cook food, and the battery does not sit down, and warm up in case of cold weather is easy. Advertising the smallest microwave ovens for cars did not touch. In the USA or England, the situation may look different, but it’s not worth transporting electronics along rough Russian roads. In Russia, cars are scattered on the highway, what will happen to the magnetron? In our opinion, the idea is pro-Western.

And you can’t put it in the garage, for reasons that the neighbors constantly include welding. This will naturally cause voltage surges, and touch control is afraid of impulse noise, but constantly charging the battery is not an option. Would collect personally, either bought a voltage stabilizer, or put a surge protector.

The smallest microwave for USB

According to British researchers, one fifth of workers in the country do not have time for snacking. Not surprisingly, being 75% of the population at the end of a shift is just awful. We do not think that this is a heavy industry, where lunch breaks are specially highlighted. Rather, the conversation turned to people of intellectual work who do not have the opportunity to go to the nearest eatery or stand in a queue near an office microwave oven.

Especially for such hard workers, Heinz developed the smallest USB microwave oven powered by a personal computer, even lap-top babies. Protocols below the second interface issue 4.5 watts. How this energy is used to heat food is not clear. It is known that the model is designed for small cups in which Heinz sells beans. The shape resembles small yogurts.

This plastic cup heats up in 60 seconds. According to experts, only in the UK 22 million people are interested in buying the device. The review authors joke that with the current recession, there are no bonuses to expect, but it’s even worse to be undernourished and to feel like a ruin by evening. Inside the backlight, the gadget size of 15x15x20 cm( the last is the height) looks elegant. You can indicate interest in the product At the time of the creation of the resource there was one prototype, painted on the promotional photo.

The smallest microwave oven is designed to solve nutritional difficulties. We explain that beans contain a sufficient amount of complete protein with an acceptable balance of amino acids.100 grams of dried product is enough for a dense snack. On the plate, however, there will be only five tablespoons. The smallest microwaves correctly target a sporty lifestyle. There are many products on the counter, but the nutritional value of the beans exceeds imaginable options. Not to mention that the amino acid composition of protein is similar to meat products.

Disadvantages of a small microwave oven are obvious - low power. But the USB3 standard is already ready to offer power at three nominal DC voltages, giving a total of 110 watts. And this is decent. The smallest microwave oven for cars described above consumed only 50% more energy, but was already an approximate version of the traditional kitchen version in terms of functionality.

The dimensions of microwave ovens are different. Today considered miniature options. The largest microwave oven - with a 35 liter chamber. Such devices are combined with convection cabinets and equipped with the functionality of a steam boiler. The smallest microwave oven is incapable of this. Conclusion: microwave technology is not at the stage to arouse the interest of the masses of consumers. Marketers have to find workarounds to promote products on the market.

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