Microwave with oven function

Traditional equipment used electricity or gas to warm the cabinet. Forced convection was not provided. It turned out the equivalent of a stove, less powerful. Manufacturers, describing the functions of a microwave oven, indicate a typical grill with a quartz lamp heating. Sometimes there is forced convection. It turns out convection oven. Confusion adds a lack of normal reviews on the subject. What does microwave oven mean with oven function?

Inverter control in microwave ovens

It was possible in the store to see two microwaves, the difference in price 6 times! Differences - in an expensive volume of 27 liters versus 20 in a cheap one, the coating of the inner chamber is made of stainless steel in an expensive device. Works oven in the microwave in both cases. The difference between 3000 and 18000 rubles is palpable. Let's look for differences. It is difficult to find practical instructions. Consider today:

  1. Panasonic NN-CS596S with an average price of 25 tr.
  2. Rolsen MG2080TH in the price range of 6-7 m.

Both models have inverter control. Power smoothly changes, hard to see with the naked eye. The magnetron operates in a microwave oven at negative voltage half-periods( 50 - 60 times per second).When the power delivered to the working chamber decreases, the voltage at the supply transformer disappears. Cooks are sure: the magnetron requires a pulse voltage at the input. Nonsense! Microwave oven with oven function using a principle unknown before!

The operating mode of the magnetron is defined by two field components, electric and magnetic. The alternating electric field produces a change in the magnetic field, a wave is obtained. This is the basis of the work of transceiver equipment, including laser. In the latter case, talking about quanta. The inconsistency, the ambiguity of the views of modern physics. The frequency at which the electromagnetic wave becomes quanta is unknown.

Magnetron works thanks to magnets. Together they create one component. The second is formed by the electric field intensity between the cathode and the anode. The latter in microwaves is usually grounded, the potential is applied to the first electrode, which is heated by alternating current to simplify the emission of electrons. The charge carriers move in a spiral, a wave is formed in the resonators, which is removed by a loop or through a cutout in the wall. The voltage is low - the electrons do not reach the anode, the great - the trajectory is broken. The device has a range of operating voltages, all constant!

What's going on inside a real microwave? The cathode feeds through a rectifier diode. In order not to lose half-wave, it charges the capacitor. At half time, the cathode is under double voltage. In practice - 3.5-4 kV.Voltage in the form of peaks, to generate microwave waves, the magnetron starts only when the value exceeds a certain threshold. Turns off before the pulse dies out. With a constant voltage( 3.5-4 kV), the magnetron would operate continuously, which is more efficient from the point of view of efficiency. It is difficult to obtain a supply voltage of such a large amplitude. In practice, a half-period rectifier is used, added by a capacitor. The scheme is simple.

Students are perplexed at lectures: if a magnetron was fed with a constant voltage, where would the fluctuations come from so that microwave oscillations would occur, amplified by a resonator? The process is generated by the imperfection of the world, as they say in serious old textbooks on electronic devices. The resonator enhances the effects corresponding to the frequency, the desired wave is obtained. Magnetrons differ in shape, size of the resonator. Parameters determine the frequency. Voltage is often supplied the same.

How is inverter control performed? In a typical case, the power is periodically turned off. Hear relay clicks. When the inverter is working, it can finely adjust the pulse duty cycle - the distance between successive voltage peaks. Pulses go often - high power, discharging a period, reduced energy is reduced. An inverter is needed, which makes such a sequence out of DC voltage, supplies it to a transformer. After the process goes like an ordinary microwave.

Low power is easier to get by turning off the power. Read the service manual of the microwave oven Panasonic NN-CS596S:

  1. 100 - 40% reduction in power is achieved by changing the duty cycle of pulse sequences.
  2. The following period of work, equal to 22 seconds, is divided into simple and generation. This includes defrosting and the lowest power mode.

In order to make inverter control possible, it is necessary to know the temperature of the food. An infrared radiation sensor is built in which operates according to the Wien displacement law. Readers will find the mathematical description independently. The hotter the subject, the higher the frequency peak of the emitted spectrum. Inside, the algorithms of the fast( discrete) inverse Fourier transform are used, which are used to derive the current temperature value.

Oven in microwave ovens

In the absence of a casing inside there will be a spray. When the inverter control equipment will not allow food to warm up to cod. Consumers note the lack of the considered inverter furnaces in terms of insecurity before the fat. For the operation of the oven uses a temperature sensor to maintain modes. Food is cooked quickly, frying meat takes 20 minutes. For the oven used lamps from quartz, located near the ceiling. Forced airflow is conducted by a fan, as in convection ovens.

The distinction of the expensive Panasonic NN-CS596S microwave oven in the absence of a rotating table. The technology of creating a uniform field is applied, the principle of the skewer becomes unnecessary. The considered inverter models also work in the normal mode when time and power are set. On a par with touch, where automation. When forced convection is obtained aerogril. This is an advertising move showing the versatility of the device. Panasonic NN-CS596S can work as:

  1. Microwave.
  2. Oven.
  3. Grill.
  4. Steamer.

The last function requires that the generator tank be filled with water. In the Panasonic NN-CS596S microwave oven combined modes, a good effect is achieved.

Oven means baking trays, creating conditions for uniform heating. Without a fan this can not be achieved. Nowhere does it say that there is one in the Rolsen MG2080TH.The difference lies in the presence of trays, without them the device becomes a grill.

Complete set of microwave ovens with an ovenIn the Rolsen MG2080TH, with the exception of the lattice, this is not.

And what else is silent about. When you use the grill, the juice is actively flowing from the chicken, meat, and other products. It must be collected. But not a word about this is said.

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