The principle of operation of the microwave oven

This is surprising, but the principle of operation of a microwave oven differs little from a filling station radar. In the latter case, the useful properties of the electromagnetic wave are used, in the microwave it is just the parasitic effect that is important. Due to the ability of steam and water to absorb waves in the 2.4 GHz range, these frequencies are given to the needs of home appliances. Including rows of microwave ovens. Microwave oscillations are generated inside the device, heating the underlying products. It is curious that the mechanism of energy transfer has not yet been thoroughly studied. It is believed that water molecules convert the energy of an electromagnetic wave into kinetic, due to the rapid movement of heating food.

Harm or delirium about the danger of microwave ovensBy the way, the doctor himself has turned into a female person. So close to the authors was the information about the initiation of a criminal case of associations of manufacturers of household equipment against a group of researchers of 8 people, that they decided to bring the vicissitudes to the readers. Consider first how the microwave works.

The principle of operation of the microwave radiation

As you know, for domestic needs give unclaimed frequencies. Wi-Fi is satisfied with two bands: 2.4 GHz

  • ;
  • 5 GHz.

The frequency of 2.45 GHz is intensively absorbed by water molecules. At a frequency of 2.45 GHz, the water is very hot. For a similar reason, Wi-Fi in the rain does not work. Wave energy is intensively absorbed by water droplets. Another curious thing: at a wavelength of 12.5 mm( 2.4 GHz), an atmospheric transparency window is noted. It means that in cloudless weather it is possible to receive a signal even from the satellite. But as soon as a cloud appears on the horizon, energy begins to be absorbed by water. In food there is a percentage of moisture, even in the croup. Meat, for example, is almost half water. Due to this, the product begins to rapidly pick up the temperature. As a result, we have the opportunity to cook products in microwaves.

The internal structure of a microwave oven includes a magnetron, a resonant microwave wave generator. When between the cathode and the anode, an electric field of the desired intensity occurs, the excitation of the circuit, formed by an intricate vacuum chamber, begins. When viewed in section, it resembles a drum revolver. Chambers evenly go around the perimeter of the circular chamber, connected to the central hole, where the heated cathode is located. The latter is done to improve the conditions for leaving the electrons to the surface. The design is hermetic, in microwave ovens the anode is grounded, the potential( units of kV) is fed to the cathode.

Power is supplied through a transformer, often with a mains voltage of 220 V( 50 Hz).One of the output windings is downward( a couple of turns), from which AC voltage is taken to heat the cathode. The second winding increases the potential to units of kV( for example, 2 kV), through a capacitor and a diode rectifier supplies to the cathode. As a result, the capacity is charged at a positive half-wave. Then the negative cathode gets under the action of two voltages simultaneously. The effect is summed, it turns 4 kV.That's enough, that the microwave started generating.

People are interested in the question of whether the magnetrons of microwave ovens are compatible with each other, interchangeable. Not too bad to make a mistake if we answer positively. The generation frequency of magnetrons is the same, therefore, the dimensions of the resonators are identical.

The only caveat is the supply voltage. It is determined by the strength of the magnets that make up the magnetron and provide the second component of the field, which, together with the electric one, causes the electrons to move as desired. If the power is different, together with the magnetron will have to change the transformer. It would be nice to put the capacitor of the desired capacity, the time constant of the discharge circuit depends on it. Such is the microwave!

These are all secrets. The news is that modern invertor microwave ovens supply not only 220 V to the transformer, but the voltage that is modified as necessary. The nuance concerns the frequency, duty ratio and a number of other parameters. After the transformer the power supply circuit of the magnetron is left unchanged. In order to know what to generate, the inverter takes readings from an infrared radiation sensor located in the housing that measures the temperature of the food. This will allow you to flexibly change modes. Masters are interested in the question of what the inverter does when the old mode is used in new models, where only temperature and time are set. We believe that it works as a repeater or is capable of disconnecting from the circuit through a relay. The latter seems logical.

Peripeties in the safety field of the

microwave ovens People know the story of Hans Ulrich Hertel, but few know that he was one of eight experimenters. What told free sources located behind the cordon. The essence of the experiment indicated that the radiation of a microwave oven changes the composition of food, which quickly affects negatively the composition of human blood. Working for a couple with Bernard Blanc on the basis of the Swiss State Institute of Technology and the University Institute of Biochemistry, the scientist confirmed what was said in practice. Food consumption from the microwave is accompanied by:

  • decrease in hemoglobin;
  • increased class cholesterol( LDL);
  • lymphocyte reduction.

The latter is considered an inadequate response of the body to pathogenic factors and is called lymphopenia in science. Changes are characterized as destructive, for a man, of course, harmful. The full data on the studies were published in No. 19 of the Franz Weber Journal( we assume that in 1990 or 1991).The article discussed the results of research, it was indicated that microwave ovens are harmful to health. On August 7, 1992, the Swiss Association of Household Appliance Manufacturers filed a lawsuit against the canton of Bern, arguing that the research does not make sense and that the findings affecting the microwave principle are false. After six months, the court granted the claim. Blank declined words, but records of the actual state of affairs have already been recorded for a personal signature. As they say, what is written with a pen. ..

By the decision of the Strasbourg court on August 25, 1998, the decision of the Swiss instance was canceled as illegal. According to Article 50 of the Convention on Human Rights, it was decided that the doctor( the former) would be paid the costs, in addition to which Switzerland was obliged to compensate the plaintiff 40,000 Swiss francs. The court expressed the opinion that the problem of microwave ovens should find researchers in order to understand whether it is safe to consume food from the appliances.

If the Association were so sure that the research results were false, they would have conducted the trial in a public manner and refuted the encroachments. But, as usual, a wording was inserted about the futility of research - indeed, who is interested in the lives of billions of people - therefore, no validation was required. It is annoying that the silence scheme is often used everywhere. Readers, at their discretion, verify the veracity of information about the dangers of microwave ovens, the original information led.

What was the experiment that put the Swiss industry on its ears? Experimental people were divided into 8 groups and consumed the following food for 2–5 days:

  1. Raw milk.
  2. Pasteurized milk Intermilk Bern.
  3. Raw milk preheated on the hob.
  4. Raw milk that has passed through a microwave.
  5. Raw vegetables.
  6. Traditional Vegetables.
  7. Vegetables thawed in a microwave.
  8. Microwave-cooked vegetables.

The subjects were bled before meals, then 2–3 times during the day. People consuming foods from the microwave have acquired the negative changes described above. Moreover, the longer the product stayed in the working chamber of the device, the stronger the effect. This is the principle of the microwave oven, considered from the point of view of the Western media! As the saying goes, a fairy tale is a lie. ..

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