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As you know, to get high crop yields you need to fertilize. The best fertilizer is natural organic matter, which includes compost and manure. But they are not always available. In this case, Gumi fertilizer, which has a unique composition of two components - mineral fertilizers and humic acids, can help. The active substances in this domestic product are selected so that plants throughout the growing season get everything they need for rapid growth and abundant fruiting. However, the gardener can be sure that the content of dangerous nitrates in vegetables and fruits will never be exceeded.

Compound of fertilizer Gumi

Humic acids, which are part of Gumi fertilizer, are the basis of humus - a fertile layer of soil. They are in large quantities in decaying organics. Humates are high-molecular compounds with high biological activity. In fact, they are natural stimulants. Scientists have long proved that the application of Gumi fertilizer is capable of:

  • increasing seed germination;
  • enhance plant growth;
  • significantly increase the yield of any crops;
  • increase their resistance to the most common diseases;
  • increase resistance to low temperatures, thereby prolonging the growing season.
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To achieve a greater effect, mineral components are added to Gumi fertilizer - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

The resulting organic-mineral dressing has a balanced composition that allows it to be used throughout the growing season - from seed germination to harvesting the foliage into compost heaps.

Let's take a closer look at how to apply Kuznetsov's Gumi fertilizer most efficiently.

. Form release form and methods of use.

For ease of use, several varieties of this product are available.

Gumi-20 The Universal is applied to all crops at the rate of 0.5 liters per half weave during irrigation. Use 1-2 times per season. Also in a solution of fertilizer soaked tubers of planting potatoes.

Gumi-20M Rich .Vegetables, berries, greens contain 2% nitrogen and phosphorus, 3% potassium, 11 trace elements in easily digestible form and phytosporin-M.Gumi preparation is suitable for greenhouses and open ground. Regular spraying them allows you to provide the plants with all the necessary nutrients and protect them from the most common fungal diseases.

When spraying, the active ingredients of the fertilizer do not enter the soil and do not cause weed growth.

For spraying, the preparation is diluted with water 40 times. For root dressings, 1 teaspoon diluted in 1.5 liters of water.

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Gumi-20M Rich House contains minimal amounts of mineral components, as it was created specifically for potted flowers. For the prevention of disease in the drug added about 1% of phytosporin.

Gumi-30 Universal is made in the form of paste. It is convenient to be diluted in water for repeated spraying and watering of all crops. To prepare the working solution, take 0.5 g of paste per 1 liter of water.

Gumi-Omi Compostin .The fertilizer contains a lot of nitrogen and is great for accelerating the maturation of the compost. It is diluted in a proportion of 0.5: 100 and impregnated with compost mass.

Gumi-Omi Onion-Garlic is specifically designed for these two crops. It fills roots with all necessary and protects them from diseases.

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Gumi-20 Kornesil Kuznetsova consists entirely of natural humic acids and liquid organics. It is a root growth stimulator, reduces the stress of seedlings during transplantation.

Lime Gumi with Boron .It has a minimum of minerals and is used as a mild natural deoxidizer Gumi.

. Methods of using Gumi fertilizer.

. Instructions for using Gumi fertilizer provides several options for using the preparation:

  • soaking seeds( potato tubers) or watering the beds with seeds already sown;
  • watering and spraying seedlings before and after planting in the greenhouse or bed;
  • root and leaf top dressings of garden crops;
  • compost treatment to accelerate ripening.

Thus, Gumi fertilizer is excellent for all types of fertilizing of any garden crops, flowers and houseplants throughout the growing season. The drug gives the plants everything for rapid growth and strengthening of the roots, lush flowering and abundant fruiting, protects against diseases and promotes the rapid decomposition of plant residues, forming a rich mature organic matter for use next year.

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