How to choose an electric heat gun: Selection Criteria

spacious room radiators to quickly warm convector heaters or other impossible. The heat from the devices by natural convection too slowly spreads around the room.

For effective and rapid heating more suitable for electric heat gun with forced air circulation. Powerful fan heater is able to heat up as soon as possible almost any size room.

On the market a wide range of such units, which differ from each other by the type of heating element, housing construction, power and functionality. We will tell you how not to get lost in the variety and choose a heat gun, comparing its characteristics with the upcoming operating conditions.

To buy not disappointed, we advise to pay attention to the trusted manufacturers - overview of brands of heating equipment is presented in the article.

The content of the article:

  • Device types and heat guns
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the unit
  • How to choose an electric heater-gun
    • Criterion # 1: the heating element
    • Criterion # 2: housing design
    • Criterion # 3: Power
    • Criterion # 4: Additional functions
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  • What the manufacturer prefer
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Device types and heat guns

Floor heater (aka "heat gun") - a household or industrial heater having a heating element in addition to the built-in fan. Origin heats the air inside the housing, and the second pushes it to the premises.

Wherein the circulation process takes place continuously and at high speed. And this is due to the high efficiency of heating large areas this type of heating equipment. When working through heater power only 2-3 kW per hour passes about 200-300 cubic meters of air mass.

electric gun

Without continuously operating fan of heat gun would be of little avail, only because he considered the heater as effective and productive

Using thermal heat elektropushki:

  • construction sites;
  • garages and workshops;
  • premises of agricultural and industrial purposes;
  • living rooms;
  • greenhouses;
  • warehouses.

It is also often used for heating or drying of different surfaces: fabrics suspended ceilings, plastered walls etc. Electric heater during operation does not emit exhaust gases and toxins. From the point of view of ecology, the equipment is completely safe and harmless.

Elektropushku heat should not be confused with similar - gas gun or unit diesel. Call them eco-friendly complex. With hot air of which at least comes out carbon dioxide, large amounts of which are dangerous to health.

Electric heaters are spared from this, they, by definition, nothing is burned to produce heat energy.

Extensive range of heaters

Electric heat gun impossible to confuse with the gas, diesel or infrared - in the first two cases, a different energy source, and the second modified heat transfer principle

Infrared heat gun is similar to the fan heater in design and appearance. However, as such a fan it lacks. Transferring thermal energy here is not due to a forced air and by infrared radiation.

That is, in this case the heat is transferred directly to the heated surfaces and objects by means of IR-rays, and not through the air preheat.

Advantages and disadvantages of the unit

Among the many advantages of working only at the expense of electricity a heat gun as follows:

  • the possibility of installation in unventilated rooms;
  • long period of continuous operation;
  • no open flame;
  • availability of automatic regulating with thermostat;
  • obtaining heat immediately after switching to the power grid;
  • no need for continuous addition of a combustible fuel;
  • the use of the gun as a conventional fan;
  • high efficiency for heating large areas;
  • small size;
  • flexibility in terms of placement.

Heater does not emit unpleasant or harmful substances in the air. There simply is nothing to burn. Occasionally when using this device for a short time after the power comes the smell of burning.

This occurs due to accumulation on the heating element and the protective grid dust. If the gun to keep clean, something like that will not happen.

Heat gun in the interior

Fan heater can heat even housing (exhaust gas from his work there), problems can occur only with air drying

Thermal electric gun is able to work without supervision and continuously for several days. It is not required to add fuel. The presence of automation ensures that the room temperature will be maintained at the desired parameters without human intervention.

Heating of the helix, which heats the air in the heat gun, after supplying electric current occurs in a matter of seconds. Heat almost immediately begins to flow to the premises. In this regard, the equipment in question strongly outperforms other options heaters.

Fan heaters are very simple to operate. It is only necessary to prevent the accumulation of dust inside, which when turned on will smoke spirals. Positioning can be on the floor, wall and even on the table. Lineup of thermal equipment is extensive. Option can be found at any location and with any size.

Cons in heater only three:

  • "Burning" of oxygen and "drying" air;
  • high levels of noise when the fan is turned on to the maximum;
  • the dependence of the power supply.

Heated air around the helix at the electric heat gun is dried naturally. As a result, the overall humidity in the room drops gradually, from this it is impossible to escape.

A similar situation with oxygen: it gradually fade from contact with hot air mass heating element.

Of course, this is not the amounts that the operation of the gas or diesel guns. But if the moment is critical, the heater should be chosen not to spiral, and with ceramic plates.

Recent heated to lower temperatures, which greatly eliminates the disadvantages of open spiral heaters. But such models are more expensive.

How to choose an electric heater-gun

Before you go to buy heater, you must be clear about why do we need a heater. If air heating is required occasionally and quickly, the heat gun on electricity like for such ideal conditions.

If the temperature be maintained in the room for a long time and at a constant level, it is best to look for another option, or the electricity bill "please" a huge amount.

A hot air blower in the greenhouse

With the help of a working thermal elektropushki desired temperature range can be stored for quite a long time, but more often the unit is used for quick and short-term heating

Also need to be defined in advance with the necessary capacity (depending on the cubic capacity of the room) and power supply. Powerful industrial and semi-industrial model to work requires three-phase voltage.

If the room there is only a conventional single-phase outlet, and electrical equipment should be selected appropriate.

Criterion # 1: the heating element

Important in the electric heat gun - a fan. But in all the models it is standard. It is difficult to come up with something unique. But with the heating element is to understand in more detail. From his correct choice depends on both security and much power the heater.

There are two types of elements heat the air in the fan heater:

  • helix of alloys with a high resistance;
  • ceramic plate.

The first embodiment is heated up to 300-600 ° C, and the second only to 150 ° C. However, due to the smaller area of ​​the heating coil element lose some plates on the issue of efficiency.

The surface of the heat transfer in the first instance leaves is significantly less than in the second. A fan heat "shoots" just with all of the heated area.

The device elektropushki

If the electric heater is needed for constant and long-term operation, it is best to look at the models with ceramic heating plates ()

Variant ceramics more fireproof, since the temperature of elements in such a heat gun does not rise too high. And according to the power output and efficiency of the heating model with plates in no way inferior to analogues with spiral. And just spiral burns more often.

If the ceramic plate to disassemble, the inside will be all the same heating coil. Only it is made from a different alloy and is heated to a lower temperature. Thus all the heat generated by it is transferred to the ceramic with which thermal energy is already removed from the fan air flow.

Warmed plate a little longer time than an open spiral, but it will last longer.

Criterion # 2: housing design

All powerful heaters are now available in a version with a metal anti-corrosion coating. Plastic housing is not allowed here. In small home appliances plastic inserts on the housing may be present, but most often it is rubberized knobs and switches that have to touch hands.

housing elektropushki

The shape of the body heater usually in the form of an elongated cylinder (like a gun), but there are "rectangular" models

All heat elektropushki divided into:

  1. stationary model - are cheaper and have more power.
  2. Mobile (portable) variants more compact and can be easily rotated in the desired direction. Usually they have hinges that allow to adjust the direction of air flow by turning the whole gun wherever required.

However, the market can find a variant with rotary valves, deflecting the stream of air from the fan to the right / left and up / down.

If the heat gun has a protective diffusion grid, then it must necessarily be metal. Here a plastic categorically unacceptable, because the temperature of the air exiting the heater too high.

Criterion # 3: Power

The more output in kilowatts, the faster and larger the size the room he is able to heat. But as the cardinality indicators increases and fan noise. He has to work at high speed, which inevitably leads to an increase in noise in decibels.

As a simplified scheme selected heater power rate of 1 kW per 10 sq. m square. But this formula is valid only provided that the ceiling height not exceeding 3 meters. On it you can pick up a heat gun for a garage, garden and a small workshop.

For large buildings it is necessary to do a more detailed calculation, taking into account not squaring the square and cubic capacity volume of the space.

calculation elektropushki

The exact calculation of power should be performed by a formula which takes into account the volume of the room in cubic meters, and the thermal conductivity of the walls, and the difference between the inside and outside temperatures (+)

In the data sheet with a heat gun fan addition power (kW) also indicates heat flow or performance in cubic meters / hour. In most cases, 1 kW for about 100-120 m3/ч.

In some devices installed more efficient fans, capable of pumping more air. When choosing a model, you need to take into account both of these parameters.

To give or garage heating should pick up household variant with power up to 3 kW. For small premises this abundantly enough. At the same time, remember - anything above 5 kW requires a three-phase network.

Criterion # 4: Additional functions

Choosing a heat gun, you should also note the presence of a variety of additional features.

Useful options:

  • splashproof housing - for heaters installed in a high humidity;
  • embedded humidifiers and filters;
  • Thermostat for speed adjustment of the output power;
  • Automatic "overheat protection,";
  • function "Sleep" rollover heater.

Also, some models have full automatic control unit, self-supporting room temperature in the given parameters. If any heat gun can be left to work completely unattended: Automatic she will turn on / off the fan heater as needed.

Additional information on the selection of heater is shown in this article.

What the manufacturer prefer

In domestic stores of heating equipment elektropushki meet both imported manufacturing and released in Russia. In general, not much difference between them. There should be greater focus on the capacity of the device.

But among manufacturers and recognized leaders of branded fan heaters which have little to overpay.

Elektropushka master

If elektropushka heating needs a powerful and durable, special attention should be paid to the model under the trademarks Ballu (Netherlands) and Master (USA)

Heaters produces a sufficiently large number of domestic and foreign firms.

Among the major brands have won the trust of consumers, can be identified:

  • Ballu (Dutch brand, but the production is established in Russia);
  • Master (USA);
  • Timberk (Sweden);
  • Inforce (Russia);
  • Fubag (Germany);
  • Quattro (Italy);
  • Tropic (Russia);
  • Resanta (Latvia).

Virtually all manufacturers offer heat guns in a wide range of power for heating and air flow. The existing range of equipment there will always be a model for specific needs, you only need to properly assess the needs.

Take too powerful elektropushku, and then every few minutes, turn it off, so as not to be poisoned by fumes - not too expensive and is reasonable in terms of money.

If desired, save money, you can make yourself elektropushku. To assemble the heater need, for housing material (metal sheet or tube), the fan and the engine.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

To make it easier to understand the features of devices of different models of electric heat guns, we have made a small video selection with reviews and descriptions.

An electric heater device with ceramic heater:

What better heater - ceramic or coiled:

How should I choose a heater:

EXAMPLE power calculation heat gun:

Heater allows almost instantly heat the indoor air to a comfortable temperature.

But we must realize that the electric heat gun with a spiral or ceramic plates are used more for short-term heating. If you need a heater for continuous operation, it is best to take a convector oil radiator.

Is looking for an efficient and reliable electric gun? Or have experience with this technique? Please leave comments on the article, ask questions and participate in discussions. Contact form located below.

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