Dimmable LED Bulbs: How does + how to choose the best

Until recently, the choice of light bulb was a matter of simple and unpretentious. It was enough to call the seller desired power, and you get a device that was shining brightly and consume a lot of energy or light is worse, but it was a bit more economical.

Now, in order to choose a dimmable LED lamp, you need to have at least a minimum of knowledge - characteristics that affect their operation, very much. In this article we will deal with the main ones that you have become clearer technical parameters specified on the packaging and their significance. That allows you to select the appropriate option bulbs.

The content of the article:

  • What is a dimmable LED-light?
  • The principle of operation of the dimmer
  • Advantages of using a dimmer for LED fixtures
  • Criteria for selection of high-quality dimmable lamps
    • №1 - a form of the lamp and its impact on the coverage
    • №2 - a glimmer of light and methods of its detection
    • №3 - device power and operating voltage
    • №4 - light output and dimming limits
    • №5 - the color temperature and color rendering
    • №6 - and socket device body
    • №7 - term reliability
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  • The best producers in the lighting market
    • Diode lamps from Uniel
    • A wide range of Philips LED lamps
    • LED products from Gauss
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic


This device is equipped with a PWM function block, i.e., features pulse-width modulation. The block has a specific scheme allowing to recognize adjustment in their construction. It controls the stabilizer, which is in the body and change the brightness of the lighting.

Ordinary energy-saving light bulbs can not be switched on via the dimmer - two incompatible devices. The conflict manifests itself in a wink or a faint glow the device off. On the other causes blinking LED lamps, we are talking about here.

As well as LED or fluorescent lamps are designed for a certain number of cycles of activation of the light source and turn it off, then burn them in such use for a month or two.

Structural components of the LED lamp

Structure dimmed LED lamp is characterized by having a specific driver, which is responsible for dimming

The fact that there is in energy-saving lamps capacitor (electronic converter), which even in the off state receives a certain amount of current.

Condenser, gaining an appropriate charge, feeds diode, and he occasionally breaks out in spite of the OFF state.

Flickering LED lamps

Adjust the brightness of LED lamps before the dimmable models was impossible - they are not suitable for use with dimmer

The principle of operation of the dimmer

Dimmers allow to vary the intensity of artificial light. electric power control dimmer It is due to a change in voltage in the rheostat or the transformer. For diode lamps produce special dimmable devices.

dimmed lights

Externally dimmable device is no different from normal. Dimmable device can determine by the inscription on the packaging - «dimmable»

Dimmable lamps are sometimes poorly aligned with some models of dimmers. This is manifested in a sharp change in brightness when adjusting or extraneous noises - hum, crackle.

Sometimes the conflict is manifested in devices flicker occasionally at full capacity all the LED bulbs in the chandelier, immediately after the turn. Solve the problem may substitute one of them on the bulb.

Compatible with dimmers

You need to purchase those dimmers are designed to operate with diode lamps, and among them also to select the appropriate model. It is better if they are a single source

Advantages of using a dimmer for LED fixtures

Significant plus of using a dimmer - an opportunity not only to save energy, but also to create a unique atmosphere with dimmed lighting. Or advantageous to allocate a certain area of ​​the premises, highlight it LED tapeControlled dimmer.

Conventional LED lamps can not be used together with dimmers. Their brightness does not change as you scroll through the regulator. The device is only switched on when reaching a sufficient voltage at full brightness.

This happens due to the fact that the driver compensates the voltage fluctuation occurring to the normal operating current of the LED. But in the design dimmable LED lamps have a special driver, through which it is possible to control the brightness.

Advantages of LED devices:

  • efficiency - consuming energy 90% less than incandescent bulbs;
  • absence of UV radiation and IR spectrum;
  • a long period of service of the device - up to 30 000 hours;
  • warranty period of 36 months;
  • high color rendering.

Large warranty period allows to pay a high cost. Released prematurely fail dimmable LED bulbs are replaced at points of sale to the new, thus achieving even greater savings.

Criteria for selection of high-quality dimmable lamps

A number of technical characteristics that we see on the packaging, manufacturers specify a reason - they are all weighty device evaluation criteria. How to choose a dimming LED lamp, so that it works flawlessly, explain further.

№1 - a form of the lamp and its impact on the coverage

By selecting the correct form lamp can achieve the desired effect in the room - to illuminate the entire room equally, to focus on a particular work area, create a highly directional light Ray.

Shape lamp

The nature of light depends on the shape of the bulb - a transparent or opaque protective cap, - through which the light beams extending at different angles

They are such:

  • tear-shaped. The bulb of the same diameter as the body, so that the light just ahead. Installed in a chandelier or a lamp, which diffusers are directed downwards, it does not illuminate the ceiling and on it are formed around the shadows.
  • In the form of the familiar incandescent bulbs. Designed for conventional use, the lighting angle to 240 °.
  • In the form of a candle or a ballbut. This form is designed more as decorative, illumination angle rather wide - 240 ° to 360 °. They are used in open chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lamps and so on. D.
  • reflex type. Used in shops, beauty salons, boutiques, used in lighting projector type. It narrows the light flux pointwise illuminating a particular area.
  • Spot (accent). Used for spotlights, which are installed in various designs - stretch and suspended ceilings, in housing or furniture plinth. They do not emit heat, so they can be used almost anywhere. But unlike halogen bulbs, which have a lighting angle of 30 °, give light with luminous flux angle of approximately 100 °, so little "blind." Less common model with a narrow beam.

To provide a pleasant, smooth light, the flask made of frosted glass. Inside it is covered with a special coating, which may have different light transmittance. Also produces products with a clear bulb.

filament lamp

Electrical clear glass has a higher brightness and a special 'filament' technology makes them look like ordinary - LEDs resemble a filament

№2 - a glimmer of light and methods of its detection

This phenomenon is typical for LED and fluorescent lighting devices. Ripple is a sense of fatigue, discomfort, adversely affecting the eyes. Lighting fixture, which has a strong flicker, can not be used for living quarters. Especially pronounced this phenomenon manifests itself in a poor quality of cheap models.

Check availability Flicker can be visually:

  • If we translate gaze from one object to the other, it creates a strobe effect, and fraction of a second, instead of the human eye sees the object somewhat.
  • Taking the tip of the pen or pencil, they quickly move like a pendulum. If distinct object outlines are not visible, it is weak and flickering to human eyes unnoticed. If it seems that a few pencils, the ripple is high.
  • Determine the flicker effect may also be a smartphone: looking at the light source through a chamber of the apparatus, one can see the strip that will be the brighter than the pulsation stronger.

Eliminate flicker in the device is fundamentally impossible, since it is characteristic of his work.

Test pulsation

Need to buy products with minimal manifestation of pulsation. To stabilize the current in their body is inserted into a special driver

№3 - device power and operating voltage

LED lamp manufacturers produce power from 1 to 25 watts. Traditionally, to assess their users luminous flux is used as the equivalent power of incandescent bulbs.

Usually indicators ICE power and incandescent lamps the ratio of 1 to 10-8. That is, the diode lamp 10-12 watts of electricity consumption and light output similar to a traditional light bulb of 75 watts. The more we talked about the power of LED light bulbs in this article.

Standard for most dimmable LED lamps Class A, with the improvement of technology, has ceased to be the highest. There device with class A + and A ++, which consume energy in much smaller quantities.

Comparative characteristics of different types of lamps

Power is not characteristic of light intensity - for this there is an indicator such as lumens. He indicated on the packaging of each product

With regard to the operating voltage, it is in the power system can be quite different from the standard of 220 V. This is especially observed in the suburban electric systems.

voltage jumps incapacitate can not cheap dimmable LED-lamp. Therefore it is better to acquire model with wide input voltage interval, which can operate, starting from 170 and up to 250 V. Ability dimmable LED lamp connection to the network with a given voltage depends on power supply characteristics.

№4 - light output and dimming limits

The minimum level to which you can reduce the brightness of the lights dimmed LED lights - 10%. Models from different manufacturers may have different function and have their minimum, reducing the brightness of up to 5.10, or 25%.

When testing their work with different dimmers on the result may affect device compatibility. Diode illuminators even at 10% brightness shine strongly enough. Therefore it is better to choose a model with the lowest level on-off possible.

As for brightness, the ICE lamp power ratio and brightness do not always reflect the real picture. Therefore, there is a need to specify precisely measure luminous flux (lumens). It may be from 200 to 2500 lm.

But ICE LED lamps have a significant disadvantage - the longer run, the more lose their brightness, and thus efficiency. In the early 3000 thousands of hours of operation the brightness falls to 5% and then continued to decline more actively reduced to 50% of the initial value.

Efficacy LED lamp including dimmable can be calculated by dividing the value of the luminous flux on the indicator, displaying the power consumption. Different models results may differ significantly - from 40 to 100 lm / W.

The efficiency of LED lamp

Even the cheapest model of the LED lighting device is much more effective than the incandescent lamp, the light output is about 10 lm / W. Dimming LED lamp will be even more economical

№5 - the color temperature and color rendering

The indicator characterizes the color temperature light source in terms of its spectral composition, measured in Kelvin. For most types of premises are considered normal values ​​of 4 000-4 500 K.

But for a house or apartment is better to choose a warm light, with values ​​of 2 700-3 500 K, and for reading or lighting a workplace suited to colder tones - 4 000-4 500 K. Often, the color temperature is not as specified on the package instead of 2 and 700 K can be obtained with the unit value equal color temperature 3000 K.

More details question bulb selecting the optimal color temperature indicator we highlighted here.

Colour temperature

Some dimming LED lighting device may change the hue to warmer at lower brightness. And then the light in a room reminiscent of illumination rays of the setting sun, and is a comfortable feeling

Color Rendering Index (CRI or Ra) - an important characteristic that indicates the level of compliance of the visible color of the object when it is artificial light his true colors. That is, it shows how natural things look, assesses the level of transmission of 8 colors.

An index value of LED illumination can be up to 90 Ra (Highest, 100 Ra - the sun).

color Rendering index

It is believed that the normal rate ≥80 Ra. Illuminators with low Ra better not to use in the house or apartment

CRI index is widely used by manufacturers, although it is not really suitable for the measurement of color parameters in lighting devices, which are white LEDs.

Later, more advanced testing methods have been developed to assess the quality of the light 15, for 99 colors. Good lamp, if it is to test further, will have a strong performance in all three indices.

№6 - and socket device body

Commonly used sockets E27 and E14 (27 and 14 - the diameter of the cap in millimeters) have a standard threaded connection. LED-lamp socket E14 ( "Minion") is used in lamps, floor lamps, outdoor lamps, and with E27 base is used for closed chandeliers and lamps.

types cap

There are many varieties of caps, but most of them are not used in the manufacture of dimmable lamps

The new models of lighting from different manufacturers were dimmable lamp socket having vents. They contribute to the spreading of heat from the inside of the lamp and diode, thereby increasing the time of their work.

More information about the main parameters and marking caps LED lamps, we have led the following article.

Lamp base

Cap can be made from different materials. Preference is given to those which are better dissipate heat from the internal components

№7 - term reliability

Working time depends on the quality of manufacturing a dimmable LED lamp functions as well as the conditions of use, and can range from 15 000 to 40 000 thousand. hours under condition of correct operation. Longer life lamps with ventilation cap.

But in fact, the effective operation of a much shorter period. Cause burn or malfunction may be the poor state of the electrical network, low-quality production, manufacturing defects. In addition, light output decreases with time and ICE-lamp is sometimes necessary to replace before it leaves the system.

Reduced processing time and high temperatures that are generated during the installation of the lighting device in the suspended ceiling, fixtures and chandeliers in closed shades. This occurs due to overheating of LEDs that burn at high temperatures quickly.

Too low temperature can also have a negative impact on work-life, worsening the technical parameters of the transistors, condensers. Reduces service life and high air humidity values ​​at which the conductors are oxidized.

payback lamps

Lamps with LED - a bargain, especially considering that in the event of a fault during the warranty period can be replaced

In order to achieve the replacement LED lamp that burns out or start to work properly, you must keep the proof of purchase. And as the receipts fade with time, it is best to ask the seller to fill the device passport.

The best producers in the lighting market

Not all manufacturers make dimmable LED lamps, and their range is not very wide. But also those that exist, as long as enough, because the popularity of adjustable lighting has not yet gained full force.

Diode lamps from Uniel

Manufacturer Uniel produces dimmable LED lamps at a series of Cristal Dimmable and Palazzo Dimmable. Devices of both series can be used with dimmers designed for standard incandescent bulbs. CRI is an index ≥ 80Ra. Brightness adjustment is carried out in the range of 10-100%.

The range of input voltage values ​​at which illuminators can work quite broad - from 40 to 250 V. Matt bulb devices.

Both the package to find the characteristics of dimmable bulbs

Available lamp both series in two color temperatures. The duration of service is about 30 000 hours, warranty 36 months

Products range from Cristal Dimmable have a traditional aluminum alloy, with base E14. The LEDs are arranged in a flask on metal petals and create a transmission angle of the light flux - 360 °.

Palazzo Dimmable series is available with a unique hull form, which has four channels for ventilation. They provide additional ventilation of the internal structural elements, extending the lifetime of the device.

Made for fixtures and point light reflex, as well as in the form of light bulbs Illich, a candle, balls. Types of base used for the production of dimmable lighting - GU10, GU5,3, E14, E27. The intensity of the light flux - 500-600 lm, power - from 5 to 7 watts. Luminous flux is somewhat narrower than that of the previous series - 240 °.

A wide range of Philips LED lamps

In a series of releases Philips MASTER manufacturer dimming LED lamp grushe- and spherical shape, in the form of candles. The range includes also dimmable reflector (Master LEDspot) and accent lamp (Master MV).

filament bulbs

Dimmable fixtures issued by the filament technology (Classic Series and LEDclassic), the so-called Lamp "Edison", have LED strands that resemble glowing spiral traditional bulbs. they shine brightly and last longer ordinary, but far less than other LED models - only 15 000 thousand. hours

If dimming standard lamp LED-type lights after reducing the intensity remains cold, the function DimTone lighting become more warm with decreasing brightness. The same effect is observed when dimming halogen lights and traditional incandescent light bulbs. The aforesaid function is used in some models of MASTER series.

AirFlux technology involves a hidden system of ventilation, in which the dimming LED bulbs last longer - up to 40 000 hours. It is only used in some models of Master LV series.

By the level of energy efficiency products Philips are divided into classes from A to A ++. The most cost-effective products are available under the Master MV Value names, LEDclassic.

In our other article for more detailed information about the species Philips LED-lightsTheir pros and cons.

LED products from Gauss

Gauss firm produces a fairly wide range of lighting equipment, including dimmable lamps. Production is distinguished broad fork input operating voltage 185-265 V, high index Ra> 90.

lamps Gauss

Different models are available in two color temperatures - 4,100 and 2,700 K. Working time is 35 000 hours

Dimmable lamps are available the following types:

  • filament. This device in the form of suppositories and the ball, with a power of 5 watts. The values ​​of the luminous flux is 420 lm, and 450. The guarantee is granted for 3 years.
  • soffit. Release socket GU5.3, GU10, a power of 5 W, the light flux of 500 and 530 lm. Product Warranty - 3 years.
  • capsule. Have socket G9, calculated light flux of 280 to 300 lm, 3 watts. Warranty period - 1 year.

We recommend to familiarize with detailed the specifics of the device Gauss bulbs, their technical characteristics, as well as the ins and outs of reviews owners.

Separately, it must be said about the function of the lamps with step dimming series Gauss Step Dimmer. They have a completely different principle and the classic dimmable lamps can not be attributed.

They are not designed for connection to a dimmer, as already equipped with built-in socket elements to adjust the brightness. That is, their job is not aligned with dimmers. Can operate with electrical voltage standards 180 - 240 V.

Release them in the form of a ball, candles in the form of an incandescent lamp, with the stated capacity of 10 W and 7, two values ​​of the color temperature - 4100 and 2700 K. Due to the improved specifications warranty period is 3 years.

Lamp with step dimming

"Smart" light allows you not only to set a comfortable light intensity, it economize on energy

device is controlled by a conventional switch, a stepwise adjustment is, changing the brightness from 15% to 50% and 100%. Each switching switch changes the brightness of the light in three stages, the fourth stage - off.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Connecting different types of lamps to dimmer:

Overview of dimmable LED lamps:

Production and use of dimming of LED lamps is gaining momentum. Until recently, LED lighting devices are compatible with dimmer switches. And now sometimes possible to observe the conflict in interaction devices. Therefore, when buying it is necessary to carefully choose the manufacturer and model.

Do you want to replace existing light bulbs dimmed, but doubts about the correctness of his choice? Ask your questions in the box below the article - our experts and other visitors will share with you my experience of using the product specific brand.

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