What to buy CRT TVs

Be surprised - and now manufacturers produce TV cathode ray tube. Examine a curious pattern of black and white TV Vitek VT-3552. Worth a penny, it consumes 8 watts, and a diagonal size of 5.5 inches. At the same time we shall understand how CRT TV to buy.

CRT TVs and digital broadcasting

At frequencies information is transmitted in analog form and digital. From the point of view of the antenna does not change anything - horizontal polarization signal, the same can not be said about television. The country is moving to a new broadcasting plan, old TV will not need them.

Modern CRT TVs

Modern CRT TVs

Now for the frequencies. In the USSR, the broadcast was carried on:

  1. CF - 1st to 5th channel (48 - 100 MHz).
  2. SCM - 6 th to 12-th channel (176 - 230 MHz).

TV bought in the USSR, it shows only those channels with analog broadcasting. Today it is only the first, Russia has resolved in the regions. Earlier tried to occupy ranges now has a new:

  1. UHF channels 21 to 69 are in the range from 370 to 862 MHz. This band appeared in the Russian televisions after the restructuring. And not always the channel number coincides with the frequency. For example, 100 channels. Customize! But there is no connection with the frequencies. Do not look on the 32nd channel is sure to first Moscow multiplex. Enter the setup menu, select sub-band UHF (UHF) and look right. In the presence of a television receiver built format DVB-T (DVB-T2).
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  2. radio channels submitted to the European fashion, and now lie in the FM band, frequencies from 87.5 to 108 MHz. This is different from the TV view of the polarization. The radio is vertical. And television signals rarely overlap. There are nuances in the modulation of old Soviet receiver understands not all transmissions.
CRT TVs from China

CRT TVs from China

Broadcast radio is still conducted in HF (from 3 to 12 MHz), NE (from 1.5 MHz to 300 kHz) and ET. Now the theory:

  • To catch a wave of television, we need two things: an antenna and the ability to choose the desired channel input stages.

On older televisions have sockets for two antennas, VHF and UHF, inserting the plugs, it is important not to confuse. Today antenna vsediapazonnye and cover HF, FM and UHF digital channels. That television should be chosen wisely. Old Soviet TV does not catch 32 Digital Channel, such a possibility is not incorporated. Only from the 1st to the 12th. Purchase an external receiver will not need a bunch of tweaks.

Modern CRT TVs are able to catch the entire broadcast band. In the aforementioned 3552 Vitek VT-tuning is performed by switching subbands handles. Plus a number of pens are responsible for the regime. Want to fit - do not take the analog TV! Look characteristics: there are mentions about the digital TV or DVB-T? If not, the television for receiving terrestrial multiplexes will not work. We'll have to buy an external set-top box, but it will take a special entrance. It is a composite 3RCA tulip.

Old black and white TV

Old black and white TV

Now look at the implementation in black and white portable TV Vitek VT-3552.

Portable CRT TV Vitek VT-3552

Manufacturers of CRT TVs are far from reality, but Vitek. TV VT-3552 is powered by the cigarette lighter, charging the battery. Inside is a bag of eight batteries. Device consumes 8 watts. Kinescope diagonal is 5.5 inches, the smallest instrument in this family.

Of instruction can be seen a lot of bands. But if your TV can receive digital broadcasting? We believe the answer is no. But it is possible to catch radio, including the range of SV:

  • The television:
  1. 1-5 channels (VHF lo);
  2. 6-12 channels (VHF hi);
  3. 21-69 channels (UHF).
  • Radio:
  1. Medium wave (AM).
  2. VHF.
  3. FM.
CRT and Plasma TVs

CRT and Plasma TVs

The ranges are divided according to the position of the switch on the right side. You see, in terms of missed HF frequencies (where broadcast eroding) and Far East (where the few channels). Portable CRT TV can not receive digital channels. But the opportunity to mate with the external equipment lies: on the back panel there are two entrances.

  1. Video input.
  2. Audio input.

This composite input for the system with one speaker. Take the string "tulip" from the tuner and cling to the TV as follows:

  • Yellow RCA plug on the video.
  • White RCA plug to the audio. Here is the left column, usually it is the default output. Clearly, part of the sound is lost in stereo. Want - to plug the red, but it is not accepted to do.

What's interesting about this TV? Setting fully manual. As the old receiver, there is a rotary knob for channel fishing. TV / radio mode switch button located on the left side of the scale, plus the need to correctly set the lever with three positions (one of them - a charge) on the right side. TV set up, fingering ranges.

Video Input is used for DVD and Blu-Ray. Do not expect high quality from the screen with a resolution that is not specified in the instructions. Dimensions of CRT TVs are significant, but the crumb easily fits in a car. Most importantly, almost all catches and allowed to connect an external antenna.

Choosing not forget - input impedance is 75 ohms (in radio receivers typically 50 ohms). It concerns harmonization instrument for quality listening.

And finally, why this device? TV if specially made for Russia, her taiga, steppe. It would seem that, buy a TV at Asuka Semiconductor LCD. Here and automatic tuning of channels and touch-sensitive controls. But how to take into the forest? Look in rough huts, wintering? We believe the majority would prefer Vitek with his rough mechanical control. You can use right through the gloves. There are television notable margin, although the characteristics of the element base in Taiwan ahead of CRT TV VT-3552.

How to select CRT TVs

Selection of CRT TVs is easier to start with Yandex-market. Noticed above have brought it about a product with the hands, have been in use. Price of new digital TV is available.

Rule 1. See CRT TVs need from a distance of 3-5 diagonals. Be sure to measure the pre-home placement. Consider the installation options.

Earlier in the old TV had a glass protection, has saved the viewer's eye from the effects of CRT. Separate from the TV viewers a transparent barrier. For example, on balconies. A look of the room. And the sound? Either choose a device with external speakers or slightly open the balcony door.

Rule 2. For catching the digital broadcast receiver with integrated purchase the receiver. Otherwise, you have to buy a separate device.

Leafing through Yandex-market, do not find such models? Many manufacturers are not equipped with CRT TVs receiver. Vitek is not alone. Under the brand comes Pantron range of CRT TVs with DVB-T. Russian language menu is not available, the price need to be checked with the manufacturer, but DVB-T is.

Learn Chinese to negotiate with Pantron, or prepare money to the receiver, buy CRT TVs. Simply add 1-1.5 thousand, buy a normal LCD with built-in DVB-T2, and a good resolution to boot. And then, if there is a desire to study the parameters of CRT TVs to the loss of pulse?

Rule 3. Most CRT TV - analog devices, but supplemented by modern inputs "tulip", allows you to watch any session.

DVD, tuners are provided for backward compatibility analog outputs. Buying a TV, make sure you have a pleasure SACRT tulip. In the first case, solder adapter, the second look alike. Hopefully, using tips, buying CRT TV. Ask and remember - to replace analog digital broadcasting comes.

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