How to care for an umbrella: cleaning, washing, drying

A good umbrella can give a wonderful mood even in bad weather. However, it is important to learn not only how to dry the umbrella, but also how to clean it, wash it and store it between seasons. After all, a favorite accessory without good care will quickly deteriorate and you will have to buy a new one. Where is there to take a great mood, if there are extra expenses? If you do not want to change the umbrella every season, learn in advance how to protect it from rust, dirt and leakage. And then your dear umbrella will serve for many years.

Dry properly

After the rain, any umbrella should be dried. Surely you have often seen the slender rows of open umbrellas in the changing rooms of offices and other establishments. These employees, having reached their beloved work through the raging weather, dry them open. Do you know that this is not worth doing? If you constantly dry the umbrella open, the dome will stretch and begin to sag. But you can't push it into the case with the wet either. What to do?

First of all, read about how to properly dry an umbrella. And to do it is very simple: you need to slightly open it and hang it on a hook. So the dome dries well and it does not stretch. After the fabric is completely dry, you need to assemble an umbrella, shake well and put it in the case.

Secrets of washing

Unfortunately, the rain is not always crystal clear. Sometimes after the next shower on your favorite accessory there are such drips that it has to be washed. Unwittingly you rejoice that all this is left on the dome, and not spilled on your head. But how to wash an umbrella? Do not push it into a washing machine. Of course not!

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Wash correctly:

  • slightly open the dome a little and apply soap suds from laundry soap or any alkaline shampoo onto the fabric;
  • open the umbrella and rinse thoroughly with warm water;
  • gently shake off excess water and wipe the needles with a dry cloth;
  • completely dry the umbrella in a half-opened state.

Several ways to clean

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If there are traces of rust on the dome, or other dirt, it needs to be cleaned. To do this, you can use only safe means that do not spoil the fabric.

Important: do not use kerosene, acetone, gasoline or other solvents for cleaning.

How to clean an umbrella with the help of folk remedies:

  • black umbrella that has lost its color can be cleaned with a sponge with strong black tea. After that, the fabric should be rinsed and wiped with an acetic acid solution( 2 tablespoons of acetic acid per liter of water);
  • strong contaminants from the colored fabric of the dome are removed with ammonia( half cup per liter of water);
  • from greasy stains well helps dishwashing liquid;
  • rust stains are perfectly cleaned with lemon juice. After that, you need to wash the dome with water and dry the fabric under steam;
  • simple dust can be cleaned with a soft brush moistened with a means for cleaning wool or synthetic products.

After wet cleaning, be sure to dry the umbrella in a half-opened state.

How and where to store an

umbrella Before sending an umbrella to the shelf after the end of the season, you need to take a little care of it:

  • thoroughly wash the fabric of the dome;
  • wipe the needles dry;
  • dry umbrella in half open state;
  • gently lubricate each needle and the entire sliding mechanism with oil;
  • wrap all the joints in wax paper or film;
  • fold the umbrella into a case and then into a bag.
You need to store an umbrella in a dark place at a temperature from -10 to +35 degrees Celsius. Do not hold it at the bottom of the bag or shelf, as heavy things that are on top may break or bend the spokes.

Try to ventilate the umbrella several times when you miss it for a long time. If a scuff appears on the fabric of the dome, reinforce it from the inside with colorless nail polish.

If you follow all these rules, your umbrella will give you a good mood for a long time during gloomy rainy days.

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