What company is better to buy a refrigerator

Atlas refrigerators are popular with buyers, but the Belarusian manufacturer has come very close to the European level for price inquiries. Cheap Indesit is no worse. But if shelves from tempered glass of a refrigerator from Belarus withstand up to 32 kg, then in Korean models similar ones will take out a weight of 3 - 4 times more. Consider which firm is better to buy a refrigerator.

Ratings of

refrigerators-freezers Assess the popularity of European brands of refrigerators. Leaders in Europe - Hotpoint refrigerators.

Hotpoint RZA36 ranked first in popularity. The height of the refrigerator is 85 cm and is equal to the height of the kitchen cabinets. Due to the variety of colors, it is possible to implement interesting design solutions. The instructions list the installation details. When buying should be considered - in this refrigerator 1 chamber, freezer. Moreover, the compartment is divided into four sliding tray, located one above the other. The lack of a refrigerator - plastic, not strong enough boxes.

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Consumers believe that the boxes can be more complex in design. Now they are just boxes for folding products. And if you need to divide the fish and meat, you will have to detach the individual trays, which is often impossible, because the total number of boxes is four. Boxes of different sizes - you can determine which product to put. This is convenient from the point of view of the routine: in the freezer quickly find what you want. There are several modifications, the number of boxes is different. We distribute, for example, duties:

  1. Meat.
  2. Bird.
  3. Fish.
  4. Ice Cream.


On shares, the refrigerator costs less, but the average price is 20 thousand rubles. High or low this cost for a one-hundred-meter freezer, decide on your own. And now about the pros:

  • The most understandable light indication. On the right is a green light of power with a drawn sine wave. The red light - the middle of three light bulbs - lights up in cases when the temperature exceeds the normal level and requires urgent measures. Finally, the left light is designed for fast freezing. In this case, electrical energy will be spent more than the norm.
  • Quick freeze function. It is activated by pressing a single button, and the level of energy efficiency of the device is А +.


  • The manufacturer guarantees 16 hours of saving mode after turning off the light and gives 10 years warranty for parts( for work - 1 year).

The size of the device is 85x60x62 cm, and although the fridge is placed close to the overview video, according to the manual, you need to leave 3 cm of clearance for ventilation. The refrigerator becomes tight against the wall, which gives great opportunities for variation and rearrangement of furniture. There are several climatic versions available, including the traditional SN.I would like precise instructions on the internal structure, from myself suppose - this is a normal freon refrigerator.

It is believed that the specified refrigerator makes a noise. The product card says about 45 dB, but this is an average. However, consumers confidently declare that the refrigerator sometimes makes noise for no apparent reason, even when the freezing mode is off. And, in addition to trays, this quality is the second negative point. In all other respects the device is praised, there are no comments on the operation modes of the refrigerator. Temperature is controlled mechanically, convenient wheel. However, modifications are constantly updated, we do not exclude the emergence of modern electronic control panels.

Frozen Food Storage

This is a handy device for storing frozen food. The main thing is that the runners do not get water - in this case the tray will stick. Heating systems for skids to eliminate such effects have not been found. In general, this refrigerator is good for storing, for example, fish. The technique is good, but for the money I would like a thoughtful internal design. These are models for neatly packed goods. From the positive moments, we add that the door of the refrigerator is outweighed on the opposite side.

Refrigerator Gorenje RB60299

Unlike the previous model, this popular brand can be bought in Russia. At first glance it seems that there is no freezer at all. But behind the main big door, there is a small one at the top. This is where the 26-liter freezer is located. And the remaining spaces - actually the refrigerator. Let's see why this unusual model of a refrigerator from Eastern Europe for 50,000 rubles flaunts in the first place?

Refrigerator Gorenje RB60299

This is a modest device with a height of 154 cm. Dimensions in width and depth are quite typical - around 60 cm. The volume of the refrigeration compartment is 255 liters, and the energy efficiency class is A ++.Now let's see what buyers say about this model of the refrigerator, without affecting the design:

  • The ice tray does not take up the entire freezer tray. Due to this, empty space remains.
  • The second point: the door opens at first slightly tight.
  • The main drawback is that the density of the freezer door cover is not controlled, therefore, heat loss is possible.

Worth noting - a refrigerator of this width may not pass through the door. But there are no more comments. In fact, at first, housewives find it difficult to cope with a tight mechanism, but certainly the refrigerator will not be open. The Gorenie refrigerator looks a bit old-fashioned, but shoppers love it.

The NoFrost system is absent, the defrosting of the refrigerator compartment is automatic, the freezer is manual. If the users didn’t have any complaints about the work, the device is reliable, and the interior decoration suits.

Pay attention! No warranty information. On foreign sites, the manufacturers of refrigerators are trying to lure the buyer, while Russian sellers simply list the restrictions and obligations of users. Deciding which company is better to buy a refrigerator, we advise Samsung, which is missing in the top ten. The review lists the models that occupy the top ranks in consumer ratings.

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