How to choose an electric razor

The variety of designs allows the shaver to describe two types - mesh, rotary. In reality, in both cases are: protection grille, moving blade - unlike limited form. So the question - how to choose a men's shaver, covered the smallest details. The background unchanged.

wet shave

Some models require shaver blades rinse under running water. The fact pleases, except for one snag: humid environment provides favorable conditions suitable breeding microscopic bacteria. Washing men's electric shaver running water to remove dirt completely impossible. Always remain unnoticed hair pieces of fat. After some time, the use of electric shavers shock begins to irritate the skin.

Yield disinfected blade grid after each use. The process introduces additional overhead. If the prejudice against thorough cleaning available, electric shavers for men will become companion Don Juan.

curves of the body - not a hindrance shaver

Not all models are suitable to work "on-wet". Rotary shavers recommended for use only in the mode of dry shaving. Knives are cleared when the process is complete. Cropped hair thoroughly shake.

Panasonic company is headed by a segment of wet shaving. Experimentally verified: the dry shaver Japanese method show their best.

Manufacturers recommend using self-cleaning models. It stands firm to clarify: the wonders invented by writers. Electric cleared special liquid contained internal reservoir. Emptying the current one, have to buy new supplies. The fact that it is strongly recommended to take into account, examining self-cleaning top models. Overhead!

Rotary or mesh

Preference is given to blades coated with titanium or ceramics. Typical nickel-plated stainless steel evinces a tendency to cause allergic reactions. The choice of electric shavers daily shaving supplies buyer product, pleasing absence of side effects.

As for design, the usual eye model, cut three circles are called rotor guarantee a close shave. Circularly rotating blades under the net, cutting penetrating inside the bristles. The success achieved by pressing the density of the electric shaver to cheek. Opportunity to provide the described rotary models with three blades. Center circles pressed, finding the outline of the profile of the cheeks. Sometimes sell special silicone pad in the middle, which guarantees a soft touch.

Rotating blades are called the rotor, the external fixed - stators. Dull edges cause tearing of hair men's electric razor from the root. Facial treatments becomes painful. Difficulty becomes markedly long-bearded beauties. Comes time to think again about how to buy a new set of knives or to buy an electric shaver. Often the cost of the blade unit than half the price of the device.

Grid shaver reminds form of a pack of cigarettes. These models are suitable to deal with a long beard. Suppressing the complaints of the engine, cut the long bristles. The purity of shaving is not the best, there may be irritation. The size of the grid electric shaver compact. Manufacturers claim that the best men's electric shaver of this structure. Grid thinner than disks, provides a snug fit to the surface of the skin, causing less irritation.

safe shaver

The incredible importance of the fact for people with sensitive skin is controversial, with the geometry of the same can not be helped. Grid definitely thinner outer cutters rotary shavers. And this is not always a plus: Protect the work surface carefully from shock, damage. Why? Read review on!


Any knife block structure formed by the movable and stationary parts. The mesh is pressed against the face, is a blade. Contact with the working surface of the male electric shaver must be careful. Dent grid prevents the normal use of the product.

Sharpening knives fixed-stators can not, in principle, the moving blades have such a complex profile that pungency edge is difficult. Factory conditions allow tempered cutting surface, artisanal specific effect can not be achieved.

Examining the range of electric shavers Philips note: the number of external fixed blades is different. Should give preference to models with higher number of stators. It is easy to determine the fact of getting examining appearance - each blade rotary shaver looks concentric ring with a number of regular holes of different shapes, envelope perimeter. The number of stators is covered range 1-3.

Most manufacturers try to produce self-sharpening blades, in practice, every detail characterize its service life, longer than that exploit it makes no sense. Before you choose a good electric razor, look around among the stalls, looking for spare parts and accessories. Evaluate the cost of items found. It is better to give preference to the shaver iota worse disposing selection of knives and other accessories, are widely represented the surrounding shops.

Trimmers vs combs

Holders mustache just needed male shavers, trimmers equipped. Accessory looks like a small roll-top, ending darting blades along the outer edge. The cutting edge is ideal, clearly outlines the shape of whiskers. The mechanism looks strongly reminiscent of the hair salon machine. Just as a master is treated with whiskey, the owner of the trimmer carefully leveled growth face.

Professional hairdressers are similar machines, shaver mesh with one small exception, no protective screen, the viewer sees shifty between teeth knives. Having said that, no wonder that manufacturers of electric shavers occurred to supply the products with special nozzles for shaping beard, sideburns.

Comfortable shave without pain

Special removable comb does not allow the blades to get close to the skin, a constant distance is maintained with plastic teeth, sliding down his chin. With leg attachment shaver becomes ordinary trivial thing. Flaunting curly pattern person will buy a similar. How to choose the right electric shaver men bearded - a closed issue.

Of course, you can use a hair salon car, but prevents 1: scalp thin beard. The sharpness of the blades prevent barbers use the product, shortening the mustache.


Good shaver expensive. Dry shave everywhere possible:

  • hammered in the train, in the morning before planting;
  • after an overnight flight, which lasted for hours, to look at a hundred 100%, passing the Airport;
  • in his apartment, in the bathroom give in to his wife, children;
  • bus, hotel, office, railway station, before the start of the working day.

Uses portable electric shaver really find a great number. That is why the battery life is important. Sell ​​shaver calculated at 35 or 60 minutes of continuous operation. Hardened owners claim that 100% products are charged for three months.

Electric shaver with battery

Even if you no longer need to go on a business trip, remember the vacation home and the morning bustle. How to choose an electric razor, and get the added bonus of parallel rhythm of life. The answer is - the battery. When choosing a model, search the shelves, looking for a spare battery. About the importance of the availability, accessibility components mentioned above!

Modern smart model:

  1. Includes LEDs charge alarm.
  2. They feed on the car cigarette lighter.
  3. Optionally, there is the need to prevent the method of cleaning.

Traffic jam is still not cause a smile, but the shave, will please the office of clean chin.


When the discussion touches men's electric shaver, rating persistently carpets the first position by Panasonic models with combined wet / dry shaving. Fueled to 45 minutes battery model ES-LF51 provide smooth host chin.

Philips and Braun became famous long ago by barber's machines, so the view is not surprising manufacturers dividing second and third places. Some analysts, pollsters Opinion predicting male shaving produced concern with Dutch roots, the first place. German Braun develops top ten.

Three giant named undivided occupy forecasts and surveys. Unambiguous preference is not given to the grid or rotary models. It plays an important role name of the manufacturer, no matter how arranged, moving knives.

Given information is enough to make the right choice. If there is no desire to climb, conquer the summit, take... Panasonic shaver. Not a model, who occupied the top, ES-SL41. Do not like it - you can leave a review angry Yandex directory.

Pros vs cons of electric shavers

Best quality shaving machines provide. There is no opportunity to compare and verify the assertion, using the help of the dermatologist, but let's say with confidence: a kind of "pure" skin from under the electric models is not impressive. Today we consider the related issues. And we will try to solve for the reader, which is better to buy an electric shaver. Read.

Today withdrawn experimenters two global shavers family. Of course, you know:

  1. Grid.
  2. Rotary.

Recent endowed with round nets with spinning blades. Floating head, knives plane adapt flexibly to your face shape. Number of blades delineated interval 2-5, who believes that the amount of growth increases the price, is seriously mistaken. Atlanta ATH 941 is iota more expensive 1000 rubles. Not up to the typical machine company Gillette. Already we keep silent, which nozzles are often tupyatsya (separate topic of conversation).

Electric razor

Electric razor

However, it is remarkable setting in the sound with an electric plane? Consultants claim that regular use of head mesh models is forcing change accessory annually (for the expensive models Braun is longer - 18 months). Before buying kindly inquire for rates this operation. A received digit map the financial capabilities. As for forming a beard, in our opinion, more suitable hair clipper without electric shaver. Like female epilator, the device is provided with several nozzles for seedlings of different lengths. Maintaining a smooth thick fur will not cause trouble. blade machines for cutting hair amenable to grinding, the topic is not about one barber review portal VashTehnik.

Poor excuse barber tools is trimmer. If you wish to independently form his temples, and other men's jewelry, take an electric razor equipped with the appropriate option. The price of the chip has little effect. And what effect? Expensive special technology know-how:

  1. Shaving system. This primarily floating head. Designers are constantly struggling with this part, making it more perfect, to pay for scientific research should be the Russians. Are more expensive new items, which are then in a couple of years to lose in price. The term floating head means for rotary shavers that each blade is an independent plane. When it comes to mobile mounting module, the option is called a movable shaving unit. Both qualities are intended to reduce the suffering of the strong half of mankind to put in order the person. The goal: reduce the number of passes to achieve the desired result (clean skin).
    Knives and shaver blades

    Fixed blades shavers

  2. The specific design of knives and grids. It is believed that the larger holes on the heads of the Rings rotary shaver, the better. If you take the Phillips, the Germans fitted with three types of slots on the new model 9000, each adapted for hair length. That is why the time shaver cuts clean, cool morning delighting sufferers. Of course, the process description sounds smoothly, the words uttered by the manufacturer. Every sandpiper praises near the swamp. It is believed rows of holes should be larger. Market deprived of the special parameter in the electronic catalog (Yandex Market), so you have to manually explore the selected model.
  3. Relatively expensive equipment with automatic cleaning systems. If the rows of an electric razor (suitable for wet shaving) will have to be washed under running water after every use, mentioned rarities are joined in the dock, charged at the same time. Said process is used during cleaning solution standing expensive and fluid are periodically replaced. If you take the Philips Series 9000 provides a docking station with three modes: Normal, Eco, intensive. The second save energy, the latter makes the case as quickly as possible.
  4. Special blade designs are not cheap. At Philips know-how dual Super Lift & Cut, lifts hair worse than the female epilators tweezers. As planned, shaving quality is improved.
  5. Floor grids is of greater importance, nickel causes irritation, softens titanium allergic reactions. Companies are trying to reduce the coefficient of friction, reducing the power of manifestation of negative effects.

Add that stylers shavers have a few tips. In order, as mentioned above - the simplicity of the maintenance of uniform length beards and sideburns. The device resembles a dear female epilators. In the best models of contact with the skin trimmers dosed. To avoid irritation.

Before selecting recommend poborozdit official website producer, read what else appeared joyful. When it comes to electric shavers, Item Card surprisingly little talk. A complete list of technologies exists only from the manufacturer. And we learn that the advanced shaver cool the skin during shaving. How? We believe that the course is a thermoelectric Peltier effect. Today, the fruits of ancient discoveries (the beginning of XIX century) mastered appliances, electric shavers do not need more power.

Features grid and rotary shavers comparison

  • The exact choice of shaving causes grid model. Uncomplicated form easily reproduces straight lines. It remains to choose a brand that does not pull hair. In advertising possible defect is not specified, so about a particular razor can first call customer service. Prepare to be blunt talk (clerks show a lack of desire to study the technical information), persistence, and achieving results. They say the firm recorded the conversation on tape, the editors recommend: make a similar move. Simply take advantage of IP telephony, audio stream grabber. And if after buying electric shavers will - Consultant lied, fill Youtube video review by attaching the transcript. The result will be stunning.
    Shaving electric shaver

    Shaving electric shaver

  • Obviously, the rotary models mesh stronger. Although not clean the cutting edge of anything other than a soft brush, running in expensive shavers included. Be that as it may, the rotary stronger. In addition, they recommend taking for everyday use at home. Tupyatsya longer.
  • Grid shavers are more compact. Even where many blades, relatively flat, easily obzhivut travel bag. Actually, today released the shaver hybrids, unsurpassed master of the dry and wet shaving. It is necessary when Abraham. Do not have time to shave Sutra, clear skin the way to work, standing stopper in the evening; Use your lunch break, lunch. Perhaps the it was to shave in the shower. Understandably, electric powered battery. It is recommended to know in advance what types of procedures suitable device. It will maximize adapt the product to their needs. We shaver has a separate battery indicator, buying at the wrong time will not give up - you usually need to charge by half or longer. And here is another point. Some electric shavers have the option of quick charge. When about 15 minutes gain energy for exactly one procedure. Just a case where forgotten to prepare the sleigh in summer. If you go further, try to purchase the product to find out how difficult it is to buy a charger for electric shavers, and how expensive it will cost.
    Electric shaver with trimmer

    Electric shaver with trimmer

  • Keep in mind to buy an electric shaver with the trimmer is insufficient for forming a thick beard. Mechanism for temples and more accurately delineating contours. If you need to keep the same hair length, the nozzle will be necessary. Brief pre-shaved beard scissors. Process is long, dangerous, much faster is to buy a good electric razor with nozzles, mold, forgetting worries.
  • They say that the grid is less than electric shavers hair pulled, without exception suitable for any length of stubble. We believe that because the blades move reciprocally. While the rotors rotate unidirectionally, increased jams percentage of hair. The situation creates a traffic jam, ending ejection. The best thing - you can buy an electric shaver inexpensive. Say more, in this respect there is no difference. Within 1000 rubles find shaver rotary or mesh type dry and wet shaving. Search relatively simple to implement using Yandex-market, where it is easy to price, other options. The method makes it easy to decide which is better to buy an electric shaver.

Hope helped decide readers remember the task: choosing a personal care product, you should carefully read the information regarding the know-how of technology, the manufacturer's website, if planned purchase expensive electric shavers. With regards to the functional limit to the cheap, ready to throw the device, irritating quality of work. 800 rubles today a modest payment worthless gadget chance to test the possibility of cheeks production line in China. Farewell, we remember: picking, you should use the electronic catalogs of goods, such as Yandex Market.

Three male shaving whale

On the topic of popularity broken a lot of copies. So hackneyed subject (purity shaving and irritation) that sometimes you want ssovetovat poor fellows to visit a beautician, make laser hair removal. Three to six treatments (blonds more), and no tedious shaving. Just shave, then let go of thinking beard. Or a sign of masculinity believe blue chin, like a French character, famous crimes? Today, we say what the electric shaver for men best. If the reader is answered in the affirmative to this question, it does not mean that the material will be useless, because the purpose of the portal VashTehnik - regale readers atypical reviews!

Although a close shave it turns the machine or dangerous blade, the procedure takes a lot of time standing on the money. It is necessary to dissolve the foam (tradition dictates use soap), slowly perform the procedure, being careful to get hurt, handle face lotion. The current pace of life, the business is run, lengthy procedures may allow only loafers and bankers. The first deprived primary occupation. The second is permissible imposing slowness: dispose of personal time (money).

In addition to this manual, there are two wild whale, electrical:

  • rotary shaver;
  • grid electric shavers.

The choice of electric shavers for men

Hundreds of articles reveal the theme of the principle of operation of simple devices. The blade is rotationally or translationally moves over the mesh in contact with the skin. At the junction there is a hair clipping. Depending on the nature of the motion of the blade shavers family were named.

Now add that shared barbers shave dry and wet. The first is no different from the traditional, the second supplemented cream, gel. After the head of the blade by rinsing with water, so this kind of razor called washable. Technological progress has been gradual. First appeared grid type razor washable, they were followed by the rotor. Now, the difference between these devices in the intricacies known only to professionals, research has not been verified scientifically provable.

Let's see rating shavers for men, having acquired someone else's opinions, let us dance on.

Male shaving Rating: March 2014

Compilers say: bother to put a list of popular electric shavers based on analysis of customer reviews Runet. Advertising Does the trick, find it difficult to answer. Presented twenty models from Philips, Panasonic and about Braun, frankly, not surprised. Based on said list shall take, trying to identify the winner. The opinion: the best electric shaver for women, with which you feel confident.

The rotary electric shaver Philips YS534

The rotary electric shaver Philips YS534

Opens rating shavers Philips product. My first thought - whether the product is suitable for wet shaving? We'll see. The device is positioned instrument body care. Three head shaving can be easily changed, thanks SmartClick mechanism, each has a unique purpose:

  1. Twin-rotor head shaving.
  2. Beard trimmer with adjustable length 1 - 5 mm.
  3. Trimmer body, equipped with three nozzles (left leg to shave laughter).

When it affects the last accessory is meant mainly breast.

Philips shaver allows wet and dry shaving. Win the bristles using a shower. Pre-charge device. One hour near the outlet (with a special adapter, white color) is enough for 40 minutes of continuous operation. Professionals say enough capacity for a month using a rotary razor.

The housing waterproof, the wet shaving knives are periodically washed by a jet of water from the tap. Some models of Philips swing open, simulating the bud in the morning sun. Whether is able to fine rotary razor do the same, the information provided is silent.

More interested in the disinfection of knives. After a few performances, the blade will acquire bacteria, running water fowl is not a hindrance. Apparently gel (cream) purchased with the corresponding ingredients killing microbes.

Knives repeat the form of the face, the slots are on the same circle, the described mechanism is considered to be the worst embodiment, Philips states: one pass rotary shaver will be sufficient to smooth shaving. It attracts beard trimmer. Edge formed shoots, created on the face of the appearance of the three-day stubble, and sometimes required.

A good electric shaver for men supplemented cloth black handbag, handy if it's time to bring the mask in order inside the car, clamped stopper. Powered rotary razor loud, so avoid using this product, openly teacher. When dry shaving hairs gather inside the brush to clean the product can be later.

Rotary shaver Philips YS534 sell, prompting the price of 3000 rubles (special promotion) or expensive (promotions are not available). The second place ranking was chosen the razor from the same manufacturer with two nozzles. Beard trimmer is absent, but vybreete chest. The availability of similarity consider the model YS521 consider superfluous.

Men's electric shaver

On top we say, the charge indicator will seize the moment when the rotary shaver outlet needs maintenance includes:

  • replacement heads every two years;
  • replacing trim mesh body annually.

Manufacturer's warranty for free maintenance is 2 years.

Grid razor Philips BG 2025

Third place goes to grid electric shaver for men of the same Philips, which also provides the ability to care for the body. Charge the battery need 8 hours to 50 minutes, then use. The device supports the wet and dry shaving mesh endowed with antiallergic properties. Manufacturer omitted what are shared in the same, suppose titanium coating effect is limited.

Trimmer structurally coupled to the shaving head, and pleasing brush to form overgrown 3 mm. Docking Station for charging and storage, the indicator tells you when it's time to use the services of this gadget. Razor supports multinational power standards, does not require lubrication, the warranty is two years.

It is believed grid razor shave, leaving hairs, but doctors recommend such a regime and - light stubble, inconspicuous. Models less irritating to the skin than the rotor due to the reduced contact area.

Grid razor Philips BG 2025

Philips BG 2025 shaver waterproof mesh and is designed for use in the shower, as the previous model. device cost is twice lower than the previous, so called sabzhekt budget option.

Grid electric shaver Panasonic ES ST25

Panasonic produces the best grid electric shavers for wet shaving, no wonder the high unit cost (6,000 rubles) and the presence in the rankings. Three independent grid monitor every detail of the face for maximum effect. Think, the engine speed varies depending on the density of seedlings (sensory shaving technology). This means that the electric shaver Panasonic is unlikely to pull hair. Remarkable quality. However, this mode can be turned off.

After an hour of charging the device will work forty-five minutes. Electric shaver supports dry and wet shaving. Flush with a pair of flaps hinged shell, nestled below the grids, which are as many as three. The manufacturer states via the cradle unit can be recharged from the mains voltage with a wide amplitude limit. Do not try to climb to the substation with the purpose to make up the energy, but from the outlet of charges in Russia!

Trimmer built-in, retractable, suitable trim beard. Grid electric shaver Panasonic ES ST25 has a number of qualities that ensure long-term operation. A special type of battery, the linear motor at 13,000 rpm.

The model, which occupies the fifth place, ES LV65 demonstrates impressive performance. Engine speed is 14,000 rpm, the five grids. Head constantly vibrates vertically, facilitating a smooth, high-quality shaving. LCD battery indicator simultaneously serves for settings. Those who take the device on the road, is useful to activate the lock button. Smart grid electric shaver is equipped with fast charging mode, this is just enough for one session. And, of course, supported by dry and wet shaving.

However, the price of the instrument bites zashkalivaya for 10,000 rubles. This is the best electric shaver grid type or one of the best.


Outlines the trends that exist in the market today, but they do not believe other people's ratings. Dealers are trying to sell the goods road or stale. With that margin, aggravating the pocket businessmen. Contradicting the true rating of the best models, but do not trust the Philips and Panasonic, too, about the lack of. Presented by the rating are considered to be a brief overview on the subject of what is now popular. And it is an opportunity and quality of wet shaving. Take the model of the well-known manufacturers. And what better electric shaver, decide for yourself.

Rotary or electric shaver

Rotary or electric shaverRazors

Rotary or net shaver: which one to choose. Beating the topic, they broke a lot of copies. True experts continue to assert: the former shaves the machine better than before. The rule of increasing...

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