Main types and device of electric shavers

It is no secret that Philips, Panasonic and Braun are currently fighting for the razor segment. Nowadays, the difference between rotor and grid models is barely distinguishable. Yesterday’s axiom does not look obvious anymore. Added wet shave, which changed the result of reconnaissance. It was believed that the electric shaver is not so clean to remove the bristles, but the rotary irritate the skin. Today, the first is not true, the second is debatable. Which electric shaver is better?

Machine or electric shaver

The question of choice is easily resolved. Quality at today's level of technological development remains behind the devices, invented many years ago without electricity. Inconvenience in the long preparation process. In the old days, special shaving brushes and foam cups were sold. The composition was applied evenly, then the shaving process began. With today's rhythm of life, it is simply unrealistic to spend 15 minutes getting rid of stubble.

A modern electric or rotary electric shaver used in the bathroom. Gel is not needed. As a result, no extra time is spent on shaving, as today's buyers want.

Versions of electric razors

Hundreds of reports have been made about the choice of electric razors, statistics show that 75% of men still use the machine. It is faster, more convenient, most importantly - better. As a result, time is saved. During the life of the average representative of the stronger sex 5 months spent at the mirror, the question of choosing an electric razor excites the hearts of men.


Global Shavers Two classes. After reviewing the review, find the appropriate model.

Rotary shaver device

All shavers contain an engine inside. This is a DC collector motor of extra low voltage 12 V - harmless to health for transferring the device to the third class of electrical safety. In this case, electric shavers are allowed to use in the bathrooms and showers. The limit is limited to forty volts. Permission is granted regardless of the purpose. With a wet shave and use in the bathroom you need to equip the device with a waterproof case. In the famous TV show, Elena Malysheva clearly demonstrates the immersion of a rotary electric razor under water.

The engine rotates quickly. The typical number of revolutions per second is 5.5 thousand for Philips shaver. The reducing gear of plastic gears reduces the rotation speed by 2.5 times. A special spring mechanism implements the concept of a floating shaver head. The trimmer works on the principle of a pendulum, driven by a similar drive. The device for shaping the hair shaver contours of an electric shaver resembles a Moser clipper.

Rotary electric razor

The removal of the edge of the swinging blade from the edge of the fixed knife is not the same. Is it bad for electric shavers? Inside the electric grid shaver there are blades that look exactly like a trimmer. Therefore, the removal is unequal, which affects the cleanliness and smoothness of shaving.

Malysheva recommends taking a rotary electric shavers. According to research, the speed of movement of the knife is much higher, the quality is better because of the location of the circle at a constant distance from the skin. As a result, fewer passes are required on the site, the shaving process time is reduced. As for the linear speed, it is calculated taking into account the fact: the blade disc makes 230 revolutions per second. For example, if the diameter of the knife of a rotary electric razor is 2.5 cm, we find the required number by the formula:

V = 2 x 3.14 x 0.025 x 230 = 36.1 m / s.

If the numbers from the video on the device of the rotary shavers are correct, the speed is obtained as in a supersonic fighter *.Try to move the machine on the skin with the same enthusiasm, as you put it in one advertising video! Even if the numbers are slightly overestimated due to the incorrect translation by the authors of the video from English, it is worth considering the constancy of the rotary electric shaver. This refers to the removal of the knife from the skin. In grid electric razors the effect is not observed.

* Note. The authors of the video made a mistake when translating from a foreign language, indicating the speed of 2300 revolutions per minute. The actual figure is 10 times less. After editing, it was decided to correct the numbers, but leave the comparison with the fighter, as a reserve for the future for the development of industrial shavers.

Electric Shaver Shaving

Electric Shaver Motor Device

Part of more interested fans tinkering. The electric shaver engine is non-standard. The stator is made in the form of magnets, of two poles. Therefore, the electric razor is not placed near the hard disk of the personal computer for fear of losing information on the media. The rotor is wound from several coils, switched by the collector contact pads. As a result, the constant voltage is only on one coil of the electric shaver. The direction of movement is given by the arrangement of the collector's contact pads - by switching the rotor windings.

The speed of the shaver motor is directly determined by the amplitude of the supply voltage. By reducing the level of charge possible effect of slowing down. This signals an urgent need to install an electric shaver for charging. Due to this quality, some products will provide the user with accessibility to adjusting the speed, which is done, for example, in female epilators. In fact, the technology is similar, do not be surprised when compared with electric shavers.

It is possible to start the electric shaver's motor with direct current with the proviso that as the consumption grows, the power released at the windings increases, the engine can easily burn out. Reduce the supply voltage without fear, it will reduce the speed.

The device of grid shavers

After this, the device of grid shavers is already quite clear. Inside the moment of movement of the engine on the swinging blade transmits the connecting rod mechanism. As a result, the knife runs like a tumbler, which is why the rendezvous with the skin along a straight line of the grid is not uniform:

  1. There is a certain failure in the center, with the standard layout there is a long distance to the skin.
  2. Along the edges, peaks occur with the engine rotational speed( in the absence of a gearbox).Shaving is cleaner here.

It becomes clear that the right idea is to shave not with circular movements, but rather with stripes, gradually moving in the right direction. This will ensure uniformity. It should be noted that the net razors should not pull the hair too much, the knife moves alternately in different directions. In order for the linear sliding speed of the edges to remain the same, it is necessary to increase the speed, for example, by eliminating the gearbox.

Speed ​​ensures shaving quality. It is clear that the slow moving blade chews the bristles, creating unpleasant sensations.

What kind of electric razor to choose

Variety of electric razors

Special attention is paid to the topic of automatic cleaning in advertising. It seems to the authors that this is an unnecessary option. Cleaning is best done with your own hands: immerse the head in a glass and press the button. Perform the procedure yourself. Not recommended zealous brushes. This increases the frequency of the need to change the head, which is not a positive thing.

When choosing, evaluate the local market for the availability of accessories.

With a tenacious gaze, inspect the mesh cover. Does not cause allergies deposition of titanium, and nano-silver kills microbes. Both blocking factors provoke irritation. Redness of the skin after two or three uses is usually caused by the growth of pathogenic flora. Disinfect the shaving head regularly. As for nano-silver, the idea is clear, today the lazy manufacturer covers the inside of the tanks of water heaters or refrigeration chambers with kitchen appliances for food storage with appropriate enamel.

Focus when choosing not on brand-name technologies, but on test results. Manufacturers advise models of electric shavers, based on marketing considerations. This is not a hoax, but a business; every brand has its merits. The task of the buyer is to choose a device suitable for a narrow circle of their own needs, ignoring stories from the TV screen.

What shavers are popular abroad

We will add Remington shavers to the already listed companies and consider in more detail.

Net Razor Panasonic

Overseas is called selling model ES-LV81-K.This electric shaver is not for everyone. With a docking station where the head is cleaned every time, a razor cannot be cheap. We'll have to invest in the maintenance of the accessory. What can this monster in the body of an electric razor with 5( !) Floating blades? In global consideration, the system appeared first at Panasonic. The mentioned technical solution in the grid electric shaver leads to the fact that the technician copes with the task record-breaking fast! Then the electric shaver hurries to the docking station where the automatic cleaning is taking place.

This does not mean that you do not need to wash the head after shaving under running water. Just where myriads of bacteria breed, the flora of ES-LV81-K dies. Of course, sometimes you have to change the disinfectant. Up to 45 minutes the device works without recharging, without irritation! After a couple of uses of the razor, the skin is already uncomfortable under the onslaught of the tool. The feeling of discomfort is created by colonies of bacteria. For cleaning, you need a docking station that destroys the simplest.

Lock the floating head if it interferes with the convenience of shaving. The action is carried out with a button on the front of the head, which extends and trimmer for mustache and temples. Do not confuse the docking station with a charger. A special adapter has been designed for the battery. However, the docking station, along with the cleaning of the blade, increases the charge level, albeit more slowly. Never tilt or tilt the container, otherwise the cleaning fluid may leak out and damage the furniture. Wash spilled reagent immediately with a dry cloth. One cartridge with cleaning fluid for electric shaver is enough for 40 procedures. Accessory code - WES035K803.

The liquid crystal display of the device displays the charge level in the form of a battery and gives the value in percent. It will take 1 hour to fill the indicator. When enabled, we distinguish the sound( shrill and sharp), do not be afraid. Not capable of 14,000 engine revolutions per quietly.

Electric shaver ES-LV81-K is designed specifically for the bathroom, but you should not leave the device in water for a long time. Rinse the electric shaver only under a cold spray. Water should not be salty and hot. Pull out the plug during the cleaning process to avoid electric shock. The case is periodically wiped with a soft cloth moistened with water or a weak solution of soap. Do not allow the ES-LV81-K electric shaver to work exclusively with a single blade. This increases the likelihood of failure of the device.

This is the best shaver from Panasonic. The price is 15,000 rubles.

Braun electric shaver

The Braun model is also considered the best electric shaver. The device from the 7th series, the head of the three blades:

  1. Central trimmer.
  2. Side Blades.

OptiFoil Braun special nets grab hairs for clean bristle cutting. The patented central trimmer AcvtiveLift lifts the recalcitrant bristles and inserts the knives.

The blade system adjusts to the density of the hair and controls the frequency of the motor to 10,000 rpm.and below. This is called Sonic intellectual technology. There are three modes available in the 790ss electric razor:

  • Gentle shaving.
  • Intensive shaving.
  • Everyday shave.

Options are governed by special buttons. In everyday mode, the grid electric shaver works according to internal algorithms, the result is forced, or vice versa, slowed down by moving the blades by pressing 1 of the long keys located on the sides of the handle. The head floats in four directions, repeating the contours of the face. This is the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

The model costs 12,000 rubles.

Rotary electric shaver Philips

Probably the best in the world rotary electric shaver SensoTouch 3D RQ1250 is produced by Philips. In the amateur clip, a bearded guy loses stubble even without gel. True, it spends a lot of time, but the result is impressive. The system of rotary shavers 3D differs from the SensoTouch in that it opens outward when passing through the neck and chin areas. This allows you to shave a given area without effort.

  1. See if the product is suitable for wet and dry shaving. If you take Mikma 115, after the procedure it is permissible to smear cheeks with lotion only. The fact is already diminish the number of people willing to buy a Russian electric shaver. But the Moscow plant has adapted the device for travelers, when lotion is the only option.
  2. The road shaver is supplied with a cover from the kit. Of course, it is possible to sew it at home, but if the device has a purpose, it is logical for developers to include the necessary accessories by default. People with delicate skin, and today there are most of them, do not like the constant redness. This category is forced to use an electric razor only on the road. In the absence of a cover and accessories for quick cleaning, it makes no sense to take the goods. For example, in the product card MiG 2119 indicated the presence of a cover.
  3. The charge time of the shaver MiG is strikingly short. For three hours of charging, the razor can work as much as 45 minutes. These characteristics are much more indicative than Mikma 115, where charging lasts up to 12 hours, and the electric razor functions for 30 minutes. In retreat from the topic, let's say: you have seen the Scarlett blender, where the instructions forgot to indicate the cyclical nature of the work, which is fraught with engine failure when carelessly handling. Type of protection, by the way, also hidden. In the manual Mikma 115 it is written in detail how to charge.

    Micma 115

  4. Durability and battery volume play an important role in operation. If you take the instructions Mikma 115, there is described in detail the process of charging and working. It is indicated that preventive measures are taken once a month to prolong the use of the product. The electric shaver is discharged in cycles of 10 - 10 work-rest until complete exhaustion. Then charge for at least 8 hours. Negatively the life and volume of the battery is affected by parallel operation in the mode of recruitment. For the indication of two states there are light bulbs. Red indicates that the device is connected to a network of 220 V, green - to the battery. Both in normal condition should not burn. This will reduce battery life. This mode of operation is allowed, the user must understand the harm done to the battery. However, in the train or before a responsible meeting, it is possible to neglect.
  5. Will the power consumption fit into the grid of the car or car? Count. Charging time Micma exceeds operation 24 times, consumption is 4 watts. This means that when operating, the device will need 4 x 24 = 96 W.This fits into the train limit with double-deck cars. Consequently, Mikma is suitable for travelers, allowing you to charge and shave from the outlet.

    MiG 2119

  6. The product card of MiG 2119 carefully indicated that a charge level scale is available on the case, like a cell phone, which does not indicate the availability of an energy consumption scale. It remains to be seen whether the electric shaver will help to understand how long the technician will last before turning off the face in a visible place. It's funny to go, as in advertising, with a shaved half chin. As for Mikma 115, it is necessary to guess the need for charging the device by the speed of movement of the knife. How to determine the parameter is silent. We believe that a significant reduction in noise and vibration levels will become apparent. Minus Mikme for ill-conceived tactics, plus developers for mentioning. Summing up the item, we recommend to think about the indication of the level of charge in advance. This will allow in advance to feed the electric razor. The moment was skillfully beaten in the MicA manual, where the minimum charge time is indicated - 8 hours. Otherwise, the shaver's battery life is reduced.

    Panasonic ES 3830

  7. Our brands are just entering the market with no experience in writing product properties. For example, the grid electric shaver Panasonic ES 3830 will boast a speed of 7800 revolutions per minute. The parameter decreases when Mikma works. But on the product card of the Moscow plant, speed is silent - a misunderstanding or the inability to compete with competitors. Knowing the performance of the device, you can scientifically decide whether to buy the electric shaver Mikma. We remind you that speed determines the time of the procedure and the quality of the operation performed. At revolutions estimated at ten thousand per minute, the hairs do not bite so much and twitch.
  8. Russian brands have no floating head for the price below 1000 rubles. From indirectly studying the instructions of Mikma, this becomes obvious. MiG and a number of brands of Russian origin, imitating foreign analogues, have a floating head. Knives, on the idea, repeat the contours of the face. It is recommended to hold the micra shaver at an angle of 90 degrees to the surface to be treated. The floating head will simplify the process, which will become noticeable without a mirror. So whether you need a floating head, decide for yourself.

    Before and after shaving

  9. The number of times the shaver is used is directly proportional to irritation. The more we shave, the more the face suffers. A MiG with two knives looks more attractive than Mikma. Each is adapted to cut off its own hair length, but the Philips models have multi-blade utility knives with a special mesh shape. This is stated in the advertisement, so that the buyer understands why he pays the money. Hence the conclusion: the knife Micma is not as sharp as that of Philips.
  10. In conclusion, we advise you to learn more about the case. It is usually assumed that with a wet shave it becomes possible to carry out the procedure directly in the bathroom. The head assembly usually sits on a compactor that prevents moisture from seeping into the housing.
  11. Trimmer allows you to make beards of the beard, whiskey, shave the neck. This is an important parameter.

Special coating of cutting grids creates a lower coefficient of friction. As a result, a rotary electric shaver does not irritate the skin. The technology is called SkinGlide. In such a rotary electric shaver of the highest grade, a worthy alternative to titanium was chosen.

Of the ergonomic functions, we note the indicator of the need for cleaning and replacing the shaving heads. It is not necessary to guess, whether to buy new accessories to the rotary razor. Of course, both dry and wet shaving are maintained. Full charge lasts an hour, a disposable option is available. To do this, connect the adapter stand to the rotary shaver and wait 5 minutes. For an extra thousand rubles from the company, buy a cleaning docking station.

The cost of the SensoTouch 3D RQ1250 is 8,000 rubles. If you think which electric razor to buy for a man, this one will do.

Rotary electric shaver Remington

Rotary electric shaver XR1370 is notable for its features. This is just a quality device. To charge, use a stand that fills the battery in 90 minutes, which is enough for an hour of work without a cord. Every six months, the XR1370 rotary shaver battery should be discharged to the level of 0%, prolonging the battery life.

Rotary electric shaver designed for dry and wet shaving. The model is a little different from the analogue of Philips, but lacks special technology. A serious portal that publishes research on the choice of electric razors, gave primacy to this model, although the model is hard to find on the developer’s official website, it is not in stock from dealers.

Rotary electric shaver suitable for all types of hair, carefully handling skin. The system of holes of the lattice bunk, which facilitates the head Precision Plus to achieve results. According to the information, the device costs 3,500 rubles. The choice for the consumer!

Cheap electric shavers

If you choose an electric shaver for the first time, it is logical to start with a cheap model. When switching to a more expensive model, the effect will be striking. Buying a top electric shaver with improvements will be felt in its own skin and evaluated with the naked eye in terms of progress. The ability to shave plays not the last role, and the skill is easier to acquire in the exhausting struggle with a cheap model.

It is a mistake to assume that, within 1000 rubles, it is impossible to choose an electric razor, which is close to the top in functionality.

Decide which razor to buy, as follows:

Mikma Electric Shaver

To purchase an electric shaver, follow the steps:

  • Weed out models with inappropriate cost.
  • Rate the parameters of electric shavers.
  • Find out the missing data from the manufacturer.
  • Clarify the electric razor warranty, location of warranty centers.

We hope that we helped our readers to decide on the choice of electric shaver.


It is easy to guess which shaver shaves better. The most expensive, of course. If it is not possible to lay out 15,000 rubles, a number of devices are given above in order of cost reduction, recognized as a good option.

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