Hospitable tea with an electric kettle from China

Cottage - a suitable place for receiving guests. A country house can always accommodate more people than a regular apartment. For the organization of such social events, owners of mansions cannot do without an electric kettle from China. Its multifunctional capabilities will allow the owners to quickly and generously give their guests tart tea. At the same time, the original design of the kettle in a metallic style will be perfectly combined with the interior of a modern kitchen. Moreover, this electric appliance will be a great helper for a summer resident in his garden business, because hot water is always his way.

Fast and safe

This original electric kettle holds about 2 liters of liquid. Thus, it is possible to immediately provide hot drinks to six people. In this case, boiling water will be ready in about 5 minutes or less, because the power of the device is 1,500 watts. Due to its compact size( 20 cm wide and 23 cm high), it will not interfere with the table / pedestals. This model of the Chinese electric kettle has several features:

  • automatic power off after boiling;
  • protection system, which is triggered when the electricity is turned off, and also in case the owner forgot to pour water into the container or it is not enough there;
  • on the spout provides a filter in the form of a grid to block the ingress of scale into the cup;The
  • heat resistant plastic cover is firmly fixed and opens at a certain angle, thereby protecting the user from burns.
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Stainless steel, from which the case is made, does not emit harmful substances during heating. The taste of water remains the same natural and natural, without the sensation of metal. The kettle is easy to clean both inside and out. The boot bay is wide enough. It freely includes a male fist. It is also worth noting that the device economically consumes electricity. However, the European outlet can be a problem for those who still do not have a European-quality repair.

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Design ideas

There are many strengths to this model of Chinese teapot. They are expressed in ergonomic design. Each element, as well as the bend of the device, was created with the thought of the user's comfort. These ideas of designers are seen in the following:

  • handle has a rough coating, which creates an anti-slip effect;
  • in the bottom of the pallet there is a special compartment for storing the cord;
  • on the black panel the indicator of red color below is provided;
  • base in the form of a disk rotates all 360 °;
  • wide spout allows owners to draw water through it.
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The glossy surface of the kettle refined light rays. The metal case looks original in day and night lighting.

You can buy this model of electric kettle on the website AliExperss for 811 rubles. It is two times cheaper than in regular online stores. The cost of plastic analogues is 1 790 rubles, and the metal ones - 4 800 rubles.

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