Front-loading or top-loading washing machine - which is better?

  • What is the difference, how are the
  • arranged? Dimensions: how much space does it take?
  • Which is more convenient to use
  • Design and maintainability
  • Which is more expensive and why
  • Conclusion

All models of washing machines on the modern market can be divided into two broad categories: vertical and front-loading. They differ quite significantly, but each has its own pros and cons. Let's try to answer the question of which washing machine is better: front-loading or vertical loading. We will sort them out literally "by the bones" and help once and for all to dispel all doubts.

What is the difference in how the

is structured? So how do you know which is better: a washing machine with vertical loading or front loading? For this, first of all, it is necessary to find out how they are arranged and how they differ from each other.

Frontal “washer”

The main difference between different types of units is in the location of the loading door. In frontalok it is located in the center of the front wall and opens to the side. It is very convenient to load laundry into it, as the door opens up to 180 degrees.

When the washing program is turned on, the loading door is locked with an electronic lock, which prevents accidental opening. Unlocking occurs only after the end of the selected program or when the machine is completely disconnected from the network.

To prevent water from being poured out during the washing process, there is a tight cuff at the loading opening. It is made of thick rubber and will last a very long time.

The control panel is usually located at the top of the front panel. It can be a touch device or ordinary buttons.

The process of washing in the front of the machine can be observed. To do this, the doors of almost all models are made of durable glass. This is very convenient, because if a foreign object gets into the machine, it can be noticed in time and removed at the initial stage of washing.

New models of front-loading washing machines can hold up to 12 kg of laundry. This is due to the design and location of the drive mechanism. One more plus of such “styralok” is the presence of a large number of various functions. Some models have an integrated drying system.

Disadvantages :

  • In order to put the laundry in the drum or get it from there, you have to crouch or bend down. For those who have back or joint problems, this can be a problem.
  • In the front-loading washing machine will not be able to report things if the process is already running. Such an opportunity is provided only by some manufacturers, by inserting a special window into the hatch.

Vertical type of loading

On this type of machine, a hatch for loading laundry is located on top. Under it is installed a horizontal drum, which, in turn, has a door with a conventional mechanical lock.

In the process of washing you can add things that for some reason could not load immediately. However, to observe the process will not work, everything is closed by opaque panels.

The control system is located on the top panel, and on some models on the side.

Almost all new “washers” are equipped with a drum parking function. This means that after the end of the process, the loading door will stop exactly opposite the top cover and you can freely get the laundry.

The drive mechanism of such machines will last much longer, and the bearings will have to be changed less often. In addition, due to the special arrangement of counterweights and shock absorbers, the vertical unit is considered more stable.

Disadvantages :

  • Old-fashioned models do not regulate the stop of the drum, so that sometimes it has to be turned by hand.
  • The “vertical” drum is less spacious. It is difficult to find a unit on the market that can simultaneously wash more than 5–7 kg of laundry.
  • It is almost impossible to come across a vertical washing machine that has a drying function. And the choice of the rest of the washing options in them is also limited.

Dimensions: how many places?

Since the bathrooms in modern apartments are not too large, many people are concerned about saving space.

If each centimeter is dear to you and there is no more than half a meter to install a typewriter, then the best way out is to purchase a vertical option. The dimensions in this case are practically independent of the choice of the manufacturer and other parameters.98% of the machines have a width of 40 cm, a depth of 55–60 cm and a height of 80 to 90 cm. So such a unit can be placed even in the narrowest and smallest bathroom. The only thing you can’t do is to make the technique built-in, because the lid opens from the top.

Pay attention! Many vertical " washers " have special wheels. With their help, the equipment can be easily moved to the right place .

The front models in this regard are more variable. In stores you can find a variety of models from very narrow to full size. A wide selection of integrated technology is also available. For those who approach the issue of saving space dramatically, special wall models are offered.

The front panel of front-loading washing machines often serves as a shelf. There you can arrange toiletries or a stack of clean towels. The main thing is to install the equipment so that it does not vibrate when washing.

When choosing a “washerwoman” with front loading, you should understand that to install it you will need a niche, about 60–65 cm wide and from 35 to 60 cm deep. At least half a meter of unoccupied space will have to leave in front of the machine, otherwise you just can not open the hatch.

Which is more convenient to use

The answer to this question may be purely subjective. If the washing machine in your home is located in the kitchen, then it is better to prefer the built-in frontal option. So you will get another additional work surface, and the machine will organically fit into the interior.

If you want to save space and do not have a large space “for maneuver”, it makes sense to acquire “vertical”.It can be moved almost close to the wall, turning at the same time with any side. And you won't need a place to open the hatch, because it is located on top. But on the other hand, the vertical type of machine cannot be adapted for an additional shelf, nothing can be put on the top cover.

Another criterion that allows you to decide which machine is right for you is the location of the powder receiver. Vertical options most often have a cuvette located under the lid. This is not always convenient. If you have never had such a “washer”, you will have to adapt at first. Horizontal models have a more convenient container for detergents. It is located on the left side of the front panel and looks like a small retractable drawer. By the way, it can be removed completely and thoroughly washed.

Design and maintainabilityOn the shelves of stores you can find such a variety of design solutions that just run up your eyes. Here you can choose not only the standard “boxes” of white color, but also bright multi-colored models, when launched, resemble a spaceship.

Vertical cars are almost the same. Yes, and the choice of models from them significantly.

Important! Among all the models presented in the domestic market, only 15% have the vertical type of loading .

Now let's talk about maintainability. There is an opinion that vertical units less “jump” during operation. It's not like that at all. It all depends on how correctly your "home assistant" was installed. If the unit is set to level, the vibration will be minimal.

It is impossible to unequivocally argue that this or that equipment breaks down more. The design of the machines is almost the same, and almost all failures arise from excessive vibration. According to experts, this factor is highly dependent on the dimensions of the unit. The smaller the machine, the more it vibrates when working. Accordingly, the service life of her will not be so long.

Need to know! Washing machines with a vertical load break more often, and their repair costs more than .

This is due to the design features. In "vertical" all internal nodes are located as close as possible to each other. This means that increased vibration affects all nodes simultaneously, passing from one to another.

A significant disadvantage of many washing machines with top loading laundry is the internal doors of the drum. Often, users forget to close them tightly enough, which leads to a belt break. Sometimes it happens that the sash will open on its own when spinning at high speeds. If this happens, the failure can be very serious, and the repair is terribly expensive.

If we take into account the reliability factor, then there are no particular differences. Both are able to serve their masters for a long time. But if repairs are needed, it will be much easier to find spare parts for units with side loading. Yes, and the wizard service centers are usually better understood in such models.

Caution! When buying a washing machine of any type, make sure that there is a certified service center in your location. Otherwise, for warranty repair, you will have to send the “washerwoman” to another city, .

Which is more expensive and why

According to the manufacturers themselves, vertical washing units are somewhat more expensive to assemble. And that means that in the store the price tag will not please them. It seems that this is due not only to higher production costs, but also to the fact that the demand for such models is much lower. There is practically no competition in this sector, which means that you can set any price. Who needs just such a compact version, still buy it.

But does the increased cost mean that vertical washers will last longer? Unfortunately not. The quality of washing will also not depend on the type and location of the loading door. So it is worth overpaying or not, everyone should decide on their own.

Conclusion of

After analyzing everything said above, we can safely say that the purchase of a washing machine with an upper hatch is justified only in the case when you need total space savings. In all other cases, the choice of such technology can be justified only by the habit and personal preferences of the hostesses.

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