Temperature controller for refrigerator: how it works + how to fix

Modern man is hard to imagine life without appliances. There are tools without which we could do, and there are those who do not is simply impossible. One of these essential items is a refrigerator. Do you agree?

Independent repair of household appliances - a good help for the family budget. If desired, you can learn even quite complicated repair operations. For example, replace the thermostat for refrigerator is not so difficult. It is necessary to understand the features of the device and this device.

In this article we will tell how to detect a fault thermostat. Also, we describe in detail about the replacement of the thermostat in the refrigerator example Stinol. The article contains a thematic collection of photos and videos with advice from experienced experts.

The content of the article:

  • Constructional features and operating principles
  • Ways to detect the problem
    • Option # 1 - Check equipment functioning
    • Option # 2 - diagnostics with a thermometer
    • Option # 3 - a visual inspection of the refrigerator chamber
  • Rules dismantle the thermostat
  • Substitution for example refrigerator Stinol
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Constructional features and operating principles

The thermostat or a thermostat - it is one of the key elements that are essential for the normal operation of the refrigerator. It captures indications of temperature sensors in the refrigeration and freezing chamber and delivers a signal to the start relay of the compressor.

In accordance with these signals the compressor, if there is insufficient in the cold chamber, and off when the temperature reaches a predetermined level.

Technically, the thermostat is a relay at one end of which has a sealed tube filled with Freon.

On the other hand mounted contacts, the opening and the compound which delivers the signal to the compressor. End of the tube with the freon, it is called a capillary tube, is fixed to the evaporator.

Refrigerant placed inside, responsive to heating and cooling. When the temperature increases or decreases, the pressure changes inside the tube level, whereby connected or the relay contacts are opened.

contact movement controls a small spring. It is used to set the temperature level, which should be within the refrigerating compartment.

By a spring attached temperature control knob. By turning this knob varies the tension of springs.

As a result, the closing and opening of the contacts you need to make more or less force. This affects the pressure level in the capillary tube, wherein the contacts are activated.

The unit thermostat

Temperature controller - is a small device, which is provided with a sensor sealed tube filled with a refrigerant. Based on the evaporator temperature changes relay switches on or off the compressor

Thus the degree of air is regulated by cooling in a refrigerator. When using the electronic regulator, the process operates somewhat differently, but the principle is roughly the same: the desired temperature level is set based on the actual performance, which fixes the capillary tube.

But these models use an electronic control unit capable of simultaneously manage data from multiple sensors.

Such repair or replace the thermostat at home is not always possible. For the treatment of complex electronics requires knowledge and special equipment.

Typically thermostat mounted inside or outside the cooling chamber. Before starting the repair does not hurt to examine the log and instrument instruction, there can be a lot of useful information on the device of a specific model of thermostat, as well as its location.

Normally the thermostat is located next to the handle to set the temperature. The interior layout is typical for relatively old models. Inside the chamber element is typically encased in a plastic protective housing.

knob located directly on it. necessary to remove the pen and unscrew the screws to remove the case to extract the thermostat.

Thermostat outside the chamber

In more modern thermostat models are placed outside the chamber, in order to save precious cubic centimeters of interior space and not to spoil the design of additional elements

But look for the thermostat as needed around the control knob, usually under the refrigerator body somewhere above. Handle just remove, unscrew fasteners and are required for the protective cover.

Ways to detect the problem

If the thermostat is broken, it does not mean that the entire chiller immediately stop operating. But the lack of correct information about the current temperature will be reflected in his work.

Option # 1 - Check equipment functioning

Symptoms of incorrect operation of cooling equipment may be:

  • the compressor operates without interruption or with a very short and infrequent intervals;
  • the temperature inside the refrigerator chamber is reduced to zero, and sometimes below;
  • on the walls there is a large amount of frost or ice;
  • too warm in the refrigerator;
  • the refrigerator is not switched on after disconnection etc.

Of course, these symptoms may be related not only to breakdowns thermostat, but with faults of other elements.

diagnosis of the refrigerator

To correctly identify the cause of the problems identified in the operation of a household refrigerator, you will need to spend a little diagnosis. This can be done by yourself

Option # 2 - diagnostics with a thermometer

To do this, you need to completely disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply, and then to its full defrosting in accordance with the instructions. Of course, the content will have to take out.

Then you need to turn the unit into the network and move the thermostat knob to a position that will provide an extremely low temperature. If the refrigerator model has a freezing mode, it is recommended to use it.

Diagnosis of failure of the refrigerator

To test the thermostat, you must empty the refrigerator of all the products put into the chamber thermometer to check his testimony in a few hours

The cooling chamber approximately in the middle need to put a thermometer for measuring temperature.

Better to use a device that allows you to measure and below zero. Refrigerator is left in this mode for about two hours. Then you need to check the thermometer.

If the temperature in the refrigerator by this time dropped to about six degrees, with temperature control, no problem. But when the inside was much warmer or colder than this level, the thermostat will have to be replaced.

Option # 3 - a visual inspection of the refrigerator chamber

If after a defrost inside the chamber is very quickly formed a so-called snow cap, thermostat serviceability primary diagnosis can be performed very simply.

Snow coat

The advent of snow coats in the refrigerator almost always means that the thermostat is working properly, it is necessary to diagnose his condition

For this purpose, at the time of operation of the compressor start to rotate the adjustment knob in the direction of increasing the temperature inside the chamber.

If the relay is serviceable at some point temperature sensors will record the desired level, after which the compressor motor off. If the engine continues to run - the thermostat needs to be changed.

After a proper diagnosis and when the thermostat is recommended to remove all contents from the chamber and allow the device to work idling for about six hours. During this period you need to pay attention to the duration of the interruption of the operation of the compressor.

If it is about 40 minutes, all is well, you can use the refrigerator in normal mode.

When the compressor is switched on too often or rarely, you should try to adjust the time using the settings. If this fails, most likely, you will have to put a new thermostat.

Rules dismantle the thermostat

If the appliance does not turn on, make a diagnosis described above is not possible. The probable cause of failure can be called electrical failure of this element.

But can be a problem and the problem of the compressor, for example, burned motor winding. To understand whether the thermostat needs to be replaced, it will have to be removed from the refrigerator to the study.

the temperature control knob

Typically thermostat located near the adjusting knob, with which expose the air temperature in the refrigerating chamber. Two-compartment model with a set of two such pens

First you need to disconnect the refrigerator from the mains. Now we should find a place where it is located, as described earlier. Usually, you need to remove the knob, remove the fasteners and remove the protective elements.

Then it is necessary to inspect the instrument carefully, paying close attention to the conductor, which is supplied with power.

They all have different color-coded depending on the destination. Typically grounding wire take yellow with green strip. This cable should be left alone, but the rest must be disconnected and close to each other.

Now the refrigerator again include in the network. If the device still does not turn on, probably, the thermostat is OK, but the compressor has serious problems.

refrigerator compressor

If the refrigerator is not switched on, it could be not only fault thermostat, but also breakage of the compressor, e.g., a blown motor winding

If the engine has started, you can make an unambiguous conclusion that the switch needs to be replaced. Before starting work, do not interfere with arm smartphone or camera to consistently capture all transactions.

When installing a new thermostat, these images can be very useful, especially for beginners.

We need to clearly remember what cable core has been used for any purpose. Typically, the compound is used with an electric thermostat wire black, orange or red.

Zero conductor leads brown, yellow-green wire provides grounding and pure yellow, white or green - is connected to the indicator light.

Replacing the thermostat

To connect the thermostat wires are used with different color-coded, you need to remember the purpose of each wire to avoid confusion during reassembly

Occasionally remove the damaged controller is not easy, especially when it is outdoor seating. For example, some models of refrigerators "Atlas" has to withdraw completely from its hinges chamber door.

To do this, remove the cover, which is mounted over the top loop, and remove hidden beneath the bolts.

Before you remove the knob, it is necessary also to remove the plug and loosen the fasteners. All these operations need prodelyvat carefully.

Fasteners and linings are best kept in a small tank, so they do not get lost. Actually thermostat is usually bolted to the bracket, it is necessary to carefully remove, unfasten and remove.

The thermostat inside the refrigerator

If the thermostat is disposed within the cooling chamber, typically it is hidden under the plastic casing, where it can also be mounted for illumination lamp

In his place, set a new thermostat, adhering to the reverse order of assembly. Sometimes breakage thermostat associated with a malfunction of so-called capillary tube or bellows. If you replace only this element, the relay can be left.

To perform this procedure, it is necessary to remove the thermostat, adhering to the method described above. The bellows must be disconnected from the evaporator and carefully removed from the enclosure.

Now set a new capillary, attach it to the evaporator, and the relay is mounted in its place, and attached wires disconnected.

Substitution for example refrigerator Stinol

For refrigerators Stinol-101/103 relay failure - a fairly common phenomenon, especially after five to seven years of operation.

More often than not here it fails bellows tube, since this resource is laid by the manufacturer of this item. Model Stinol-101 ​​has only one compressor, but in Stinol-103 are two: separately for the refrigerating and freezing compartments.

Driving thermostat contacts

This pin-type thermostat K-59, which gives an idea of ​​what exactly where wires must be connected. Color coding may be different, save the information to help photo on your phone, such a scheme can also draw on their own

Automation of different models is slightly different, as reflected in the respective electrical circuits in Otherwise, these refrigerators are very similar, so it makes sense to consider the procedure for their repair at the same time.

To understand what Stinol refrigerator needs repair or replacing the thermostat, it is necessary to pay attention to the following features:

  • the compressor operates without interruption and does not react when the regulator is set to OFF;
  • the translation adjustment knob off the mark but no characteristic click;
  • the temperature in the refrigerator chamber considerably exceeds the parameters set during adjustment.

Stinol-103 used thermostat K-59, test marking is simple in the refrigerating compartment, it is listed on the case.

To remove the knobs, use a thin awl. They just need to hook and remove. The model Stinol-101 ​​there is only one adjustment knob, and Stinol-103 - two, one for each compressor.

Removal of the adjustment knob

To remove the knob Stinol refrigerator (1), it is necessary to use any sharp object, such as an awl. Then remove the trim (2) which hold the four protrusions

Once the handle is removed, it is necessary to remove the trim having six protrusions. This is a fragile item, you should proceed with caution in order not to damage it.

Under the plate are nuts that must be loosened. Then you need to remove the screws that secure the control panel.

Mounting screws thermostat

Under the escutcheon are fastening screws (1) which hold the thermostat in the correct position, they must be unscrewed to continue disassembly element

Screws holding the sample of the refrigerator door, it is better to remove the latter. To avoid possible injury, the door must be protected. Now you can lift the cover and remove the door from its hinges.

The next step - removing the upper cover of the refrigerator.

Fixing door hinge

Fastening elements, which fix the control panel and the door hitch (1) Stinol need to unscrew the cooler, moving towards the door, instead of it

Necessary fastening elements arranged on the rear side. Their unscrew and remove the cover. Thus obtained is a free access to the thermostat.

First it is necessary to disable the relay connectors relay, then it is possible to remove the element from the refrigerator control panel.

Removing the thermostat

Once removed Stinol door and the upper panel of the refrigerator, the thermostat can be carefully removed for inspection and diagnosis

At this stage, you need to remember or write down the color coding of the individual wires. To remove the worn-capillary tube should be removed the plastic cover.

Now you need to unscrew the mounting screw and remove the light unit. The tube was taken out through the opening provided.

plastic overlay

To continue replacing the thermostat in the refrigerator Stinol need to remove trim (1) in the refrigerator and pull out the capillary tube (2)

The new element is set so that the uninsulated section at the bottom is securely hidden under the lining. The hole is closed with a plastic cover to restore the camera for leaks.

Usually the capillary tube extends beyond the thermostat. It must be carefully placed under the top cover of the refrigerator, there is enough space.

light assembly

To remove the capillary tube (2) and hold it off, you must first disconnect the lighting unit, are fastened with screws, recessed in the housing

Now you need to perform reassembly and refrigerator thermostat: to connect all the necessary connections, install and secure the cooler lid to hang the door.

And again, screwing fastener hinge door that was last run, when other similar screws have been installed.

Filling the holes

The hole which is formed at the rear during repairs, should be sealed with plastic, to restore the tightness of the refrigerating compartment

To check the status of the thermostat Stinol the refrigerator at home, you can use a simple diagnosis. Terminals 3 and 4, such a device at room temperature, must remain in a closed state.

If after the connection jumper observed incorporation of the compressor, the thermostat is faulty, it must be replaced.

If setting the thermostat lost, they can be corrected by turning the adjusting screws, but this should be done in the service center, has the necessary equipment.

Clearly demonstrated the process of replacing the thermostat in the following video, where master is divided nuances repair refrigeration Stinol type:

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

There is shown in detail the process of replacing the thermostat on the refrigerator example Atlanta:

Interesting tips for diagnosing the state of the relay and replace it by the example of the two models of refrigerators found in this video:

Procedure replacing the thermostat can not be considered too complex. However, if not handled with this element can only worsen the situation. A detailed study of procedures for carrying out repairs and attention to detail will help restore the performance of the refrigerator.

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