Hammock with mosquito net - goods from China

Weekend at the cottage is a great reason to relax, because not all the owners of the “six hundred square meters” have their own mini-plantation of vegetables. Many gardeners are limited to lush green lawn, which requires only regular watering and cutting.

In a small area, as a rule, there is a brazier, a gazebo and a children's sandbox, and among the trees you can equip an equally comfortable place to relax with a hammock. However, annoying insects are able to ruin the impression of a book or interfere with sleep, which will have to be dismissed almost every minute.

In the Russian online stores, the original hammock with an anti-mosquito net on the eve of the summer season has been the top hit for years. Synthetic material with an unusual name "Oxford" has excellent strength indicators that can withstand up to 150 kilograms. The fabric does not get wet, it is resistant to temperature extremes and abrasion.

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A high load capacity is provided by a large number of nylon slings. One of the main advantages of this model hammock is a mosquito net with a zipper, which prevents the appearance of uninvited guests. If you are not afraid of insects, just turn the hammock upside down and relax outdoors.

The product weighs only 700 grams and easily fits in a specially sewn purse - when assembled, a hammock with an anti-mosquito net will take up very little space in the trunk of your car. Price - 1990 rubles.

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Offers on AliExpress allow you to save at least 800 rubles. However, buyers are attracted not only by the low price, but also by the color palette, consisting of three calm and six juicy summer colors. According to the manufacturer, the product has incredible strength indicators - up to 300 kilograms.

A material resembling a parachute fabric, durable, easy to clean and dries very quickly. Reviews confirm the strength of the hammock with mosquito net - the product withstood the tests in the country and in the wild. Buyers note durable fabric and quality seams. The kit also comes with special cords( length 4 meters) and belts( length 2 meters).

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In general, no serious defects were found on the product. The maximum load, proven buyers, 100 kilograms. A special pouch is also sewn to the hammock in which it can be easily packaged. Goods purchased on AliExpress are not inferior to counterparts in Russian online stores. If for you a long delivery does not matter, feel free to place an order from China.

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