How to dry a down jacket at home

The main thing - to not get out of fluff!

A down jacket is a very popular winter clothing that warms any cold. Like any other thing, over time, a downy winter jacket needs to be washed. Any owner of the clothes immediately has a question about how to dry the down jacket so that there are no divorces, and the product has retained its original appearance for a long time. Wash and dry down jacket should be according to certain rules, taking into account the advice of the manufacturer.

Drying of a down jacket

Drying a winter jacket at home is not easy. It happens that drying clothes takes two to three days, which is very inconvenient. Long-term drying can ruin the quality of down. If you know some of the nuances of how to dry a down jacket correctly, you will be able to avoid the appearance of unattractive streaks and caking of the jacket filler after washing.

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If the quilted thing was washed in a typewriter, it should be dried only on hangers vertically. If the down jacket was washed by hand, it must be carefully laid out horizontally( on a dryer or other surface).Do not dry the winter jacket on heaters, batteries and other sources of heat, as this may lead to delamination and damage to the down( feather).

Quickly and efficiently dry a down jacket without straightening at home, you can use the available tools( vacuum cleaner, hair dryer) or manually. Before purchasing clothes, carefully read the information on the label, because there are usually given detailed recommendations for the care, washing and drying of the product.

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How to dry a jacket by hand

Most people dry their winter down jacket by hand. How to dry a down jacket to make it easier for you to use some tricks:

  1. After washing at home, give the clothes a good drain. It is not necessary to strongly squeeze the down jacket, because you can damage the fabric and filler, as a result of which unattractive creases appear on the material.
  2. Spread out the product on a flat surface, align all the elements and lightly fluff the down jacket with your hands so that it is filled with air. It is important to ensure a continuous flow of air into each compartment with down, then it does not compaction and there will be no streaks.
  3. From time to time, turn over the jacket, pat it on both sides with force, squeezing each element separately.
  4. In order not to have stains on the surface of the material while drying clothes, you need to choose the right detergent for washing. Washing powder, even neutral, can glue the filler. If the clothes have areas with crumpled down, you need to carefully disassemble them with your fingers and leave to dry for a day or two.

If you do not have time to wait until the down jacket is completely dry, you can use a regular hairdryer. Direct the air flow at a distance of at least 15 cm on an average temperature mode from the inside, slowly treating each element of the feather jacket. It is not recommended to quickly dry the product with hotter air, since the fabric can melt and all efforts will be in vain.

If the down in some cells of the jacket has become lumpy, you can use a vertical steamer. This device will help to restore the filler and fluff fluff. It is worth paying special attention to the zones of the seams and pockets, where usually a lot of fluff accumulates, which should be evenly distributed under the lining.

The following method of drying outer clothing without a streak is unusual and very simple. It is better to use it when the down jacket dries out a little. Immerse down jacket in a tight vacuum bag designed for storing clothes. You can use a regular package, then you first need to pump out air from it, and then cut a hole. Secure with a scotch tape the tube of the vacuum cleaner in the hole and turn on the vacuum cleaner in the reverse injection mode. Due to the powerful air flow, the filler is evenly distributed throughout the product compartments.

There is another way, but not as effective. Hang the jacket on a hanger and direct it with an air jet of a vacuum cleaner, blowing it from all sides.

How to dry a down jacket after an automatic wash

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Many of us are probably interested to learn how to dry a down jacket, if the filler is crumpled after washing, and the lumps are very difficult to break manually.

In this case, you can dry the jacket in a typewriter, but first prepare 3-5 tennis balls or special laundry balls. To dry a winter jacket in a washing machine is very simple. It is necessary to fasten the zipper( or buttons), turn the clothes inside out and plunge the cars into the drum, put the balls there too.

Press the down jacket at low speed. The balls, randomly moving in the drum, perfectly level the compacted down and remove all moisture from the down jacket. It is better to choose white balls to dry clothes so that they do not shed.

Useful recommendations for drying a down jacket

If natural down is used as a filler for a down jacket, then the probability of formation of dense lumps is great. But this problem is easy to fix if you listen to the following tips:

  1. Turn the jacket inside out, lay it on a soft surface and forcefully tap on it with a carpet clapper or spatula. From strong blows, the lumps will disperse, and the down will be easier distributed manually.
  2. Do not dry wet clothes on a towel or other absorbent material, as this will disturb air circulation and slow down drying. In addition, from prolonged contact with a damp cloth, the product can get an unpleasant smell.
  3. A very wet down jacket is undesirable to dry on a hanger, since the wet fluff clumps, slides and slides down, gets off at the corners, depriving clothing of form.
  4. If the winter jacket is drying outside or on the balcony, avoid direct sunlight, so that the material does not fade.
  5. After washing, a red or gray shade may appear on the down jacket. The reason for the appearance of divorce may be poor-quality fabric of clothing, or tattered fat feathers. This annoying phenomenon can be eliminated with ordinary dishwashing liquid. Means put on pollution, evenly distribute and maintain several minutes. Wash down jacket again and rinse thoroughly.

If you follow all the above rules, the procedure for drying winter clothes will be pleasant and simple, and the result of your efforts can be evaluated firsthand.

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